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Since my last post I have been working on the Genestealer models from the Deathwatch: Overkill set. Having assembled all the models their are a number of points that maybe useful to others.

Firstly, the instructions for the Magus and Primus say that the model is based on a 25mm base, this wrong and should be a 32mm base. As I found out when I assembled my 3rd/4th gen hybrids.

The Magus dagger/sword goes BEHIND the staff and not in front.

The upper torso’s of the aberrants fit both bodies, giving you 4 different poses.

If you remove the “peg” from the arms and heads you can pose them as you wish.

Having assembled all 39 models I decided to start painting, now I have to admit way back in the early 90’s when I purchased Space Hulk I did develop a hatred for painting Genestealers (and hybrids). Now I must confess that having pick up a few genestealers over the years, I have not painted one since the 90’s!

And so with this in mind I used the painting guide in WD weekly 110 (which is a close match for the one on the old Space Hulk box) and started with the Patriarch and the two Purestrain Genestealers included in the box. Now I have to say I have enjoyed painting the Patriarch and Pure strains that it pushed me on to start on the Magus, Primus, 2 aberrants 6 1st/2nd gen hybrids, 7 3rd/4th gen hybrids and 1 hybrid with mining laser. Of which I have painted the Skin and stealer arms.

I was in the middle of taking some pictures but alas the battery died!………………………….



On the 5th of march Deathwatch: Overkill hit the shelves of gaming stores across the world. My copy arrived in the post in the morning from the nice people at Element Games.

After ripping open the box and drooling over the nice new plastic models I put it to one side and carried on with everyday life. Yesterday evening I had a chance to look at everything properly and read through the rules.

As you can see the box has a nice glossy finish, it is the “standard” GW sized box (Age Of Sigmar/ Dark Vengeance) with pictures of the painted models around the edge of the back box.

Inside are the rule book and assembly guide, as well as a range ruler, 6 dice, a set of character cards, a set of cult ambush cards, and 8 board sections. The rules Only take up 7 pages (of which part of the page is taken up with background info). 4 pages make up a ‘eavy metal colour spread on the models. And 20 pages make up the 9 missions. The boards are the same quality as the ones found in Space Hulk complete with the Embossed details.

On to the models, you get 11 Deathwatch members all drawn from different chapters (some of which have separate chapter shoulder pads). All of the models are covered in their chapter iconography, with the Salamanders Terminator and the Blood Ravens Librarian stand out as two of my favourite models!

Next  we have the sprue with the Patriarch, Magus, Primus and Familiars. Out of all the models the Patriarch has been around for a few years in the form of the Broodlord in the tyranid list, both the Magus and the Familiars have been missing for some years, and the Primus is a new strain of Hybrid.

Finally we have the sprue with all the other cult models (their are two of these in the box) It is made up of

1st and 2nd generation Hybrids (on 32mm bases) x 12.

3rd and 4th generation Hybrids (on 25mm bases)  x 16.

Purestrain Genestealers (on 32mm bases) x 2.

Abberants (on 32mm bases) x 4.

Out of all the models in the box, it is the Cult models that I am interested in more, and hopefully they will get the Mini-dex treatment like the Harlequins, Imperial Knights, Adeptus Mechanicus,and Militarum Tempestus have had.

40K rules can be found in Issues 109 and 110 of White Dwarf weekly or for free here

Hopefully a cult limo model will be made………………………….


Over the past 10 years or so their have been many rumours about the deathwatch in 40k. From the 3rd elusive Inquisitor codex for 3rd/4th edition, up until the upgrade sprue for the sternguard last year.

However it was leaked the other day that February 27th will be the pre-order date for GW’s next board game Deathwatch: Overkill. featuring not only the Deatwatch Marines but also the long awaited return of…………….

Genestealer Cults!

Now back in the 1st and 2nd edition of 40K Genestealer cults had their own army lists. In fact in the 1st edition they had nothing to do with the Tyranids, but the genestealers were absorbed into the tyranids in the 2nd/3rd edition codexes. The rest of the cult was abandoned, only to appear in unofficial army lists. However are about to change, and the cult gets 39 models in the new game. Hopefully GW will turn the cult in to a full codex some time in the future.

