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So yesterday I received shipping information form West Wind for my Incursion Buckets Of Blood kickstarter package, and it turned up a few hours ago. Their are however a few extra surprises in the box which I was not expecting.DSCN0663First up the boxes look fantastic, if I walked in to my local game store and saw these I would pick them up to have a look. However the backs of the boxes don’t give you any information about the game, they only have the logo on the back.


Inside you will find 3 sheets of tokens/counters, 2 books (rules and assets), 2 reference sheets, a sheet of stickers, 1 double sided board, and the sub pen tile.

DSCN0665 DSCN0666


Above is both sides of the game board and the sub pen tile.

DSCN0669 DSCN0668

Their are 2 trays of models. One tray contains the US models, the German “special” models as well as dice (6) and plastic doors (10). The second tray contains all the zombies as well as the game cards. It is worth noting that both trays contain the “stretch goals” from the KS. I will take a closer look at the models later in the post.


Next we have the SNAFU boxed set. Again 2 books (SNAFU book and assets), a sheet of counters and tokens, a paper version of the game board (both sides on one)  and the sub pen. Now I was a little bit surprised to find another copy of the “assets” book as well as the sub pen (the exclusive Gretel is also their as well).

DSCN0677You also get one tray with the MI-13 models as well as the reinforcements for the US and German forces. Their are also 3 dice for the MI-13 forces,10 plastic doors, and the cards needed to use the models.
DSCN0680 DSCN0679

Next we have the rest of the KS exclusives in the form of (the left picture), An extra game board, cards for the models, a transfer sheet, a dice bag, and 15 dice. 6 for the drop troopers, and 3  for each of the other factions. The other picture (on the right) is all the other “stretch goal” models, in the form of  10 more doors,the German drop troopers, and again reinforcements for the other 3 factions.

Ok its time to take a look at the models

DSCN0674 DSCN0673

First up the  US “APE” suits. their are 16 in the the KS Set. Their are 2 different pose of “grunt” and you get 4 of each. Then you have 2 of each “HMG” and Blazer” suits. lastly you have Slugger Murphy and the “sergeant” model.

Next we have the Germans. Their are 2 “blitzhounds” jumping, 1 “standing” blitzhound, Hans, Gretel (1 standard and 1 exclusive), Ilsa von X, and 4 bomber zombies.
DSCN0672Now on to the zombies their are 12 different models, and the KS set includes 5 of each pose giving you 60 zombies (the base set only contains 24)

DSCN0675Next we have the plastic doors (10), their are 2 designs and they are the same as the ones sold by Fenris Games (but in plastic rather then resin)


Next we have the SNAFU models the bulk of which are the MI-13 boys. Their are 10 commandos (2 poses), 4 gut gunners,2 grenadiers, 1 corporal, Paddy Mayne, Zip Kelly, and Gracie. The “APES” get reinforced with 2 bazookas, while the Germans get the 2 Drohnes and the SWD Panzeraffe.


Next we have the new models that were funded by the KS project. First up we have Brigitte (4 models one for each faction), then we have Nigel and 2 MI-13 ack packs, then we have Rosie for the “APES”, and finally Hugo Von X for the Germans. Now the weird thing is I switched these out for the “metal” versions, as I figured that I would be more interested in painting the “metal” versions over the plastics. DSCN0682Next we have the Drop Troopers, their are 6 basic models (2 troopers, 1 HMG,1 Flame thrower, 1 missile launcher, and 1 sergeant) and Hilde Becker a deadly lady with a spear!. In total  their 6 troopers, 2 HMG,2 Flame thrower, 2 missile launcher, and 1 sergeant.
DSCN0683Here we have a “comparison” picture with some other plastic models. The top row are the Incursion models, the second row are Zombicide season 3 models from CMON/Guillotine Games, and the bottom row are Mars Attacks from Mantic Games. Apart from the Incursion models being slightly larger than the rest they would fit in well with the other two ranges. The plastic they are made from is however very soft a flexible (even the doors which are thick) but it does “spring” back into shape unlike the Mars Attacks ones that need to be put into hot water to repose them.

DSCN0689DSCN0686 DSCN0688

DSCN0690 DSCN0692

Here we have the metals vs Plastics. On the left is Zip Kelly and on the right is the exclusive Gretel Von X.

As you can see the plastics are near on perfect copies of the metals however Zip Kelly has a Plastic support to hold him in the air (my metal model has had a pin placed in his foot). The plastic Gretel has suffered from a “pin head” problem, and in all fairness it is the only model out of the whole lot that has a major problem.


The plastics scale up well to their metal counterparts, the only difference that I noticed was the back pack on Hilde Becker was slightly smaller on the metal model than on the plastic version.

I will never get round to painting the models that are included in these sets, I will however paint the “metal” versions and as you can see I have made a start with some of the Germans

Its been a long time coming but it Incursion V2 has been worth the wait!


