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I have been busy for the last month. With being on holiday in Florida for two weeks, and then jumping back into work within a day of landing. While i was in Florida I came across a comic shop that stocked GW models and I picked up two models for my Space Wolves on will be used for a conversion of Ragnar Blackmane, and the other was a Cyberwolf in finecast. Now as with most things work has taken back over my life and have had little free time.

I have how ever picked up a copy of Space Hulk: Death Angel and a boxed set of OOP terminators from the late 80’s. Also in a fit of madness i picked up a copy of Tommorows War from Amazon for the low price of  £11.98 (I have had the idea of trying out something other than 40k, and at a different scale 15 or 20mm)

As for 40k 6th edition I ordered it as soon as Maelstrom Games put it up and took advantage of their 16% off summer sale (saving me £7.20 of the RRP)


Now lets see where did I put those 15mm not Aliens Colonial Marines?