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So the the Hardback 40k rule book is no longer available on the GW website.

Are we getting a 7th edition?

Or as many are saying a 6.1 edition?

The Dark Vengeance set is still available for now, but then their are rumours of a Blood Angles vs Orks starter set. (for once I may well paint both forces in a set, rather than just one force)

And a new Ork codex following on the heels of the new rulebook!


After a 4 day bank holiday weekend (2 of which I was battling with my Blood Angels) the other 2 days were spent working in or around the flat.

We had some great games over the 2 days, and managed to get in 5 games. I managed  2 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw, I had took some photos of the action but this old laptop is playing up (both USB ports don`t want to work today) so I cannot upload any pictures!

Out of the 5 games may favourite has to be  Blood Angels  Vs Orks which ended in a draw, All I had to do was defend 4 bunkers for 6 turns easy right?

Well to start with I started off very, badly my shooting was off by miles with the dice not in my favour. And by the end of turn 2 I had lost 1 bunker (Pesky Deff Dread) with dice rolls for reserves being as good as my shooting and orks bearing down on my (very) thin red line, I saw this as being a total defeat.

Turn 3 saw my heavy bolter’s and missile launchers hitting their targets and wiping out a mob of Boyz and immobilising the Deff Dread, I on the other hand only lost 2 Marines! But now the Orks were getting to close for comfort.

Turn 4 saw the orks prepare to assault my line. The Deff Dread took a pot shot and and damaged another bunker, and in return the squad inside opened fire! this time destroying it. A mob of Grotz were shot to pieces, and did a runner. I finally got some reinforcements from 2 drop pods!  the first was my death company and the second was my death company dreadnought! but with my luck they both scatted away from their target (Ork warboss and his Nobz).

Turn 5 saw the warboss and his nobz make it to the damaged bunker and destroy it with power claws and tank buster bombz! bothe the death company and the dreadnought got bogged down with a Boyz mob! As turn 5 ended I had lost two bunkers things were looking very grim.

Turn 6 was the final round and lucky for me I got some reinforcement my terminators teleported on to target bang on the warboss and nobs and promptly chopped/smashed them to pieces with the lighting claws and thunder hammers. The remains of the death company and the dreadnought finished off the boyz mob.

Points wise I had won by 1 point, but as I had lost 2 (of 4) bunkers we called it a draw!

Over the years I like most war gamers have gathered a large collection of models that are, Part made/ part painted or unassembled.

So I have decided that a purge of my collection is called for. I have for many years kept a plastic box full of stuff that would one day be destined for eBay, and a few weeks ago I started listing lots. I am really going to town and hopefully get my collection down to 40k and a few smaller ranges.

This has lead to a few forgotten army’s being found! one of which are my Black Templars Space Marines, I did these models back when the 3rd war for Armageddon codex was released for 3rd edition of 40k (back in the mists of 2000). Back then a Templars boxed set was 10 plastic marines and 2 or 3 metal scouts, Now days they get a plastic upgrade sprue but it can work out rather expensive at £20 for one infantry and one tank/apc upgrade sprues. So going through my collection of models I have managed to salvage the following.

10 Black Templars with close combat weapons.

7 Black Templars with Bolters.

5 Black Templars Assault Marines.

Some where I have a plastic command squad and some scouts  that will be joining them, this time the force will be quite small rather than the mess that I had back when I first did them.

I have also been flexing my sculpting skills by making tabards for all the marines from Brown Stuff. I have seen a lot of Templar models based of the Dark Angels veterans box, but Templars where tabards not robes.

Any way enough rambling, time to list some more stuff…………………………..

When I first started wargaming way back in the mists of time, I always had in my mind battles fought over battle scared wastes lands covered with trenches and razor wire or battling through a ruined city. Now nearly 25 years later I have battled through ruined cities but never over a table covered in trenches, but that is about to change………………

In the time that I have not been following the “GW” hobby they have released a set of plastic trench fortifications. Now I know some people do not rate the GW scenery range because they are covered in skulls and bones. But at the end of the day their products are released for their own “brand” games. Now as I seem to be battling my way through the 40k universe once again and with the release of the “wall of Martyrs” range sometime ago, it seemed rude not to buy them.

My first port of call were the on-line retailers, all of which had the boxed set releases at various prices. The next place I tried was eBay, now eBay can be both a blessing and a curse. In my case it turned out to be a blessing, I managed to pick up the Wall Of Martyrs “splash release” boxed set for £67.50 and £7.00 p+p. when it was released it RRP was £100.00 (the whole lot costs £131.00 from GW now). So I saved £25.50 on the RRP (or £56.50 buying direct from GW).

With high hopes I set about looking for the Xmas “splash” release of Tempestus Firebase which has a RRP of £150.00 (and a value of £198.00). Now I had very little hope of getting hold of the set, but when the page loaded their were two results one for the RRP and free p+p. And one for £115.00 and £10.00 p+p but they were open to “best offers”. Now I was bought up with the saying “don’t ask, don’t get.” so I took a gamble (as had 4 other people who had their offers declined) I placed my offer, and turn the laptop off. That was at 12.30 some time later (about 21.30) I receive an email from eBay I’ve won the auction for £105.00 and £10.00 p+p.

So in one day I picked up two big boxed sets worth £250.00 RRP  for  172.50 + 17.00 p+p.


m3560154a_99120199032_TempestusFirebase03_873x627 m2770203a_99120199025_ImperialDefenceNetwork02_873x627








The Tempestus Firebase covers a 4ft area according to the GW site and i guess that the Wall Of Martyrs set covers a similar area. As both sets can be used together I can see these getting quite a bit of use. From Ork Kommandos raiding the base trying to destroy the Aquila Strongpoint or the Blood Angels trying to breach the Ork lines.

In fact one of my favourite games of 4ok was the 2nd edition mission which had two bunkers in it…………….

Wow 4 months of the year have flown by and we are now in may, if any one knows what had happened to the last 4 months please tell me.
Any way I seem to have gotten the kickstarter bug that has been flying around. I have backed the secret weapon miniatures tablescapes gaming table at the wargamer level, which allows me to have 2 sets of 16 tiles. Which is enough to make a 8 x 4 gaming table.
Now I know that i already own 2 sets of the realm of battle board from GW, but the main reason for getting the SWM set is the fact that it is a urban set up, and I do love a good city fight.

Next up is mantic games deadzone, now I have to confess I have never been a fan of mantics stuff. Out of the sci fi models that they make only the veer-myn models stuck me as my favourites. But after I saw the deadzone table at salute I was hooked.

Also coming next week (fingers crossed) is All Quite On The Martian Front, which is loosely based on H G Wells book war of the worlds (it’s set in the USA rather than the UK) but that has been coming since march…………….

Well my last (for now) GW model has turned up this morning and I have to say….……. It’s one of the better castings I have had, if anything it’s up their with the 25th anniversary model that was released earlier in the year. Their are two places on the model that are dodgy. First is the blood drop on his chest, it’s nothing major just needs filing. And second is the bottom of the bolt pistol holder has a slight dimple, again nothing major. So out of ten I will give this one a 10/10. It seems to amaze me that GW can get limited edition models right but cannot get normal “shop” stock right.




Blood Angles and Orks

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