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So I am still under the weather with this cold showing no signs of easing off, so hobby time has been rather sparse. the few hours that I have managed to  grab have been very productive. Firstly my Knight paladin has had his transfers added and partially weathered with weathering powders (I still need to add some dust to the carapace). I also tackled the base with some floor tiles, low wall sections and lots of sprue rubble and sand.DSCN0602DSCN0605 DSCN0606

Their are still a few bits to do the eyes and exhust vents need some work, and the body, arms, shoulder pads and carapace are all un-glued.

Now I wanted to add a second Knight, and so out of the money I got for my birthday I picked up a second model. Now I knew I wanted it to be a Knight Errant (armed with a thermal cannon rather than a battle cannon) but I also wanted it armed with a power fist rather than a reaper chainsword. A quick search of the internet found a few results but I ended up using this one as the base of the idea.

I just replaced the plastic sprue with various plastic square and round tubing. (I have put the power fist “on hold” at the moment as it would seem that GW are (re-?) releasing a new Knight kit with new weapons and carapace mounted weapons in two weeks time.

Secondly I wanted to alter the pose of the model by repositioning the legs, again a search of the internet brought up quite a few ideas, but in the end I went with this one.

Now I followed the conversion very closely, the only change I made was the toes on the right leg (the one on the ruined wall) I cut a small “V” in the underside leaving about 1mm of plastic at the top of the “ribbed” joint. I applyed some plastic glue and left it a few seconds and then bent it down and added a some more glue.


DSCN0608 DSCN0609

DSCN0610I started to paint up the armour panels first undercoating them white and then coating them with Army painter Dragon red spray. The panels that needed to be black were masked with fine line tape and masking tape and sprayed black. The shin guard and carapace with the “hazard” makings on were uncoated white and then sprayed Averland Sunset from my air brush. Then when dry were masked with fine line tape and sprayed black. When the “hazard” stripes were dry, they were masked up and the centre section was sprayed with Dragon Red.

I have also been doing some work on a squad of Skitarii, they are not far from being finished, just needing the under suit, pipe work, energy cells, and bases to be done.



So its the day before Salute 2015, and a some months ago I made the decision not to go!

After last year where I spent £54.00 on getting their (2 train tickets and 2 tickets to get in) and £25.00 on bits, so this year I decided to give it a miss!

Instead I have used the money on-line to buy a few bits

Codex Eldar Craftworlds + Datacards. (I have not had an Eldar army since 2nd edition!)

Promethium Relay Pipes. (saves me from making some from scratch!)

Onagar Dunecrawler. (some fire power for the Skitarii!)

The past week or so I have been plagued by the same cold virus that I had back in February, I have been given more antibiotics from the doctor but only time will tell. This has however lead to a slow down on my my Knights and Skitarii.

I have however,

Started weathering the Knight Paladin and working on the base.

Started building my second Knight, which has involved lots of cutting.

Assembled and under coated 10 Skitarii.

Now lets paint some Skitarii……………………..


Posted: April 15, 2015 in INQ-28, Warhammer 40000

No its not some new pop group, its something I have been coming across more and more on the internet.

But what is it?

Well It is a straight forward conversion of the old Inquisitor game from GW, By converting the measurements of yards into Inch’s. 1 yard = 1/2 inch (I think it should be 1 yard = 1 inch). And using 28mm models (hence INQ-28) rather than the old 54mm models. Everything else stays the same.

Now when Inquisitor was released some 15 years ago I did pick up the rulebook and a few models but never got round to playing it, I was put off by the different scale (all the terrain I had was for 28mm models) Now however it seems that playing it in 28mm is all the rage.

In fact some years ago I converted 2 models up to be Inquisitors for my “home made” Necromunda supplement that me and my gaming group were working on. However we agreed that using Necromunda was not a very good idea so we shelved the idea, why we never used Inquisitor I do not know!

So now I am thinking of giving it ago, I have hit the internet and found loads of ideas for models for my war band. Loads of fan made material as well as official material. All I need to do now is make a few more models and give it a bash.

That means sorting through all the junk I have!

So the reinforcements for my Imperial Knight turned up yesterday just after I put up my post about the Imperial Knight. My original plan was to paint up some Cadians with respirators in a “red oxide” colour, however GW seem determined to tempt me back in to the fold with the release of the Skitarii.

Now back in the Titan legions game, Knights (and Titans) could be supported by Tech Guard  (Adeptus Mechanicus Imperial Guard regiments) These would later get the name Skitarii to seperate them from the Imperial Guard in Epic 40000, as an unofficial army list with the Knights.

With it being my birthday last week I had a sizeable influx of cash (as I am told I am hard to buy for). So I took the plunge and went for two of each boxed set that had been released plus the codex and data-cards and another Knight!

DSCN0586Now the first thing about the Skitarii army is their is NO HQ and second the imperial knight is not their either. The models themselves look fantastic, but their are quite a few bits to make each model.

With what I have I am going to use it as the following.

5 man Vanguard Squad (one of which will be the leader).

10 man Vanguard Squad.

5 man Rangers Squad.

5 man Sicarian Infiltrators Squad.

5 man Sicarian Ruststalkers Squad.

2 Sydonian Dragoons.

As well as the 2 Knights (1 paladin and 1 errant).

at some stage I will add a Dunecrawler (or two).

