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Long term readers of my blog will know that a few years ago I had a major health scare. Meaning that I had to give up working, much to my disgust!

However it did allow me to spend some more time with my hobby (as well as do things around the house), whether it be working on my own models or doing other peoples.

However after a recent visit to the doctors, i have decided that its time to look at returning to work. Now as much as I loved my old job, it was one of the major factors in my health scare. As it involved lots of traveling, heavy lifting, long hours, and at times lots of stress.

Now to be fair, I have been looking for some months with out much luck (as one interview i went to, i was told i was over qualified!) However the other day I applied for a job, and had an interview in less than 48 hours. Its nothing special (5 days a week) which is a lot better than the 7 days that I used to do!

But what does that mean for my blog?

Well in a nut shell, it means I will have less time to spend on it. I will still make posts when I can, just not as regular as I do now.

I will still continue with the hobby, just this time round in a reduced capacity.