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In my last post “2014 purge” I said that I had come across the old Genestealer Hybrids, Magos, and Patriarch models and that I wanted to start a small cult army. Well yesterday I made a start, now as much as I like the old models their is no way that I will be able to pick up enough hybrids with out braking the bank!

So I have gone down the route of converting the models a search of the “net” brings me various imperial guard with genestealer arms glued on, and the odd one with a genestealer head in place of a human head. To me these look stupid the “stealer” claw is way to big for a guardsman model (even a jungle fighter).

Then their are Orks with “stealer” arms and heads which may work for the odd Hybrid here and their but not a whole squad.

Then their are Dark Vengeance Chaos Cultists with “stealer” claws, these do not look to bad but I would rather use them for Brood brother Initiates.

Finally I Come across WHFB crypt ghouls,  now the thing I liked about these was they used no “stealer” parts just the ghouls boxed set some guns and some green stuff. Luckily for me I have a box of crypt ghouls and some green stuff, so I put together 9 Hybrids (3 with Autoguns and 6 with auto pistols)

Next on the list was the Patriarch (which still lives on in 40k as a Tyranid Broodlord) Now their are not many conversions out their that don’t use the old Patriarch model, the few that do use a different body use a tyranid warrior or Hive Tyrant as the base their are a few that use the Broodlord. Now I like the Broodlord  idea but hate the model, the pose looks like the model is screaming “No!!!!!!!!!”. I had a hunt round and found the one for my tyranids, By making two cuts to one leg, and repositioning the other leg and and arms i could make it look like it was crawling over rubble. Hopefully I will be able to make a “seated” version for the cult limo.

Next up are the Brood Brothers. I was going to use plastic jungle fighters, but after sorting out some more bits for eBay I came across the renegade militia models from Forge World. Now I see the Brood Brothers comrades as being more along the lines of the PDF (Planetary Defence Force) rather than the Imperial Guard. So to make them different to Imperial Guard I have gone with Autoguns, Auto pistols and Heavy stubbers.

Vehicle wise a limo is a must, I found a conversion based on a 1/24th scale 56 Chevy Bel Air which I will use. I have a few Le Man Russ tanks,a hell-hound, and a griffon mortar that have been hanging around for years…………..


I have slowly been sorting through my collection of miniatures and listing them on eBay. Along the way I have come across a few oddity’s like Space ork goffik rokkerz,  3rd edition realm of chaos models, and loads of other stuff I forgot I had. One set  that I came across were the old Genestealer Hybrids,Magus and Patriarch models. Now I have always fancied doing a “stealer” cult army, but I have always stumbled at the starting blocks for two reasons

1. GW do not make or support the “stealer” cult any more. The last army list was back in the Citadel journal and was  for the 3rd edition.

2. The Hybrids,Magus and Patriarch models are all OOP, and are as rear as rocking horse shit! When they appear on eBay they are quite expensive (£7.50 being the lowest I have seen for a Hybrid with NO arms).

But will this stop me now? well no. I really want to start up a cult, as at the moment we are playing small battles and I fancy a change.

Looking on the net I have found two army lists both have their good points and bad points, but they are giving me a good idea for  starting and at the moment I am gathering ideas for conversions. I would like to do a “all” plastic army but given that the  both the broodlord and patriarch are only available in metal or finecast, that option is out the window!

In my last post I briefly spoke about basing the ruined buildings, and that I was sitting on the fence as to “do I or don’t I”. Well after much soul searching (and an update from secret weapon about Kick starter) I have decided not to base the ruins. The reason I have decided not to base the ruins lies with the Table scape tiles, After going back through the updates I notice that the “foundation”  tiles have piles of rubble and craters on them (not that I did not notice it in the beginning). if the ruins have bases then these tiles will be of no use to me. This means my old “small” ruins that I made a few years ago are going to need a bit more work doing to them.

As I have said before all of my terrain was stored at my local club, up until a few months ago when it was announced  the building was going to be knocked down to make way for some flats! This meant that I needed to bring home 14 realm of battle tiles and 3 x 50 litre storage boxes of terrain. All of the terrain has been well used over the years and has had its fair amount of knocks and digs, and so was in need of some TLC.

When I sorted out the box yesterday I decided to take the plunge and remove the bases from the small ruins, at the same time a few of the tiles became loose or broke off. This gave me the perfect opportunity to “reconfigure” some of them after all they were made to re-fight the battles in the 2nd edition 40k battle for Armageddon booklet.

So I have spent this morning cleaning up all the glue from the bases of the models, but luckily for me I stuck them down with PVA wood glue rather than super glue so it came off fairly easy. So After cleaning up and re-gluing them back together I now have 8 medium ruins, rather than 20 small ruins. I have added a few new tiles into the mix as well as a few floors

Since my last post I have been mucking around with the Cities Of Death wall tiles, and I have limited myself to the contents of the Imperial sector set (see last post, Urban warfare part 5) and a few tiles that were left over from my old sets.

Now it is worth noting that planning is the key here,

(1) I have set a limit of 2 tiles and a buttresses (200mm/8 inches) high, This is because I have two 50 litre storage boxes that the larger buildings will be stored in.

(2) Do a dry run first and work out your buildings foot print before you jump in feet first. I use blue/white tack to hold the tiles together. Start with a corner and work out wards, finish the ground level then move up to the first floor (or roof).

(3) To base or not to base, that is the question? Are you going to base your buildings. I am in two minds at the moment, one part of me says yes the other says no. At the moment “no” is winning as I have the Tablescapes urban streets tiles from  Secret Weapon Miniatures coming (hopefully soon), The only down side to this is the interior of the building will be the same as the pavement outside.

