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Way back in the mists of time I played a game called Mordheim from GW  and was very active on the various forums and groups at the time. One of the thing that I helped develop was a set of rules for fighting battles in sewers, and with all intentions making a 3D terrain set up. But with one thing and another the 3D set up got pushed to one side and my Warhammer Quest tiles were used as the layout to test the rules. A few months later some one sent me a link (its not the same link as the website has moved and changed over the years!).

But by now Mordheim was being played less and less, and other games were being played. But I really liked the look of the sewer terrain and always thought that one day I would own some.

Roll on to 2006 and the classic Doctor Who story makes it on to DVD, now I had seen screen captures for the episode but had never seen it on VHS. And to my surprise it featured a scene with Zoe,Jamie and UNIT in the sewers being chased by Cybermen again the Ainsty Sewer models sprang to mind and shortly afterwards the Doctor Who miniatures game appeared on the internet.

Since 2006 I have planned to buy the sewer set at least 5 times but for one reason or  another I have not purchased it. Until a few weeks ago!

I am on both the Doctor Who miniatures game and 7TV Action groups on face book and by chance someone was selling the basic sewer set, expansion set and a few other pieces for £100 inc postage.

How could  I refuse such an offer! well I did not and it is on its way to me now!

But my problem is, What colours do I use?


The MK3 grails lair is beginning to take shape, last week I asked at work if I could buy some timber from them to make my new workshop. They had no problem with me having some, and it would cost me less from work than from the likes of B&Q or Homebase. I have had to buy some sheet materials for the floor and roof, but that was not a problem.

So yesterday I went and picked up most of the stuff. Now my plan was to start today by putting the new fence up, well thanks to british summer time being cold and damp that has gone out of the window. Hopefully tomorrow will bring better weather………….

On a side note the 2 kickstarters that I am backing are still going strong.

Deadzone has hit $517.989 and is still going strong with 13 days to go.

And All Quiet On The Martian Front has hit $154.507 with 14 days to go.

Out of the two  I am more interested in All Quiet On The Martian Front and may well pull out off the deadzone one altogether, but who knows.

Any way i have some Judges sitting on the window sill that all calling me to finish them off………………

Wow 4 months of the year have flown by and we are now in may, if any one knows what had happened to the last 4 months please tell me.
Any way I seem to have gotten the kickstarter bug that has been flying around. I have backed the secret weapon miniatures tablescapes gaming table at the wargamer level, which allows me to have 2 sets of 16 tiles. Which is enough to make a 8 x 4 gaming table.
Now I know that i already own 2 sets of the realm of battle board from GW, but the main reason for getting the SWM set is the fact that it is a urban set up, and I do love a good city fight.

Next up is mantic games deadzone, now I have to confess I have never been a fan of mantics stuff. Out of the sci fi models that they make only the veer-myn models stuck me as my favourites. But after I saw the deadzone table at salute I was hooked.

Also coming next week (fingers crossed) is All Quite On The Martian Front, which is loosely based on H G Wells book war of the worlds (it’s set in the USA rather than the UK) but that has been coming since march…………….

Ever since 1996 I have had somewhere that has been part workshop and part hobby area, and now it is time for the MK 3 version.

First things first the name, Grails Lair came from one of my old gaming group as at the time I created my first email address as Grailknight79 and My gaming room (a large shed 9ft x15ft at the bottom of my mums garden) was where we also played Warhammer Quest late into the night………… so the name stuck Grails Lair.

The MK 2 was built when I moved some time in 2002 the size was nearly the same and was once again at the bottom of the garden and again games were played into the night………

Now its time for the MK 3, the flat that I am in has a rather overgrown garden after chopping down some trees that were growing along where the fence should be and clearing the ground of ivy (loads of ivy). I am going for a 10ft x 8ft size this time, I also need to put in 2 fence panels, and the rest of the fence will be made up of the back wall. All i need now is for the bank holiday weekends to roll on………..


Now Battle Games In Middle Earth was a great magazine, it was good for getting younger or new gamers into the hobby much better than white dwarf.
Each issue was broken into 4-5 parts
1. Background for the model/models that were included with the issue.
2. Rules for playing the game, and army lists that grew into the current army lists
3. A battle to play and a battle report.
4. A painting guide for the model/models included with the issue.
5. A scenery making guide.

The first 20 or so issues were pretty basic but after that they upped the pace, and included such things as making the the ruins at weathertop or modular Mordor terrain boards. Over the 91 standard issues you can learn quite a lot from them.
Now lets see what shall I make………….

Wow it’s been a hectic month, and time has flown by. I have sorted out 90% of my models and have found someone that is interested in buying the lot, I have been quite ruthless and intend in getting rid of most of my models. Even some of the 40k armies that I was going to keep.
On a side note I picked up the old Lord Of The Rings part work magazine Battle Games In Middle Earth (BGIME) from eBay for the grand total of £14.07 and £26.00 postage. The weird thing is the person selling them advertised them on gumtree. When I asked about them they said they would get back to me, and they never did. Then they appeared on eBay, I waited till the end and then bid……………….. And won.

I have also been picking up some other models to fill in the gaps in my collection.
I now have 18 days until I move and I’m working away for 8 of them……………..

Basing Models…………..

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Force On Force, Modeling, terrain

Over the years I have based many hundreds of models. From my very first model, a very old citadel treeman model. Right up to my own home cast resin  urban bases for my Blood angels terminators. Over the years I have amassed a large amount of basing materials, from different colours of static grass, to different grades of sand and gravel.

The list of materials goes on and on.

But with my shift to 20mm models I have a new set of challenges to over come.

Most 28mm models have a “tab” between their feet to allow a plastic base to be attached.  20mm models tend to have a “cast” base, most of these tend to be higher one side than the other. And so they will need to be either filled down or fixed on to another base. I have chosen to base my models on 20mm metal washers, Larger ones for weapons teams (I could have used pennies or MDF bases).

I start by cleaning up my model, cleaning off all the “flash” lines and filing the bottom of the models base with a course file.

Next I take the washer and run the file across it.

Now I take the model and using super glue I stick the model to the washer (by filing the washer and the base of the model the glue makes better contact.)

I work through them in batches until I am done.

When all the models are based I move on to the next stage.

Using ready mixed filler and an artist palette knife, I spread filler around the base to hide the cast base of the model. I have used milliput and green stuff if I have had some left over.

Their are many different types of ready mixed filler and I have found that cheap quick drying one are fine. You can use the powdered type but I recommend adding some PVA glue to the mix, and making the mix drier and stiffer.

Next up comes the boring part let the filler dry, most quick drying fillers take between 30 and 45 minutes to dry but I like to give them that little bit extra time to dry. While waiting sit back and have a cuppa or make some terrain.

once the filler has dried cover the base with PVA glue and dip into some sand or gravel. Once this has been done set the model to one side and allow it to dry, I normally leave them over night.

Next up brake out some paint I undercoat my bases and models at the same time, some people undercoat their models and then do the basing when they have finished painting the model. When I have painted the model I start working on the bases. Using the same colours that I use for my terrain, I paint the base the same way with a base coat and then dry-brush through the colours.

Lastly I add any details like small rocks, and static grass. For the 20mm models I have bought some static grass tufts which i have never used before…………….