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Yesterday I spent filling in the skull pits and slabs on the two flat boards from the Realm Of Battle set. I also worked on the two hills that I got at the same time as the R.O.B.

First off I gave them a coat of PVA glue, followed by a coat of sand. Once dry I gave them a coat of PVA, Water, and Washing up liquid. This coat binds everything together and makes the sand as hard as stone.

The mix I use is PVA and water mixed together until it is slightly thicker than milk, and then add washing up liquid until the colour is slightly off white (it helps if the washing up liquid is coloured).

Last night I also took a walk down to the beach to get some more sand for the boards which has been drying over night. On the way back I went to my local DIY store to have a look at paint. I took a pot of the now OOP desert yellow from GW. After looking at loads and loads of colours some called sand or desert, I settled on Dulux Bracken Salts 1 code: 30yy27226 And bought a 250ml tester pot.

Now I’ve tried out the colour on the hills and it looks promising, when dry if it is the right colour then I will pick up 1 litre of Bracken Salts 1 and 250ml testers of  Bracken Salts 2,3, and 4.

Now lets see about working on the boards………………



Over the weekend I have been think about my Realm Of Battle boards and trying to figure out what colours to use. I had narrowed it down last week to two colours Red for Mars, or cream/yellow for desert. Well after much soul (internet) searching I am going to go for a cream/yellow board, As much as i would like to do a Mars board in terms of use the desert one can be used for Heavy Gear and force on force. while the Mars one would only really be used for heavy gear, I would need to have another set  for FoF.

So now I need to get started on the boards, To start with I am going to work on the two plain flat boards which both have details that need to be removed (skulls and paving slabs). Which are both out of scale for HG and FoF, with my last set I attacked them with the dremel and turned them into water features. This time how ever they will need to be filled in. Using my ever trusty ready mixed filler and a small filling knife, I have filled in the skull pits and cracks.

The next step will be adding sand to the boards…………

Boards And Gears…………

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Heavy Gear, terrain

So my first Heavy Gear models have turned up, and I have to say they are fantastic models.

The castings are nice and crisp with very little “flash” on them.

They “dry” fit together very well.

My only complaint is the plastic  base. It is too small for the “spread” of legs on some models, and it has a slot cut into it for the “tab” but the models have no tab.

Now every game needs a board to b e played on………….. So I have picked up another Realm Of Battle set. This one will be painted one of two colours “red” for Mars or “cream” for a desert. I decided to pick up another set of boards for the simple reason that they are easy to store. I may well sell off 2 of the boards as I plan on using a maximum of 4ft x 4ft size for a the table.  I also picked up 1 off each of the plastic hills from GW just to add to the terrain.

Now all I have to decide is Red or Cream?

I have always had a soft spot form giant robots battling it out. It all started many years ago with the original Transformers cartoon, And then branched on to Adeptus Titanicus from Games Workshop.

At one stage I even tried BattleTech, But it was not my cup of tea, And in all my years of painting I have never came across plastic models that were so bad the primer would not stick to them.

Any way fast forward to 2005 i pick up some off Dream Pod 9’s Heavy gear models, I like what I see and pick up the rules and put them down. At the time they seemed to be overly complex and reminded me of BattleTech my Heavy Gear days are over before I start………

Until now…………… Beasts of War are running Heavy Gear week and it has fired me up again. Looking at the rules was a little confusing at first as their are two rule books. After some searching I found out that Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual is the current rule book, and the Locked and loaded book is the older book but contains all the background and army list’s. Why DP9 have chosen this route I do not know. At the moment both books are free on Wargames Vault which is a big bonus and BoW have a set of quick start rules up on their website for free as well.

Now all I need is an army of “Gears” looking at the range one model jumps out at me the P.R.D.F Cataphract it is one of the larger models in the range.

So last night I ordered up some models from Pyre Studios who carry the Heavy Gear range, I ordered………

P.R.D.F Cataphract.

P.R.D.F Fire Support Squad.

P.R.D.F General Purpose Squad.

P.R.D.F Strike Squad.

P.R.D.F Patrol Squad.

I have also uploaded the rules to my Kindle (as you can view PDF files on it) which saves me from looking at the computer screen for ages. Now all i have to do is choose a second force to do battle with………….

I have always had a soft spot for West Wind/ Grind House Games, Secrets Of The Third Reich/ Incursion games. I picked up the SOTR rule book shortly after it was released and a few models. When I heard about Incursion I was drawn to the game, As with many I saw it as Space Hulk set in WW2 (and at the time Space Hulk was not around). Fast forward and Incursion gets a boxed set release and SOTR gets a supplement called Doomsday.

Then fast forward too around 2 years ago and I start painting up the models for Incursion with the aim of playing a few games. But with one thing and another the models get boxed up and left…………

Until now, the US ape suits are in paint stripper and I need to decide what to do with the zombies. I have also started working on a 3d board, based on 4  400mm x 600mm pieces of mdf.

Photos to follow…………..

Over the weekend I decided it was time for my yearly sort out, Every so often I have a fit of madness? and have a sort out. This time a large selection of warhammer books have bit the dust and are heading for the local charity store.

While sorting things out I came across my copy of Force on Force, and have always fancied doing a modern army (or two). I did start some USMC from Afghanistan last year but they were not the best painted models i have ever done. As I have never painted a 20mm model before, But I will give these guys another shot.

Next I came across Secrets Of The Third Reich a game set in a weird war 2 setting, And a board game called Incursion which is based in the SOTR universe. I have always had a soft spot for this game ever since it was released some years ago. But it was  not until Incursion was released that I got any models in the form of the APE suits and zombies. Incursion in case you are wondering is much like Space Hulk and seems to be great fun (I’ve never played it). But again I will give this another shot at some stage and would love to build a 3D board (I’m thinking about it now)

Now at some stage I need to get  listing on eBay…………..

Ragnar Blackmane.

Posted: July 5, 2012 in Space Wolves

One of my all time favourite models has to be Ragnar Blackmane, now the model was first released way back in the mists of time (or the early 90’s) and is still going strong.

But it is starting to look a bit dated its got to be pushing 20 years old but it is and always will be one of my favourite models. How ever with the coming of my new Space Wolves army the old model does not fit in with the new style models. But from the beginning of this project I wanted to do a conversion of Ragnar to bring him up to date.

I had 3 choices.

1. The plastic Space Wolves pack set.

2. Gabriel Seth of the Flesh Tearers.

3. Kor’sarro Khan of the White Scars.

Out of the three number 1 and 2 were covered, 3 on the other hand was not. Luckily when I was on holiday in the Florida I came across a comic shop that sold GW  models, after searching the racks I came across Kor’sarro Khan. I purchased the model along with a few others and when I returned home I started to chop him up…………

That was a few weeks ago, now I have started the conversion back up. First up i cut the power sword from the model and filed down any chapter iconography from the model. The left shoulder pad was cut away to the rim to allow the plastic wolf helm from the boxed set.

next up is the head and chain sword…………….