So its going to be a close race as to which Kick starter project turns up first. AvP from Prodos or Incursion from Grindhouse Games (my money is on Incursion coming in first). Both projects have had their problems and are both well past their “projected” delivery dates. Incursion was meant to ship in March 2014 and AvP was meant to ship May 2014. However the problems faced by the projects have been very different. Where most of AvP’s problems have been copyright Issues, Incursion suffered from supplier problems.

In short the company that was tasked to handle the project, had taken on too many projects which pushed the project further back (despite having 90% of the money upfront!). The difference between Grindhouse and Prodos is, Grindhouse is a much smaller operation then Prodos. Currently their are two guys working away out of a garage sorting all the KS orders out, but they still mange to keep backers “in the loop” with what is going on. The complete opposite of Prodos, who struggle to give you any info (backers have been asking since shipping began about “tracking numbers” for shipments, and still no reply)

Now I had no problem with backing Incursion as I have been following it since it first appeared way back in 2009. And I have picked up nearly everything that has been released (the only thing I am missing are the limited edition tins that were released)

Unfortunately most of my Metal models are in desperate need of a repaint (from when my ex-wife kicked me out). I also managed to pick up some reinforcements just before Maelstrom Games went under a few years ago.

I have to say I am really looking forward to Incursion turning up, but we will just have to see who crosses the finish line first!

I have just had an e-mail telling me that the Secrets Of The Third Reich kickstarter has been cancelled! Now this comes as something of a shock to me (and many backers). The project has been running less than a week, and had raised £23.073 of the £30.000 goal with 10 days to go.

But Andy and Wendy (who run West Wind) decided to pull the plug on the project.

Don’t get me wrong what was on offer was good but the starter sets that were being offered were nothing “special”, they just contained basic soldiers and nothing “weird”. Take the German set I was going to go for It contained 29 models, which brakes down as follows

5 x command,20 x riflemen (2 squads of 10), and 4 x HMG team.

Their is nothing to show that the game is weird, and for all intents is nothing that could not have been done with the Bolt Action range. Now if you were to add in something “weird” like some zombies and a Jagerhund or a light mech like the Wolverine, and remove some of the riflemen. You would have a starter set that fits the game and would be a weird WW2 starter and not  just a WW2 starter.

I was in the process of sorting out what I had, as I picked up a lot of stuff just before Maelstrom Games went under a few years ago. With the intention of getting the game back out their in the “new” games store that has just opened up in town.

I think one other thing that may well of affected the project was the new Zombicide KS.

Hopefully West Wind will figure something out and get the project back on track.

On another note the ship containing Incursion has docked and set sail again, hopefully we will see it soon………………….

So at 8pm in the UK last night the latest Zombicide kickstarter was launched, and within 16 minutes funding ($125.000) had been met, It also sent the Kick starter site into meltdown with many backers getting a “waiting to process error”, I was lucky enough to be on their at 8pm and despite grabbing a “knight” ($140.00) early bird pledge still ended up being between the 750 – 800 backer. Considering its been just over 14 hours since it launched it has raised $1.014.801 with 6495 backers (season 3 ended on $2.849.064 with 12011 backers!). And with 27 stretch goals smashed aside already, will CMON/Guillotine Games be able to keep up for the 27 days?

June the 5th (last Friday) saw West Wind Productions launch Secrets Of The Third Reich 2, now I am a big fan of West Winds Weird World War 2 setting and models. Unfortunately I am a little underwhelmed by the project as the only “new” thing is the 2nd edition of the game and a few of the big Mech models. I have only backed at the “sarge” level but may up it to “lieutenant” level if things start to pick up.

Hopefully the ship with Incursion on board will dock (today or tomorrow) and that will also be shipped to West Wind for shipping out to backers before the end of the month!

So its been awhile since I posted anything about any of the kickstarters that I have backed, so here goes.

All Quite On The Martian Front: Its sad to say that AQOTMF seems to be dying a very slow death here in the UK, Northstar have stopped distributing it and at least 1 and maybe 1 more online retailers are not going to be stocking it anymore. On the other hand Wayland Games have become the distributor, so that may be the final nail in the coffin for it. As for the KS no news for wave 3!

Incursion: The boat is due to land on the 9th of june (6 days time) hopefully the wait will not be to long now.

Shadows Of Brimstone: Again no news in 2 months, very poor communication!

Aliens vs Predator: Hopefully the basic game will be here by the end of the month, then maybe another 2 years for the add-ons! Prodos will be joining the Wall of Shame at some stage.

Afterlife: My wave 1 shipment turned up, and all looks good. Hopefully I will get the chanch to post some pictures towards the end of the week.

