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I had intended for this to be posted at the same time as the Un-boxing of the land Ironclad, but for some unknown reason it never got published!

So lets try again!

On the 18th of December my wave 2 All quite On The Martian Front shipment turned up, the box was half the size of my wave 1 shipment but was much heavier!

IMG_2273As you can see everything was packed in nice and tightly, and nothing was damaged.

IMG_2276 IMG_2275









First out of the box was the MK IV Monitor and MK IV Patton tanks (right picture) and the MK II command tank (left picture). Both the MK IV’s have quite a few “air bubbles” on the tracks and turrets, nothing that a bit of liquid green stuff will not fix. The MK II is a little bit of a let down consisting of a metal semaphore pole and 3 paper flags.

IMG_2277 IMG_2278








Next we have the US Field Guns (left picture) And US Heavy Field Guns (right picture).

IMG_2285 IMG_2284









Next we have the US Anti-Tripod Gun (left picture) and the MK II Mobile Artillery (right picture). Both of which I have looked at before in previous posts.

IMG_2286 IMG_2287









Next we have the US Flivvers (left picture) and US Armoured Infantry (right picture).

IMG_2282 IMG_2289








Next we have the MK II Clamp Tank and the MK II Mine-layer (left picture) and the Metal traps, Gubbins, and escaping Martian.










Next we have The US command squad (left picture) and the Kick Starter exclusive Command Squad bases (right picture)

IMG_2279 IMG_2281








Next we have the Martian Drones (left picture) and the KS exclusive Hover Drones (right picture).

IMG_2294 IMG_2290







Next we have the Martian Slave Tripod (left picture) and the Red Martian upgrade pack (right picture) Now a lot of backers are moaning about the Red Martian pack saying it not what they expected, well what we got was what was shown on the model.

IMG_2292 IMG_2293









Lastly we have the Downed Tripod (left picture) and the Martian Power Node (right Picture). The power Node has changed from what was shown in the KS.

All that is left now for wave 3 are the Martian Harvester, Scientist, Dominator, and Overseer Tripods. And the US MK II Tender, Munitions, 2 x Tesla Tanks, MK IV Command tank, and the Goliath Tank.

I have made a start on some of the models, and have assembled the MK II Command, Mine-layer,Clamp tanks, as well as the MK II Mobile Artillery, Field Guns, and some Armoured Infantry.


The same day that my wave 2 shipment turned up, my Ironclad turned up from Northstar. Now as I have said before when I saw the art work for the ironclad I was not a fan!285But the model itself is a different story.



The model set me back £120.00 (but has now risen to £150.00).

IMG_2302 IMG_2301

IMG_2298 IMG_2297







As you can see their are 18 resin parts with the hull section being the largest (and heaviest) all the smaller details (gun barrels, railings, etc) are made from metal.

Their are however a few negative points,

Their are no instructions, all you get is the picture on the front of the box!

Their are no “red eye” points on the box. Which is strange as all the other boxed sets have them on them (even the starter set)

Apart from those two things its a great piece of kit, and I now kick myself for not picking it up in the kick-starter (at $55.00!) but at least I picked it up at retail!


I spent yesterday afternoon punching all the card tiles and tokens from their sheets, as well as checking the models. It nearly an hour to punch out both sets (their are lots of them),I also spent a good hour checking through all the cards (their are lots of them too). As you can see from the picture below the quality of the tiles is very good, the “jig” connection is a nice fit. The art work is excellent and the tiles are double sided with one side having the mines and the reverse side having the “other world” (in this case Swamps Of Death).



Both sets contain:

1 x entrance.

4 x standard rooms.

6 x passages.

8 x unique rooms.

18 x end caps.

6 x gateways.

Their are loads of counters, some of which could have been replaced by cards in the gear deck. Their are however loads of cards, which could have been made in to a fewer sets than what are supplied. Their are 3 sets of “threat” cards (Low, Medium, and High) which could have been made in to one set, which in turn could have been merged with the encounter set. In many ways SOB is like Warhammer Quest but with more card decks.

On to the models, each set has 4 heroes

IMG_2263City Of The Ancients (the left sprue) has Bandido, Saloon Girl, U.S. Marshal, and a Gunslinger.

Swamps Of Death (the right sprue) has Rancher,Indian Scout, Lawman, and a Preacher.

As you can see from the picture above the models come in several pieces, details are good but some are rather “soft”. Both the Saloon Girl and the Rancher are female, and as part of the Kick-Starter wave 2 will contain “female” versions of the other male heroes (as well as male versions of the Saloon Girl and Rancher)


Both sets contain 6 Tentacles, which are one piece models.


