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Earlier this week I ordered the All Quite starter set. Why you ask? Well I wanted to get hold of some more steam tanks, dough-boys, and some more tripods. And so it worked out cheaper to buy the starter set then the induvidual models.IMG_2252 IMG_2253First off the box is smaller than what I was expecting (325 x 210 x 105mm) maybe its all the years of GW starter sets, but I was not expecting it to be that small! The box is also made of thick card similar to board game boxes rather than the thin card used by GW.  The picture on the back of the box can be removed allowing you to cut out the “red eye” points out. It is also worth noting that pictured in the “template set ” are 6 triangle shaped counters (immobilized markers) which are NOT included in the set. Also the mini rulebook does have points and stats for the units just not a full set of unit descriptions and special rules like the hardback book.


Inside are the small A5 format rule book,2 dice, plastic blip and damage counters, heat ray and blast template, and a getting started sheet.

Their are a few differences between the retail version and the Kick starter version.

1: The retail set has a “getting” started sheet (that’s all).

2: The KS version, Had extra dice, blip and damage counters, a tape measure, and some card terrain.

IMG_2255 IMG_2256

Model wise I have already looked at them before.

And As I said before the starter set is well worth the money £72.00 (I was lucky enough to pick it up for £65.00).


The other day I finished the master for my HMG trench section and made the mold from RTV silicon, and left it overnight to set. Then yesterday I removed the master from the mold and did some test pieces, then this morning I cleaned all the parts up with my bench mounted belt sander.

IMG_2249 IMG_2250As you can see the HMG team bases fit in their nicely, and the join up well with the others pieces that I have bought (and made). I have rinsed all the parts in warm soapy water to clean them up and they are now drying out.

The other day I came across some of the Flames of War “battlefield in a box” range of roads in my local game store they only had the “cobblestone” version but I was interested in finding out more about the “rural” roads. When I returned home I had a search of the internet and found out a little about them, but not much. IMG_2239

So I took the plunge and ordered a set from ebay, they set me back £23.00 inc P+P  (and retail for £29.99). They turned up this afternoon. I have opened the box and had a look inside…………..


Inside was a polystyrene box containing the 6 road sections.

Their are 4 different stright sections.

IMG_2242And 2 curved sections.

They are made from flexible rubber and have the ability to be place over slopes and other low types of terrain.

IMG_2246As you can see they conform to the profile of my GW realm of battle board very well.

IMG_2243 IMG_2244









As they are scaled for Flames of War (15mm) they will fit in with the AQOTMF models which are scaled at 18mm. The details on the roads takes the form of tank tracks, craters and wooden planks. They also come pre-painted (dark brown with a lighter coat drybrushed over the top) with 2 bags of static grass to add if you want too. If you buy them at RRP then they will set you back £5.00 for each section

I can see these getting a lot of use in my games, as I am a firm believer in roads giving benefits to units that travel along them. Their are two “expansion” sets in the form of:

Rural road expansion set (7 sections + 1 train track)


Cratered Rural roads (5 sections)

I have ordered these and the should hopefully turn up in the next few days!




As I went to bed last night I had a warm glow knowing that my AQOTMF Wave 2 was on its way, however that changed this morning when I read an e-mail from Kickstarter about Aliens Vs Predator which was as follows

This is a message from Kickstarter’s Integrity team. We’re writing to inform you that a project you backed, Alien vs Predator The Miniatures Game, is the subject of an intellectual property dispute. The law requires that we remove the project from public view until the dispute is resolved (please see our Copyright Policy and Trademark Policy for more info). Because the project already ended successfully, your pledge hasn’t been affected. The creator should still be able to move forward with the project (and send any unfulfilled rewards). If you have any questions, though, you can still message the creator from the project page.

Thanks so much for your patience and cooperation,

This has caused rather a storm on Facebook and various forums with people claiming Fox had pulled the plug, GW were after Prodos for copying Space Hulk (which was ripped straight from Alien/Aliens), Some other company had the rights to make a game, the list goes on.

How ever Prodos issued a statement this morning

Hello everyone. Sorry to cause panic. We (Prodos Games) have made a clerical error when cleaning up our Kickstarter maintenance page. If you go to up you will see that there are two un-started projects. We were hoping to get them deleted (just to tidy up our work space), but didn’t convey our request clearly. As such the AvP website has been temporarily closed in error. We are working to get it back up. Hopefully it will return in all its glory within 24 hours. Sorry to panic everyone. (Just goes to show a tidy workspace isn’t always the best thing)!

In fact it is still going on now with people making up rumours, and only time will tell us what is going on.

My point of view is it was a simple mistake, and not one of the wild rumours that are flying around!

