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This year I am going to try something different!

I have decided that 2015 will be a change of pace for my hobby, over the years I have picked up models from various different company’s. But this year I am going to stick to just a few ranges, they are

All Quite On The Martian Front from Alien Dungeon.

The Hobbit/Lord Of The Rings from Games Workshop.

The rest of my models will end up going on eBay. As I have said before my interest in 40K has dwindled to next to nothing. I have played quite a few games last year with my Blood Angels and Orks, these have been fairly small battles as I have lost my interest in large battles taking hours to play!

Which is one of the reasons I want to get back into The Hobbit/LOTR which is more of a skirmish game now rather than a full blown battle with hundreds of models. And why I have started playing miniature board games (Zombicide,Incursion,Etc.)

I would like to get AQOTMF out to the public and take it to various wargame shows and games clubs, but at the moment with my health that is out of the question, maybe later in the year. Their are rumours of a new games shop opening in town and hopefully I will be able to show off the models in the shop, to generate some interest in the game.

So with this in mind I have set a few goals for the year.

1: Thin out my collection.

2: Concentrate on painting my models.

3: Build up  my terrain collection (for AQOTMF).

The year is going to start of slowly as I have an operation coming up and will be out of action for a few weeks. But once that is out of the way I should be able to steam on with my plans and start thinning out my collection………..


This year has been a mixed bag for my hobby.
I started by rebooting my Tyranids and Chaos Space Marine Iron Warriors, as well as working on some Black Templars space marines and Chaos Daemons. With the closer of my local gaming club, I had to bring my cities of death terrain and realm of battle boards back home. This in turn lead to a reboot of my CoD terrain invoking some new pieces (to replace some that were damaged) and a new lick of paint! This lead to my Blood Angels and Orks taking to the battlefield once again. All quite on the martian front showed up the tail end of June, I assembled quite a bit of my 1st wave but my health took a u-turn and I spent the best part of 2 months in hospital. When I came out I got into Zombicide (one of the old gaming group brought a copy in to hospital for me to try). The last few months have been taken back up with AQOTMF.

Next we move to kick-starter projects, and what can I say? Well in a nut shell of the 14 projects (4 are from this year) I have backed since 2013, only 3 have been fully shipped!
Of the rest well,
Deadzone: waiting on wave 3.
Tablescapes: giant cock up, waiting for re supply.
All Quite: waiting for wave 3..
Incusion: things are progressing slowly.
Mars Attacks: waiting on HB book and missing items.
Shadows of Brinstone: waited 4 months for wave 1, going to be another 12 before I see wave 2.
Aliens vs Predator: looks to be another cock up.
Both zombicide S3 and afterlife have only finished in the last 6 months and so their is nothing to say about them!

movie wise I have only seen 1 film at the cinema, The Hobbit: The Battle Of Five Armies. It was a good film and an excellent finisher for the trilogy, but was let down in two parts (I will not say what parts for those that have not seen it) but hopefully the extended edition will sort them out. Watching TBOFA has made me want to watch the other 2 Hobbit films as well as the LOTRs trilogy (just got return of the king left).

As I said before my health took a turn for the worse in the summer, this in turn has lead to me not working since. This In turn has lead to me “thinning” my collection out via eBay and some of the Facebook groups, I still have along way to go with loads to get rid of!

Looking towards next year I plan to set some goals……………