When the Imperial knight model was released last year it mark a move back to the old days of 40k, to the days of Adeptus Titanicus. Imperial Knights had not been seen in the 40k universe since the 2nd edition Epic game Titan Legions (they have been mentioned but no new models were released).

When the model was released I purchased one and a copy of the codex, and quickly began building the model. With construction complete I under-coated it with with Plate Mail spray from The Army Painter, however the PM spray was to “bright” and so I went back to the drawing board. I tried various techniques (washes, pigments, etc) but had no luck, I could visualize what I wanted but could not get the effect!

Roll on the other week when I got the last of my stuff from storage where I found 7 old GW spray cans in the form of Space Wolf Grey, Dark Angels Green, Bad Moon Yellow, and Boltgun Metal. Luckily despite their age only one can was no good.

DSCN0580As you can see on the “naked” knight the legs are a darker shade to the torso and arms. The torso is painted with AP Plate Mail, and the legs are painted with GW Boltgun metal (replaced under the current range with Leadbealcher). So with the can of Boltgun metal I repainted the torso and arms.

Now originally I was going to go with a yellow colour scheme and make him a “Free Blade” (the last of the Knights house) but in the end figured it would make it look to much like Bumblebee from the Transformers, again it was back to the drawing board. looking through the Knights codex I settled on one of the Adeptus Mechanicus knights in the colour section House Raven. I did toy with the idea of making my own household with a red and cream colour but after testing it out I decided to go with House Raven.

DSCN0582DSCN0585 DSCN0584

DSCN0583All the Armour plates were painted with AP Dragon Red spray (which is slightly darker than Pure red) the black areas were masked off and sprayed with GW Chaos Black, and the armour trim was painted with Leadbealcher (which comes up slightly lighter than Boltgun metal). Their are a few bits like the feet, gun shield, stubber mount, that needed to be red but the bottle of AP dragon red does not cover dark colours very well (i gave up after 3 coats) so in the end I used GW Mephiston Red with a quick coat of the AP red over the top it has come out slightly darker but its not that noticeable.

I still have a few bits left to do, like the barrel of the battle cannon, the reaper chainsword, add the transfers, and do the weathering.

But I am pleased with how it has gone so far, however he really needs some troops of his own………..

01010011 01101011 01101001 01110100 01100001 01110010 01101001 01101001

So with the 4 day weekend out of the way, what did i get up too? Well first off me and the wife played 6 games of Zombicide (mostly in the evening when their was nothing on TV).

I also started painting the Bloodthirster that I bought the other week, as well as trying out an new colour scheme for my Dark Eldar and figuring out what colours to use for my Imperial Knight!


Over the past few weeks I have been working on a new piece for Cites Of Death, now when I say new I mean old but getting a “big” face lift!DSCN0571Now I started this model some years back (way back in 2009) and it was based on a 300 x 600mm MDF base with a 50mm polystyrene plinth (their was also going to be a rear section). Now when I started this project I bought 4 of the Shrine Of The Aquila kits as a base, of which I have used about 2. I also added in some normal CoD tiles.

However time has not been good to the model while it has been in storage, the base was damaged by water and the model had started to come away from polystyrene plinth. Also a few of the floor sections had come lose or been lost. When I got it back home I took the decision to scrap the base and re-do all the floors. Removing the model was easy as it had started to come away any way, however disaster struck as I lifted the model from the base to place it on the table. It snapped just above the arched door in the centre, due the fact that their was a join in the floor tiles and a join in the parapet running between the two towers. It did however make life easier when replacing the floors and allowed me to “bridge” the arch way wit a new all-in-one floor. I have also took the opportunity to change a few bits, like replacing the parapet and moving the replacement panels for the door ways forward.

I just need to add a few more details and it will be ready to paint!

Hopefully next week I can set up some Tablescape tiles and get some photos done.

Now back to that imperial Knight…………….

01100001 01100100 01100101 01110000 01110100 01110101 01110011 00100000 01101101 01100101 01100011 01101000 01100001 01101110 01101001 01100011 01110101 01110011

Since my last post about Kickstarters (some 2 months ago) I have received both Tablescapes from secret weapon and Zombicide S3 from CMON, Now for the rest………….

All Quite On The Martian Front: No real news just wave 3 left now.

Incursion: Everything has arrived in the US and is being sorted and packed ready to go to West Wind in the UK. Hopefully something will turn up by the end of May.

Shadows of Brimstone: No news (nothing new their) but they can still post up pictures to Facebook (nothing new their either).

Aliens Vs Predator: Nothing special book is in final checks (it has been for a few months) the prodos guys are looking to start shipping end of this month.

Afterlife: seems to be moving along, with the Anvil guys offering to send the Cataclysm pledge in 2 waves. With the 1st at the end of the month, and wave 2 a month or 2 later. I would be happy for just one wave.

Conan: seems to be plodding along nicely with the pledge manger due in the next few weeks.

Blood Rage: I backed this manly for the minis!

Deadzone: Infestation: Now it has to be said I am not one of Mantic Games biggest fans, but I did back the new DZ campaign. In the first day the project raised $154.803, but then struggled to get much more each day until 4 or 5 days before the end of the campaign when a new pledge was offered in the form of “Lockdown” which offered everything that had been unlocked for $215.00 which contained 85 models (resin, plastic, and metal) 20 plastic scenery sprue’s, as well as all the normal counters, cards and books. The main reason I backed was for the plastic Veer-myn models as well as the new plastic “industrial” terrain……………….