(4) Gather your tools, At a bear minimum a pair of cutters, a knife, and a hobby/needle  file will do. I use a large metal file instead of a “hobby/needle” file As (A) it does not clog up so much with plastic “dust”  and, (B) it leaves a good key for the glue to bond too. I also use Quick grip hobby clamps (the kind where you tighten them up by pulling the trigger) and a larger quick grip clamp.

Now the first building I tackled was the sanctum Imperialis.
IMG_1948[1] IMG_1946[1]






















It uses 17 wall tiles, 11 floor tiles, and 12 buttresses. I used 3 tiles from the Basilica kit in the form of 2 doors and one shrine tile.

Next up is the Basilica Administratum.

IMG_1950[1] IMG_1951[1]














This one uses 17 wall tiles, 10 floor tiles, and 12 buttresses. I used 3 tiles from the sanctum kit, Double door way and 2 “scroll” tiles. I really like the way this one has turned out, and maybe depending how many tiles are left make an extension for it at a later date.

Next is the Manufactorum. now the Imperial sector kit that I got had no Manufactorum tiles in it, they had been used by the previous owner. But I did have some left over from when I made my “smaller” ruins, but this left only full tiles and no ruined sections.

No pictures yet as it is still Work In Progress……………………………………..





So yesterday my big set of cites of death terrain set turned up. The box when released was £100.00, I managed to picked it up for £135.99 including postage. I also managed to grab a Imperial sector set for £41.00 including postage. I spent 2 hours clipping all the pieces from the Imperial sector set yesterday and ended up with this.

IMG_1931[1] IMG_1932[1]









And then 4 1/2 hours today clipping all the pieces from the Imperial City and ended up with this

IMG_1930[1] IMG_1928[1]









The Imperial Sector box is the same size as the Dark vengeance boxed set, and contains 14 frames. Where as the Imperial City is twice the size of the Imperial Sector set and contains 28 frames. My imperial sector set only had 12 frames as the previous owner had used 2 frames  and a 1 floor section.

I had best get building!

Way back in the mists of time I played a game called Mordheim from GW  and was very active on the various forums and groups at the time. One of the thing that I helped develop was a set of rules for fighting battles in sewers, and with all intentions making a 3D terrain set up. But with one thing and another the 3D set up got pushed to one side and my Warhammer Quest tiles were used as the layout to test the rules. A few months later some one sent me a link (its not the same link as the website has moved and changed over the years!).

But by now Mordheim was being played less and less, and other games were being played. But I really liked the look of the sewer terrain and always thought that one day I would own some.

Roll on to 2006 and the classic Doctor Who story makes it on to DVD, now I had seen screen captures for the episode but had never seen it on VHS. And to my surprise it featured a scene with Zoe,Jamie and UNIT in the sewers being chased by Cybermen again the Ainsty Sewer models sprang to mind and shortly afterwards the Doctor Who miniatures game appeared on the internet.

Since 2006 I have planned to buy the sewer set at least 5 times but for one reason or  another I have not purchased it. Until a few weeks ago!

I am on both the Doctor Who miniatures game and 7TV Action groups on face book and by chance someone was selling the basic sewer set, expansion set and a few other pieces for £100 inc postage.

How could  I refuse such an offer! well I did not and it is on its way to me now!

But my problem is, What colours do I use?

As I have said before one of my favourite ways of playing Warhammer 40000 is in a city. Battling through rubble choked ruins seems to gel with  me more than fighting over open fields and hill with the odd ruin thrown in for good measure. When the Cities of Death (CoD) supplement came out back in 2006 I invested heavily in the sets that were released.

I remember purchasing,

Imperial city boxed set £100.00 (contained 28 plastic frames).

Cities of Death boxed set £40.00 (contained 8 plastic frames, 4 accessory frames, and the rulbook).

Cities of Death Battle mat £10.00 ( this goes for loads (£100) when they show up on eBay).

Cities of Death counter set £5.00 .

Urban Barricades and walls £12.00 (6 resin pieces).

and the urban basing kit £10.00 (one of the best kits I have ever bought).

But alas the tides of time (8 years) and most of my original stuff is gone, a lot got damaged or destroyed a few years ago when I moved. And from the list above I only have the Battle Mat, Rule Book, counters, And a few small ruined corners that I made for re fighting the battle for Armageddon form the 2nd edition.

With the my local gaming club closing down due to  the venue being bulldozed, I brought home my 40k terrain a few weeks ago, as it needed some TLC  (as most of it is 8 years old). I have slowly been working my way through it all and have noticed that I have only 2 pieces that have floors (and they are only 1 panel high!).

Now I know a lot of people complain about the price of GW products, but the 3 ruins from GW have only gone up£5.00 since they were first released. Now I need to add some more hight to my buildings (2 or 3 panels high). So my first step was Elemental games who I buy most of my stuff from now days, they had the 3 ruins at £16.99 each and the imperial sector set for £59.49. Bearing this in mind I headed over to eBay and had a look, well the emperor must have been looking after me. First off I found the Urban Barricades and walls, and I ended up paying less for them than what I did in the first place. Then I came across the Imperial city boxed set still in its packaging, in the end the city set cost me £127.00 and £8.99 p+p. I can feel some summertime city fights coming on now!

A few posts ago I did one called “the greed of mankind” in which I touched on the subject of the price of the limited edition space marine captain from the new GW site. Well I managed to pick up the model and the code for £22.00 inc p+p, as I said I would not pay more than £20.00 for the 1st model and would not be paying the stupid prices that the 2nd model was going for!