MK 2 “Bull” transport………………….

Posted: November 5, 2014 in All Quiet On The Martian Front

When my wave 1 All Quite On The Martian Front package turned up, I had  quite a few (30) of the plastic steam tanks. Undaunted I made up 3 MK 2’s and 3 MK 3’s (as that was what would have been included in the starter set). As time past I add more MK 2’s and 3’s and played a few more games, but unfortunately most games the poor old “dough boys” got left behind. With out any “fliver” transports everything trundles off and leaves them behind, also the “fliver” looks to be a little weak in my eyes.

So just before I went into hospital I set about converting the plastic steam tank, to make an armoured APC. And so I give you the MK 2 Bull Armoured Transport.


Its a simple conversion involving a few bits of plastic card, a hobby saw, file, and knife. It still has some work to be done, but over all I like the way it turned out. I did toy with the idea of raising the drivers cab up and adding a set of doors or a ramp, but in the end decided against it as it would look a little too much like a Space Marine Land Raider. I just need to add some side doors and figure out its weapons.

As I said when I made my first steam tank its a great little kit with loads of possibility’s and could be used for loads of conversions. And when wave 2 arrives I can figure out some more variant types.

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