IMG_2265 IMG_2264









City Of The Ancients contains:

3 x Night Terrors, 6 x Stranglers, 12 x Void Spiders. (the left picture)

and 1 x Goliath (the right picture). The Goliath is a “boss”  type figure used in the higher level threat deck.


IMG_2269 IMG_2268






Swamps Of Death contains:

3 x Slashers, 6 x Hellbats, 12 x Hungry Dead (the left picture)

and 1 x Harbringer (another “boss”)

Again the details on the models is good, but in some places very soft! In all fairness both the Goliath and Harbringer could have been left out of the 2 base sets and replaced with another “monster” type and released at a later date.

In conclusion, both sets are very well done. But I don’t think their needed to be two core sets. City Of The Ancients could have been the “core” set and Swamps Of Death could have been an expansion. Both sets have a rule book and an adventure book, some of the information in the adventure book could have been put into the rule book. Which would have made making one of the two an expansion easier.

Overall both sets are very good and I look forward to playing the game.



So last week my copies of Shadows Of Brimstone: City Of Ancients and Swamps Of Death turned up after being delayed due to a shortage of “red” exclusive models (got to wait till wave 2 for them now). I checked through the contents of the the 2 sets and everything was their, the only things that were missing were the “promo” cards and the “gear” cards for the outlaw character. I email FFP about the missing parts but as yet have heard nothing back. I have read through the rules and it seems to be very much like Warhammer Quest (one of my favourite games) and Talisman timescape. The only thing that seems to be lacking is a monster creator to allow you to use “other” models from other ranges (Plague Bearers and Blood letters from Warhammer any one?) The game has plenty of scope to be expanded with different realms.

Hopefully later I can get some pictures of the models in the set.

Back in the summer my health took a turn for the worse, and left me in hospital for a while! No I’ve been out of action since the beginning of July, and was asked (or begged depending on how you look at it) to help out at a company that I used to work for the other week. I explained to them my situation and they said it would be fine for me to do “light” work, and that the other guys in the workshop would help me out if and when I needed it.

All was going well until last week when I dropped a panel on my foot! It ached for a day or so and then was fine. Then yesterday while carrying something else with one of the other guys it slipped out of my hands, and guess what landed on the same foot. This time however my foot has swollen up and is very red! so I have had no alternative but to come home for a few days!

It has however allowed me to catch up on a few things!

First up in my last post I wrote about GW killing of the LOTR and Hobbit ranges. Well I placed a crafty bid on one of the Smaug models that had appeared on eBay, but was outbid in the last second. However the next morning I was offered a second chance offer as the bid had been placed by the buyers son. I had placed my max bid at £295.00 which was the retail price for the model (I am not going to pay more for it when I will be able to get it next year!) so far 3 have sold for above the RRP going between £400.00 and £595.00. Their are another 3 which are still active, 1 auction at £320.00 and two buy it now at £499.00 and £1295.00! So in total their have been 7 Smaug models on ebay of which only one (my one has sold for the RRP) it just goes to show how many people will buy something to make a profit!

Next my Blue Moon Manufacturing models turned up from Old Glory UK. Now I wanted these for AQOTMF as US cavalry models, so I ordered 3 packs (051,052, and 054) I also ordered another pack 036 Berdans sharpshooters to use as an “elite” unit. The models look good and scale up with the US “doughboys” very well.

Speaking of AQOTMF my wave 2 shipment has not showed up yet, but given the time frame for wave 1 it should appear with in the next few days!

Now comes the big one Shadows Of Brimstone has finally shown up, now I have opened the two boxed games and had a quick look through all the bits but have not checked everything out yet. That will be a job for this afternoon!

Now I have been a fan of the GW Lord of the rings since they were first released way back in 2001. And with the release of the hobbit in 2012 GW updated the LOTR rules for the hobbit. However it has been a rocky road with GW doing maybe 2 major releases and 1 minor throughout the year. As the third film (the battle of five armies” hits the cinema this week, I had expected their to be some news of the GW releases. But alas the only release that made any waves was Smaug the dragon at £295.00! Limited to 200 models before Christmas (with more being made after Christmas). Needless to say it sold out in minutes (and at least 5 have appeared on eBay with one at £1295.00!). However Smaug was not the only release, thorins company of dwarves have been released in resin but with the hefty price tag of £25.00 for 3 models or £118.00 for the compete set. Overall it seems that GW have lost their love of LOTR’s and the hobbit, their was a rumour last year that GW only went for the hobbit to stop another company from getting the license for the models. It’s a real shame but it seems to me that GW are killing the range off……………….