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Many moons ago, in a town far far away. I started to collect 15mm WW2 models for Flames Of War (FoW), now the gaming group that i used to game with were very fickle and changed game systems quite a lot.

I started up a USA force but within 2 months the guys had changed systems again, and everything was boxed up and stored. Then 2 years ago I sold off all my FoW stuff (which I now regret ).  Now the group I am with now have been pretty active with FoW, and i have decided to take the plunge again.

So I have ordered the Flames Of War: Open Fire starter set which contains 118 plastic 15mm USA and Germany models. Now one thing that I may well do is get some “weird” world war 2 models  and set my games in the Secrets Of The Third Reich setting but in 15mm…….


The MK3 grails lair is beginning to take shape, last week I asked at work if I could buy some timber from them to make my new workshop. They had no problem with me having some, and it would cost me less from work than from the likes of B&Q or Homebase. I have had to buy some sheet materials for the floor and roof, but that was not a problem.

So yesterday I went and picked up most of the stuff. Now my plan was to start today by putting the new fence up, well thanks to british summer time being cold and damp that has gone out of the window. Hopefully tomorrow will bring better weather………….

On a side note the 2 kickstarters that I am backing are still going strong.

Deadzone has hit $517.989 and is still going strong with 13 days to go.

And All Quiet On The Martian Front has hit $154.507 with 14 days to go.

Out of the two  I am more interested in All Quiet On The Martian Front and may well pull out off the deadzone one altogether, but who knows.

Any way i have some Judges sitting on the window sill that all calling me to finish them off………………

Many many years ago, I was given a copy of  H G Wells: War Of The Worlds. It was one of the first books that I ever read and is still one of my favorites to this day. Shortly after reading the book i was given the 12″ LP vinyl record (i told you it was a long time ago). Anyway fast forward to a few months ago and a company called Alien Dungeon announce a game called All Quiet On The Martian Front.

Now being a die hard WotW fan i just had to get involved, and so 10 days ago i joined up on the kick starter.

I’ve gone for the Full Assault early bird which saves me $15, but i am looking at going for the All Out War package. It still has 17 days to go but with 601 backers and $134.312 raised in funds. I am currently thinking up some terrain to play the game on and maybe even changing the setting to WW2………………


all quite

Worth having a look………..


Back in march I ordered the printed copy of the Judge Dredd miniatures game, and it turned up  in just under a week. Since then it has been sitting on the coffee table, I have picked it up few times and flicked through it but i have not read it cover to cover. Until yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday was a special event in the UK, not only was it a bank holiday but the sun was shining (yes you heard that right). Now bank holidays in the UK normally end up a wash out but this one was not. So after doing some jobs in the garden i sat back with a drink and the rule book and made the most of the weather.

I have to say that the look and feel of the book reminds me of the annuals that i got when i was a kid. The game itself uses D10`s for all dice rolls and Inch’s for all measurements. In many ways the game reminds me of  a stripped down version of  Necromunda. You have a wide choice of gangs, some of which i do not think needed to be classed as a gang. There are 12 gangs listed in the book. Out of these the Fattie Stampede, Lone Vigilante, The Angel Gang, Zombie Horde, and  Mobsters would have been better left as mercenaries.

To run a Fattie Stampede you need 5 fatties @ 60 points each =350 points and leaves you with 150 points for equipment, but in terms of money you are looking at £50.00 which makes them one of the dearest gangs out their.

Overall I like the rules, and most of the models (some of the older ones are very poor). Hopefully once I get the lair up and running i will be able to sort out some games.

I also upped my pledge on the Tablescape kickstarter so that i can get 2 sets of 16 tiles which will allow me to build a 8ft x 4ft table, i am going to go with one set of  “clean”  urban streets and one set of “damaged” urban streets, all i need now is some terrain……………………

urban damagedks ts backer urban

Wow 4 months of the year have flown by and we are now in may, if any one knows what had happened to the last 4 months please tell me.
Any way I seem to have gotten the kickstarter bug that has been flying around. I have backed the secret weapon miniatures tablescapes gaming table at the wargamer level, which allows me to have 2 sets of 16 tiles. Which is enough to make a 8 x 4 gaming table.
Now I know that i already own 2 sets of the realm of battle board from GW, but the main reason for getting the SWM set is the fact that it is a urban set up, and I do love a good city fight.

Next up is mantic games deadzone, now I have to confess I have never been a fan of mantics stuff. Out of the sci fi models that they make only the veer-myn models stuck me as my favourites. But after I saw the deadzone table at salute I was hooked.

Also coming next week (fingers crossed) is All Quite On The Martian Front, which is loosely based on H G Wells book war of the worlds (it’s set in the USA rather than the UK) but that has been coming since march…………….