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I have been rather quiet for the past week, mainly down to the fact that my left arm has been killing me. Holding anything in my hand for longer than a few minutes has been impossible, but i have managed a few things.

I have been able to work on my rivers, as all that is needed is the realistic water to be poured in and left to dry. I have managed to get 3 coats on since last week and will hopefully be able to get another coat on tomorrow.

Next up, The painting of the Realm of Battle boards, 4 of these have been painted brown and are ready for dry brushing. I have also painted up 2 citadel hills, these just need covering with static grass matting and a few other details and they are done.

I also stripped the paint from the Romana model, and re-undercoated her, 5 Ogrons, 2 versions of Omega, and 6 Gell Guards. My conversion of the Rani has had her hair sculpted on, I also added some details to the Davros conversion.

Friday also saw the 1st meeting of our gaming group, its been a few months since the last meeting (due to the kids holidays). I took no part in the games being played, and afterwards we headed out for a drink and a chat. I said to the guys that i had been working on the Doctor Who models that i had, and had been looking at adding to them. This went down rather well (as a number of the guys have got historical models that could be used) and it will hopefully get some of other guys kids wargaming.

Now its time to watch my new Doctor Who DvD Terror Of The Zygons which completes my collection of the 4th Doctor adventures.


Last night i managed to pick up a few cans of paint to paint my terrain. The colours i have gone for are:

Dulux Roasted Pumpkin 1. which has turned out to be slightly darker than Bestial Brown/ Mournfang Brown, which i have been using for my bases.


Dulux Sunflower Symphony 1. Which should be close to Snakebite leather (I have not opened it yet).

I have so far painted 2 hills (which were from my desert board) and 9 river sections.

Now comes the hard part.

What colour do i paint the river itself?

It is strange that all the model railway set ups i have seen have those wonderful scenic rivers, And all the wargames rivers are painted blue or green. This has lead to the problem of what to do with mine? I have 2 options.

Option 1: paint it blue or green (As simple as that.)

Option 2: realistic water (More complicated but worth it.)

In real life rivers are not blue or green, they are however sometimes brown (after heavy rainfall) but most times rivers are clear(ish). And in most cases you can see the bottom but the water is never blue or green.

My plan is to use option 2, I will have to “cap” the ends of each river before pouring the realistic water in. The river bed will be detailed with fine sand and fine slate chips.

But unfortunately my arm is playing up again, and so holding things is a problem at the moment…………

Towards the end part of last week i started working on some terrain for my Doctor Who  games, in the form of some rocks, walling and rivers. Now normally i would scratch build these, but at the beginning of the year. The rocks and walling needed very little work, just a quick fill and sand. The rivers on the other hand needed some heavy duty sanding, both on the base and on the edges. There were also a few air bubbles that needed filling, but apart from that they are nice solid pieces.

Infact i have already owned a set of the rivers some years ago, but they were made out of plaster and over time they became chipped and broken. Work also continues on my Realm of Battle boards with all of them covered with sand and sealed.

I have had to take a rest from painting models at the moment due to a pain in my left hand, which is making it difficult to grip things for any period of time.

So i spent yesterday finishing of the bases of the Sontarans, Ice Warriors, and Sea devils. And made a start on the bases of the U.N.I.T. models, I also started working on some scenery in the form of some rocky outcrops and stone walling that i purchased from the internet earlier in the year from.

Something else that i picked up earlier in the year were 2 lots of LOTR ruins of osgiliath and 3 citadel wood boxed sets. All of which have been a bloody nightmare to clean up. One of my Realm Of Battle sets has also been worked on, with the 4 boards with the hill sections have been covered with sand and sealed with watered down PVA and washing up liquid.

All i need to do now is match up the brown i am using for my bases and pick some up from my local DIY store. Oh well lets crack on with these bases……….

So my 2nd set of Ice Warriors are finished. They have turned out to be slightly darker than the rest, but thats not a problem.

DSCN0172 It seems to me  that the DW boxed sets contain models that are slightly smaller than the main figure range.

Now its time to sit back and watch Scream Of The Shalka which was released yesterday,………….

Back in 1973 a lone Sontaran warrior battle with the 3rd Doctor in medieval britain (the time warrior). The 4th doctor would battle another lone warrior in 1975 (The Sontaran Experiment) on earth in the future, And an Invasion force in 1978 (The Invasion Of Time). They then appeared for the last time in the classic series with the 2nd and 6th doctors in 1985 (The Two Doctors).

The next time they would appear would be with the 10th Doctor in the 2008 (The sontaran Stratagem and Poison Sky). They have also had appeared with the 11th doctor in 2010 (The Pandorica Opens) and 2011 (A Good Man Goes To War).

Big Finish have also released several Audio’s which feature the sontarans.

So here is my small Sontaran strike force of 13 models.

DSCN0175I have split them in to 2 groups of 6 and 1 model is the commander. Now i have to admit that i was not looking forward to painting these guys. But in the end i went for a simple black and silver colour scheme with brown being used for the skin and an all over black ink wash. All in all they only took 3-4 hours to paint the lot.

I have also managed to pick up the citadel/FASA version of Romana from ebay. For some strange reason i saw a picture of the model on the net and fell in love with it.

_MG_2086-01This picture is from solegends. And the model is sculpted from Romana’s (Mary Tamm’s) first episode.


Some reinforcements for my Sea devils in the form of 8 sea devils and a Myrka. I also have another Myrka that escaped the camera when i took the original pictures. These new Sea devils are from the boxed set DW1015 and DW513 Sauvix. I had a parcel turn up the other day from BTD that contained 10 Vervoids, 10 Draconians, 5 Ogrons, and some WW2 russians. not bad really being as i only ordered the russians last friday, and the rest the week before…………

DSCN0169 DSCN0171