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OK so I am not batman, but then their is the Batman Miniatures game.

So I could be Batman, if I wanted too.

When I was younger one of my favorite TV programs was the 1966 Tv series Batman and then later the Animated cartoon series in the early 90`s. American Batman comics were hard to find unless you went to specialist comic shops, and so I missed much of the eighties run of comics. Over the years batman has had 9 big screen films, the 66 TV series, various animated series (4 off the top of my head), loads of computer games, board games and various other merchandise. However their has never been a proper table top war game (the heroclix line is more of a collectible game).

However a few years ago Knight Models started releasing 32mm scale batman models. Now I did pick up a few of the models, but was left unimpressed with them. Now detail wise they were excellent the details were fairly crisp and they scaled very well with each other. How ever the one thing that let them down was the metal they were made from, it was very very weak. By just adding a small kink to the base table could result in the model braking at the ankles. In the end I gave up with the models and swapped them at the local club.

The other day I saw a game of B:MG being played in my local store, after watching them foe a while I had a look through the miniature rack at some of the models and was tempted by the Jokers crew. It was then that the guy that worked in their came over and started talking to me, and he said that he had just started putting a new crew together. I went and had a look, and  I have to say it seems that Knight models have changed their metal to something stronger.

So I decided to pick up the Jokers crew.

When I got home I opened the blister, and set about cleaning and preparing the four models. I have to say their was very little “flash” and the odd mould line, their was however a few gaps that needed filling with a little bit of liquid green stuff.

Over all I am impressed with the four models that I picked up, I may never get round to playing the game. But I will enjoy painting the models!