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As 2012 draws to a close I thought it was time to look back at the past year.
Gaming wise I have got in a quite a few games this year, more so than in 2011. I have invested in GW’s new paint set and in two sets of the realm of battle boards. I have also rekindled my Lord Of The Rings models who have been neglected for far to long, and hopefully 2013 will allow me to crack on with them and the new Hobbit range. I have already purchased Escape From Goblin Town starter set as well as the trolls, hunter orcs, and hunter orcs on fell wargs.
On the 40k front I have slowly begun to drift away from the whole range, this is partly due to the fact I do not like the new format of books and also some of the newer models being released. I hate to say it but I think my 40k days are drawing to an end, in fact the last models I bought were some finecast tyranid bone swords and a space wolves cyberwolf and that was back in June…………..
I have also dabbled with incursion from Grindhouse Games, Force On Force from Ambush Alley Games, and Heavy Gear from Dream pod Nine.

Movie wise I have only seen 3 films at the cinema this year all of the have been in 3D.
1st up was the Avengers Assemble back in may and well its been coming for a long time but it was worth it.
Next was Men In Black 3 in July and again its been a long time but


Well my move to a new home has gone mostly with out a problems. My plan of getting the decorating done before we moved in failed, well sort off. Out of the 6 rooms, 2 of them needed no major work just a lick of paint. Off the other 4 it was just a case of lining paper and painting the walls…………..

Well the bedroom and living room have needed to be re-plastered in places, the hallway has needed some of the floor boards replaced and the dinning room also needs re-plastering in places.

As for my models nearly all of them have been stored in my shed. I have how ever still been picking up models from E-bay and have picked up quite a few models, including some hard to find models. I have also picked up the limited edition Forge World Wethertop model from ebay. Now this beast weighs in at £220.00 + 12% postage from Forge World and is only available once or twice a year, now I wanted to buy one when it was first released. But I never got round to it now some 10 years later i decided to take the plunge and buy one.

Another buy this month has been the Hobbit boxed set From GW. This was the first thing I have pre-ordered from GW in a very long time, and I have to say I was very disappointed with the service. In the old days if you pre-ordered you got the item on the day of  release, but now it seems you can only get your item on release day if it is sent to your local store. Now this is fine if you are near a store (which I am) but I was to busy that day, and so I opted for it to be delivered……………….well I received my order on the Tuesday after release.

Once again GW`s service has taken a kick in the guts. If it was not for Maelstrom Games going bust I would have ordered it from them,so now I need to find another on-line retailer to get my stuff from.

As for the boxed set I have opened it and had a quick flick at the books and dribbled over the models but that is about it. hopefully i will be able to take some photos and get them on-line.

Now I better get on and do some work in the flat………..