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So I bit the bullet and bought a copy of Aliens:Colonial Marines for my Xbox. Now its not very often that I play on the Xbox mainly due to the fact that most games now are way to short for offline games, and I cannot stand playing on-line with others as I always seem to end up being stuck with all the nob heads (ok rant over).

Any way this is by no ways a review of the A:CM game their are far to many out their already listing the good points and bad points, and most pick up on the bad points. All that matters is I like it.

Now playing the computer game sparked an idea that has lay dormant in my mind for many years, It all spans back to 1990 when I first saw the Aliens film. I fancy doing some games set in the Aliens universe, i have ordered some of the Mid-TechHhuman Defence Force and Alien Hive Warriors from Khurasan Miniatures in the USA. And I will hopefully be able to set up some games based around the films and game.

Now all I have to do is wait for them to turn up………………


Last year I started to make a 3D board for incursion by Grind House Games, I got the base of the boards cut at work from 12mm MDF and marked them up into 50mm squared grid. I then worked out and made the wall sections from 5mm foam board and 10mm blue polystyrene insulation. The whole project got shelved due to work commitments and moving, but in the past week I have been tinking about rebooting the project.
So this morning armed with a bread knife, hoover and some ready mixed filler, I restarted the project with one half of the board.
I used the bread knife to make the rock effect on the polystyrene walls, and the ready mixed filler to make the plastered walls. I will add some details to the plastered walls at a later date. My copy of the Judge Dredd rulebook turned up the other day and I have to say as a print on demand book it is great, it reminds me of the annuals that I used to get at Christmas.
Now let’s see where did I put that filling knife…………….

I Am The Law………………

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Judge Dredd

Mongoose have put the hardback version of Judge Dredd up on their website so I decided to buy it, but instead of it coming direct from Mongoose it comes from a company that prints books on-demand. Now I’ve never purchased a print on-demand book before so I will be interested to see how this pans out. Don’t get me wrong in this day and age with ebooks and PDF’s I still prefer a hard copy of a book its not the same flicking through printed pages in a binder………………

Well the Rogue Trooper kick-starter finished on Sunday and in the last few hours the amount pledged went up to £16.919 with 278 backers. At one stage midway through the campaign it looked like it would hit the £20.000 mark, but in the last week the number of backers started to drop as did the total (at one stage their were 52 backers of £200, but by the end their were 38).

I had been sitting on the fence and was debating weather to pull out, but in the end I stuck with my pledge and increased it by another £100 for a total of £300. Now all I had to do was make the choices of what I wanted (this was the hard part).

In the end I went for the following.

Rogue Trooper rule book.

2 x Souther soldier squads.

2 x Nort soldier squads.

1 x Nort Elite assault squad.

1 x Nort and Souther command squad.

1 x Nort Hammerfire  pillboxs.

2 x Citi-Def squads.

2 x Sov Judge invasion squads.

2 x judge lawmaster sets

1 x Mk3 pat wagon.

As well as 3 Rogue troopers, 1 Venus Bluejeans, 1 Sister Sledge, and 3 Souther Lazooka teams.

I was also entitled to 3 more Rogues, 1 Venus, 1 Sister Sledge (as I had pledge another £100) I contacted Mongoose to see if I could switch them for some more lazookas and they said yes

I have also picked up a few more bits from eBay in the form of a fattie stampede, holocaust judges, street gang, and sky surfers boxed sets.

Now I just need some spare time to work on the models……………………

Since last Saturday I have been struck down with a nasty flu bug, normally they only effect me for a day but this one has gripped hold of me for 4 days. It has given me the time to catch up on my large pile of Blu-Ray films to watch. Painting models has been out of the question which is a pain.

I’ve ordered my tickets for salute 2013 at ExCeL in London on the 2oth of April. I did not go last year and the year before was a waste of time, hopefully this year will be better.

On a side note The Rogue Trooper kickstarter seems to have hit a brick wall this time last week it had achieved over £19.000, now the total has dropped down to £17.625. Which is a shame as mongoose really cleaned up with the JD kickstarter, but they seem very quite with the RT kickstarter.

When you take into account it has been running for 25 day and it has had 5 updates, none of which show any new models.

We get to see these lovely 3D tanks, staff cars, etc. But going by mongooses track record and looking on their forums the manta tank for JD is way over due, at one stage they said chirstmas (just not what year).

unless things change drasticly in the next few days I may well end up cancelling my pledge

I Am The Law………….

Posted: March 1, 2013 in Judge Dredd

Some years ago I picked up some of Mongoose publishings Judge Dredd models and painted them up. At the time the range consisted of of the gangs of mega city one range and a few new judges. I picked up two street judges and a pack of 3 specialist judges tech, med and psi. Now I have picked up a few more and will now have to see if I can remember the colours that I used. Oh well lets have a go………