The Wall Of Shame!

I am going to use this page to name and shame Wargames Company’s that have in one way or another provided a substandard service or have in some way shafted me as a customer.

Mongoose Publishing: I have been burned by MP twice now over the years, The first time was with the Starship Trooper miniatures game. Back in 2007 I invested heavily in the range, I had come across the range at the Salute wargames show. And after chatting to the guys I laid down some money and purchased the starter set, some army books, and quite a few boxed sets all very cheap (too cheap) they also had some of the (then) unreleased Exo-suits which I stumped up the money for. They were going to be sent to me later as they only had the one set of each on hand! (it then took the best part of 3 months to get the money back). It was a about  3 weeks after the show that MP announced the end of the Starship Troopers range (that explained why they were so cheap at the show!)

The second time was last year with the Rogue Trooper Kick-starter that was run last year (2013). I decided to give MP a second chance and backed the project. The project was meant to be finished by September 2013, but as of the time of writing (December 2014), only about 10 models have been made and sent to backers. I myself asked for a refund way back in December 2013 after their had been no news or updates in 4 months. I also managed to pick up a Judge Dredd manta prowl tank at Salute 2013 (before the backers of the Judge Dredd Kick-starter!)

Mantic Games: Now Mantic are a newish company (2009) And my first contact with them was the Deadzone Kick-starter back in 2013 the project was meant to all finished by December 2013, and as of the time of writing I am still waiting for the 3rd wave of models.

The same goes for the Mars Attacks Kick-starter delivery was meant to be August 2014 but this slipped back until November. Just waiting for the hard back book and missing models.

My main problem with Mantic is the fact that both DZ and MA have both been on sale at retail BEFORE Kick-starter backers have received their stuff. If it had been a case of just a starter set being sold I would not mind, but it is the fact that a large chunk of the KS stuff was available at retail (and in some cases cheaper than the KS prices).

Flying Frog Productions: Now FFP are another “newish” company who I had never heard of until the Shadows Of Brimstone Kick-starter. I took a gamble on this as I had never heard of them (and I liked the setting for the game weird wild west) all through the campaign FFP were few and far between with answers for questions and updates. Things were even poorer after the KS ended it took nearly a year for the pledge manger to be sent out and then backers had 2 or 3 weeks to fill it in and send it back. The EU shipments started going out in October and I have only just received mine last week! due to their not being enough “red” minis for the EU backers! The lack of communication form FFP has lead to quite a lot of discontent from backers, and I for one will not be buying anything FFP related again! Don’t get me wrong I like the game and the setting, but the piss poor project management by FFP has left a sour taste with me!

Secret Weapon Miniatures: I backed SWM Table Scapes Kick-starter because of their urban city tiles (as I have said before I like games in city’s) the whole project was due to be completed October 2013- January 2014. However as with most projects its running a little bit behind schedule. All due to a cock up with how many tiles were going to be needed, SWM under ordered by 342 16 tile sets! (only 5472 tiles!) I am of coarse am one of the lucky ones who has been affected by this cock up. All the way through the project we were told everything had been checked and rechecked, and now their we find out their is a shortage! Another poorly run project. UPDATE : When my shipment arrived it was wrong (see the tablescapes posts) however Secret Weapon did sort it out and sent me another 8 tile set allowing me to have a 3 complete 16 tile sets.

Prodos Games: The strange case of Alien vs Predator. This project has been drawn out now since November 2013, and it was due May 2014 (it is now June 2015). Prodos put it down to 20th century Fox dragging out the process. I on the other hand put it down to poor project management by Prodos themselves! In the 19 months since the project was funded we have seen the KS page removed and have not seen much progress on models (predator young bloods and 3D terrain anyone?) The pledge manger has been open up many times and each time has to be re-closed by the backer. Prodos manged to get 51 copies of the game sent to a games expo the other week (for backers only) with shipping of the main boxed game starting this week (01/06/2015) however they have found a problem with the text on one of the cards and are now not going to start shipping until Monday/Tuesday next week. So after all this time someone did not notice the wrong colour text on a card, even though it has been checked multiple times! the next thing is how long will it be until the add-ons are shipped? another 6 months? or a year who knows certainly not Prodos games that’s for sure!

Alien Dungeon/Robot Peanut/ Architects Of War: I have to say It is with a heavy heart that I have added the above company’s to the wall of shame! It would seem that Ernest Baker and Barb have gone to ground  with no contact for well over a month (as of the 31/12/2015) their website, forum pages, Facebook and twitter pages have all gone with the KS page the only thing left. And with that all hope of getting wave 3 of my KS pledge! and my add ons. But where did it all go wrong? well it all started with the AQOTMF Kickstarter back in 2013.

Firstly they offered up to much stuff both free and paid for, its as simple as that. Instead of starting off with a starter set and a few other models for each side. Instead of the 50+ units that were added during the campaign

Secondly AD learned the hard way about outside manufacturing with many of the resin components.

And Thirdly many of the models were vastly  under priced in the KS. If you take my “All Out War!” pledge which cost me $470.00 (£317.00) it had a RRP $852.50 (£575.45) which I suspect will be worth about half as much again on top.

To be fair I do fell sorry for Ernie and Barb as they have tried to make it work over the past few years but alas it would seem the cards were stacked against them and the have been defeated by the red weed! Hopefully some day the range will be picked up and it will live on but for now Abruptly the sound ceased……………………………….


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