Conan: Still plodding along, but we do get semi regular updates, everything looks good so far just waiting for the pledge manger.

Blood Rage: Nothing new.

Deadzone Infestation: Mantic have been very quite……….

Now I have my eye on two upcoming kickstarters Secrets Of The Third Reich (5th of June)  and Zombicide: Black plague (8th June)………………………………………………..

So with the arrival of Mars Attacks, I can now cross that off the list of backed projects!

But that still leaves……………..

Tablescape Tiles: just waiting for Mantic to get their fingers out of their arses for this one. First it was boxes for shipping, now they want pictures so they can make sure backers get the right sets! Really is it that hard to read a piece of paper that says I want “clean”unban streets and “damaged” urban streets and then look at a box with the same written on the side? Hopefully they will turn up by the end of the month!

All Quite On The Martian Front: Hopefully the guys at AD have resumed shipping wave 2 after shutting down for 5 days to attend a show. I am trying to remain positive over the situation and hope the guys turn this around before the thanks giving holiday that is approaching! The US Land Ironclad has been put up for pre-order at £120.00 in the UK from North Star Miniatures (£108.00 from some other UK on-line stores) and it looks like it will be a one off model in the UK with orders only being taken till the 18th of November!

Incursion: No real news yet, hopefully see something by April /May 2015.

Shadows Of Brimstone: Well what can I say “no news is good news” as would “silence is golden” would both be the wrong thing to say. Flying Frog Productions have been too quite over the EU and RoW shipping issues, they have made know update as to what is going on and negative comment have been building on their KS, Facebook and Twitter pages. It seems that their reputation is taking a nose dive, their lack of communication has lead people to believe they have run out of money for EU (and Row) shipping. The have been reports of Row backers offering to pay extra just to get their games, and FFP have taken their money for it. Now I am sorry but if FFP do an update asking for extra money for shipping then I want my money back that I pledged (and the extra that I paid with paypal the other month). I’m sorry to say that if they cannot manage a project the I will never be interested in any of their products or projects.

Alien Vs Predator: Prodos have announced that they going to shipping in 2 waves, with the boxed game shipping first and then followed on by the add-ons in wave 2. A lot of backers are unhappy with this saying that it will lead to problems, but at the end of the day Prodos have been sitting on quite a lot of models for some months now which is taking up space and needs to be moved on.

Zombicide S3: nothing new on that front, only a few people moaning about shipping costs.

Afterlife: Anvil have posted up a few more 3d renders which look good the pledge manager came out the other day and I filled mine in yesterday (just in case I forget it later on) and we have been told we will get 2 weeks notice of it being closed in case we wish to add to it.

Oh well that’s this weeks KS update……………………..

No I am not talking about tiny 6mm (or 15mm) infantry figures, I am on about the smaller miniature company’s out their. The ones with only a few people working for them, the likes of Anvil Industry’s, Grind House Games, etc.

Over the years their have been many small games company’s that have fallen through the cracks and disappeared (Target Games and The Figure Trader).

Some have survived and have gotten a bad reputation (Mongoose and Mantic I am looking at you! both started out as small time operations).

Even though the “little guys” have no chances of denting the the bigger company’s profits (GW, Privateer Press), they still have an impact on the market. In fact now I prefer to buy my models from the “little Guys” that’s why I backed the Anvils: Afterlife and Some of the other KS that I have Backed, Grind  House Games: Incursion, Comfy Chair Games: SpineSpur.

Now Kickstarters are great for the “little guys” they can help fund the development process of the game and production costs of getting the models made.

But unfortunately some of the “big guys” liked to use the Kickstarter Platform as a “pre order” system (Mantic and CMON). Mantic being the prime case with finishing the Deadzone KS, then moving on to Mars Attack, then Dreadball Extreme, and finally Dungeon Saga, all within the space of 12 months. As I have said in previous posts the chances of me backing another KS buy Mantic are slim (an expansion to DZ may tempt me but that’s about it).

But getting back to the “little guys”, Jim Bailey at Grind House Games has had a rough time with Incursion 2nd editon. The project was meant to ship back in March 2014 but a number of problems hit Jim and forced him to find another supplier. Unfortunately this company (Panda Games Manufacturing) seems to have been giving poor Jim the run around, and he has only just got the pre-production proofs of the card board counters and boards and the plastic miniatures (which look great). Jim has put allot on the line for Incursion, to get the 1st edition published Jim sold his comic collection (a lot of which were “golden age” comics) to fund the boxed game and the metal models of the APE`s and zombies.

With the funds for the Kick starter,

The base game has been updated with plastic models.

The SNAFU supplement has been turned into a boxed set complete with plastic models.

And the German Drop Troopers have been made in both plastic and metal.

I have to say that I am glad I backed Incursion and have no regrets, I have had great fun playing the game over the years and am looking forward to a new edition!