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As 2012 draws to a close I thought it was time to look back at the past year.
Gaming wise I have got in a quite a few games this year, more so than in 2011. I have invested in GW’s new paint set and in two sets of the realm of battle boards. I have also rekindled my Lord Of The Rings models who have been neglected for far to long, and hopefully 2013 will allow me to crack on with them and the new Hobbit range. I have already purchased Escape From Goblin Town starter set as well as the trolls, hunter orcs, and hunter orcs on fell wargs.
On the 40k front I have slowly begun to drift away from the whole range, this is partly due to the fact I do not like the new format of books and also some of the newer models being released. I hate to say it but I think my 40k days are drawing to an end, in fact the last models I bought were some finecast tyranid bone swords and a space wolves cyberwolf and that was back in June…………..
I have also dabbled with incursion from Grindhouse Games, Force On Force from Ambush Alley Games, and Heavy Gear from Dream pod Nine.

Movie wise I have only seen 3 films at the cinema this year all of the have been in 3D.
1st up was the Avengers Assemble back in may and well its been coming for a long time but it was worth it.
Next was Men In Black 3 in July and again its been a long time but


I’ve been quite for the past few weeks, mainly because I have been working. And it has given me some time to reflect on things.
I have come to the conclusion that I have way too many models that are never going to get started let alone finished. And it time for a major and I mean major clear out, over the years I have collected or started many armies. And for one reason or another have been left unfinished. So at some stage I will be selling 90% off my collection, it needs to be done. As come the end of the year I will have moved into a new flat that has a garden, which means I can have a shed/games room. I also intend to shift over to 15/20mm gaming using Force On Force/Tomorrows War and Heavy Gear. I would love to get back into epic 40000 but with the loss of my epic city things would not be the same. All I need to do now is sort things out……………..

So after much waiting my PRDF have finally turned up, I started of by making the Cataphract and the General purpose squad  the picture above shows the parts that make up the Cataphract model. Over all the model is very well cast with minimal flash lines, until I primed the model and on both lower arms lines had appeared that I had missed. The G.P squad again was well cast but a number of the guns had some minor flash lines on the stokes of the guns.

Next up I worked on the two R.o.B boards, both have been covered with sanded and painted to match up with the two hills. The first 2 photos show the parts that needed to be filled in, to do this i just used normal DIY ready mixed filler. Once the filler was dry I covered the boards with PVA wood glue and covered them with sand. The boards were then left over night to dry and then covered with PVA mixed with water and washing up liquid, these were then left overnight to dry again. The next 3 pictures show the finished boards and hills. I must say I like the colour, it has turned out much better than I thought it would.


Next on my hit list are some rocky spires made from cork floor tiles, and some buildings that will fit in with both 12mm and 20mm models………….


Yesterday I spent filling in the skull pits and slabs on the two flat boards from the Realm Of Battle set. I also worked on the two hills that I got at the same time as the R.O.B.

First off I gave them a coat of PVA glue, followed by a coat of sand. Once dry I gave them a coat of PVA, Water, and Washing up liquid. This coat binds everything together and makes the sand as hard as stone.

The mix I use is PVA and water mixed together until it is slightly thicker than milk, and then add washing up liquid until the colour is slightly off white (it helps if the washing up liquid is coloured).

Last night I also took a walk down to the beach to get some more sand for the boards which has been drying over night. On the way back I went to my local DIY store to have a look at paint. I took a pot of the now OOP desert yellow from GW. After looking at loads and loads of colours some called sand or desert, I settled on Dulux Bracken Salts 1 code: 30yy27226 And bought a 250ml tester pot.

Now I’ve tried out the colour on the hills and it looks promising, when dry if it is the right colour then I will pick up 1 litre of Bracken Salts 1 and 250ml testers of  Bracken Salts 2,3, and 4.

Now lets see about working on the boards………………


Over the weekend I have been think about my Realm Of Battle boards and trying to figure out what colours to use. I had narrowed it down last week to two colours Red for Mars, or cream/yellow for desert. Well after much soul (internet) searching I am going to go for a cream/yellow board, As much as i would like to do a Mars board in terms of use the desert one can be used for Heavy Gear and force on force. while the Mars one would only really be used for heavy gear, I would need to have another set  for FoF.

So now I need to get started on the boards, To start with I am going to work on the two plain flat boards which both have details that need to be removed (skulls and paving slabs). Which are both out of scale for HG and FoF, with my last set I attacked them with the dremel and turned them into water features. This time how ever they will need to be filled in. Using my ever trusty ready mixed filler and a small filling knife, I have filled in the skull pits and cracks.

The next step will be adding sand to the boards…………

Boards And Gears…………

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Heavy Gear, terrain

So my first Heavy Gear models have turned up, and I have to say they are fantastic models.

The castings are nice and crisp with very little “flash” on them.

They “dry” fit together very well.

My only complaint is the plastic  base. It is too small for the “spread” of legs on some models, and it has a slot cut into it for the “tab” but the models have no tab.

Now every game needs a board to b e played on………….. So I have picked up another Realm Of Battle set. This one will be painted one of two colours “red” for Mars or “cream” for a desert. I decided to pick up another set of boards for the simple reason that they are easy to store. I may well sell off 2 of the boards as I plan on using a maximum of 4ft x 4ft size for a the table.  I also picked up 1 off each of the plastic hills from GW just to add to the terrain.

Now all I have to decide is Red or Cream?

I have always had a soft spot form giant robots battling it out. It all started many years ago with the original Transformers cartoon, And then branched on to Adeptus Titanicus from Games Workshop.

At one stage I even tried BattleTech, But it was not my cup of tea, And in all my years of painting I have never came across plastic models that were so bad the primer would not stick to them.

Any way fast forward to 2005 i pick up some off Dream Pod 9’s Heavy gear models, I like what I see and pick up the rules and put them down. At the time they seemed to be overly complex and reminded me of BattleTech my Heavy Gear days are over before I start………

Until now…………… Beasts of War are running Heavy Gear week and it has fired me up again. Looking at the rules was a little confusing at first as their are two rule books. After some searching I found out that Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual is the current rule book, and the Locked and loaded book is the older book but contains all the background and army list’s. Why DP9 have chosen this route I do not know. At the moment both books are free on Wargames Vault which is a big bonus and BoW have a set of quick start rules up on their website for free as well.

Now all I need is an army of “Gears” looking at the range one model jumps out at me the P.R.D.F Cataphract it is one of the larger models in the range.

So last night I ordered up some models from Pyre Studios who carry the Heavy Gear range, I ordered………

P.R.D.F Cataphract.

P.R.D.F Fire Support Squad.

P.R.D.F General Purpose Squad.

P.R.D.F Strike Squad.

P.R.D.F Patrol Squad.

I have also uploaded the rules to my Kindle (as you can view PDF files on it) which saves me from looking at the computer screen for ages. Now all i have to do is choose a second force to do battle with………….