As it stands the game contains 50 models consisting of

11 x Deathwatch Marines

1 x Genestealer Patriarch.

1 x Genestealer Magus.

1 x Genestealer Primus.

2 x Genestealer Familiars.

2 x Purstrain Genestealers.

4 x Genestealer Aberrants.

12 x 1st and 2nd Generation Hybrids.

6 x 3rd Generation Hybrids.

8 x 4th Generation Hybrids.

2 x Hybrids with Mining lasers.

Pictures can be found here

BREAKING – GW Spoils Deathwatch Product Info

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40K: Deathwatch Genestealer Broodkin Pics SPOTTED!

I had hoped for a Space Hulk type game with boards that had the “jig” connection allowing you to combine the two game. But it seems that it will follow along the similar lines as Assassination: Execution Force and Betrayal At Calth that were released last year!

In my last post “2014 purge” I said that I had come across the old Genestealer Hybrids, Magos, and Patriarch models and that I wanted to start a small cult army. Well yesterday I made a start, now as much as I like the old models their is no way that I will be able to pick up enough hybrids with out braking the bank!

So I have gone down the route of converting the models a search of the “net” brings me various imperial guard with genestealer arms glued on, and the odd one with a genestealer head in place of a human head. To me these look stupid the “stealer” claw is way to big for a guardsman model (even a jungle fighter).

Then their are Orks with “stealer” arms and heads which may work for the odd Hybrid here and their but not a whole squad.

Then their are Dark Vengeance Chaos Cultists with “stealer” claws, these do not look to bad but I would rather use them for Brood brother Initiates.

Finally I Come across WHFB crypt ghouls,  now the thing I liked about these was they used no “stealer” parts just the ghouls boxed set some guns and some green stuff. Luckily for me I have a box of crypt ghouls and some green stuff, so I put together 9 Hybrids (3 with Autoguns and 6 with auto pistols)

Next on the list was the Patriarch (which still lives on in 40k as a Tyranid Broodlord) Now their are not many conversions out their that don’t use the old Patriarch model, the few that do use a different body use a tyranid warrior or Hive Tyrant as the base their are a few that use the Broodlord. Now I like the Broodlord  idea but hate the model, the pose looks like the model is screaming “No!!!!!!!!!”. I had a hunt round and found the one for my tyranids, By making two cuts to one leg, and repositioning the other leg and and arms i could make it look like it was crawling over rubble. Hopefully I will be able to make a “seated” version for the cult limo.

Next up are the Brood Brothers. I was going to use plastic jungle fighters, but after sorting out some more bits for eBay I came across the renegade militia models from Forge World. Now I see the Brood Brothers comrades as being more along the lines of the PDF (Planetary Defence Force) rather than the Imperial Guard. So to make them different to Imperial Guard I have gone with Autoguns, Auto pistols and Heavy stubbers.

Vehicle wise a limo is a must, I found a conversion based on a 1/24th scale 56 Chevy Bel Air which I will use. I have a few Le Man Russ tanks,a hell-hound, and a griffon mortar that have been hanging around for years…………..

I have slowly been sorting through my collection of miniatures and listing them on eBay. Along the way I have come across a few oddity’s like Space ork goffik rokkerz,  3rd edition realm of chaos models, and loads of other stuff I forgot I had. One set  that I came across were the old Genestealer Hybrids,Magus and Patriarch models. Now I have always fancied doing a “stealer” cult army, but I have always stumbled at the starting blocks for two reasons

1. GW do not make or support the “stealer” cult any more. The last army list was back in the Citadel journal and was  for the 3rd edition.

2. The Hybrids,Magus and Patriarch models are all OOP, and are as rear as rocking horse shit! When they appear on eBay they are quite expensive (£7.50 being the lowest I have seen for a Hybrid with NO arms).

But will this stop me now? well no. I really want to start up a cult, as at the moment we are playing small battles and I fancy a change.

Looking on the net I have found two army lists both have their good points and bad points, but they are giving me a good idea for  starting and at the moment I am gathering ideas for conversions. I would like to do a “all” plastic army but given that the  both the broodlord and patriarch are only available in metal or finecast, that option is out the window!