Shadows of brimstone: No news FFP do not reply to messages through the KS, and a number of people have been blocked from posting on their Facebook page. Overall I am not impressed with FFP and their customer service I have sent them a message to find out what is going on but have heard nothing back from them. They will be added to the wall of shame for company’s who I will never deal with again. I think the game may need to be renamed “smells Of Bullshit”

Tablescapes: No news as to if I get my tiles this side of Christmas or some stage in Q1 2015.

Incursion: Again no news.

Deadzone: A preview of the plastic enforcer peacekeepers, and that’s it.

Mars Attacks: No news on the Hardback Book.

Zombicide: Again no news.

Afterlife: The Anvil guys have built a new “casting”booth to allow them to carry on casting if it gets too cold (resin takes longer to cure in the cold)

I have also backed Fire Team Zero a WWW2/horror (weird world war 2) board game.I have only gone in for $1.00 at the moment but will upgrade to a full pledge before it ends.


Oh and did I mention that my wave 2 All Quite On The Martian Front package has shipped!



When I wrote about un-boxing the trenches for AQOTMF last week,


I mentioned that I would like to make some HMG sections as well as some junctions. Well over the weekend the weather was very wet and windy, so I spent sometime working out some trench sections. In the end I decided to make a corner section that could take the HMG team base, I made a prototype from off cuts of card and blue foam with the intention of making a mold from RTV silicon. Unfortunately the prototype did not work and so was chucked in the bin, after much head scratching i decided to make a mold of one of the Artillery emplacements (TR009) that I bought last week.

IMG_2232As you can see it came out well. After letting it set I did a test cast to see how good the mold was.

IMG_2231 IMG_2228





The brown one is the original and the grey one is my copy, and as you can see the detail between the two is near enough perfect. As you can see the grey one sits slightly lower than the brown one, when I compared it to the other brown ones in the set the grey one matched up (looks like the brown one needs sanding down). In the end I made 5 copies of the emplacement, and I decided to cut one up to use as the base for my corner section.

I marked up one of the sections at 40mm on both sides from the edge, and then a 65 degree angle down from the mark. IMG_2238

Using a mitre box and saw I cut along the lines, I did have some photos of the pieces but they came out blurry.

IMG_2233 IMG_2235 IMG_2234As you can see I had to re-sculpt the rear section of the trench as it would have followed the same angle as the front, it was a simple mater of grinding the back section down with a Dremel and rebuilding it with balsa wood and milliput putty. While the putty was still wet I pushed it into sand to give it some texture, I just need to sculpt some sand bags from green stuff and I can make a RTV silicon mold and start casting!

IMG_2236 IMG_2237






As you can see from the above pictures it fits in well with the other straight sections, as well as my copy of the emplacement. In effect they should work like the “zig zag” set that was in the KS (but not released yet).

Still no sign of my wave 2 package yet………….

As I have been Painting up my US force, for AQOTMF. I have been thinking about terrain for my tabletop, now I have never tackled 15-18mm terrain before. Years ago when I played GW 6mm epic games most of the terrain was card buildings and ruins (and later plastic ruins), so its fair to say I have never gone below 28mm scale terrain. And for the past 10 years or so it has been plastic kits in one form or another!

I did however make a start at making some terrain of AQOTMF just before I went in to hospital in the summer.


Which are both on hold at the moment, I also made a few bases of trees and a rocky outcrop from some Woodland scenic’s kits I had picked up a few years ago. But as with most games I am drawn to urban conflicts, and fancied getting a few buildings that I could use as the outskirts of a small town or city (I always liked the end of the 1953 film with the Martians moving through Los Angeles). Now the AD guys have said all the way along that the scale is 15-18mm so you can use HO scale model railway buildings, great if you can find them. It has been a struggle trying to find HO scale buildings (let alone American ones) and the ones that I have found have been UK or European styles. I did however manage to find an eBay seller in Germany that had 2 Woodland Scenics HO scale boxed sets containing 15 buildings and loads of accessories.

So I have 30 buildings and tons of accessories coming, I did not need 30 buildings (their are a few between the sets that will end up back on ebay) but as I said before I do love urban battles! I have also ordered a HO scale water tower kit.

Their is however still no sign of my Wave 2 shipment……….


I have been busy on the Martian Front, and have been painting my way through my US force. I have managed to paint up the following.

2 x Infantry squads (6 bases).

1 x HMG squad (3 bases).

1 x Rough Rider squad (3 bases).

6 x MK2 Steam Tanks.

6 x MK3 Steam Tanks.

1 x Command squad (1 base).

And am currently working on 3 more Infantry Squads (9 bases).

At first when I started assembling the models (back before I went in to hospital) I had no idea what colours to use. They needed to be different to what I painted my USA flames of war models some years ago! Having looked at various blogs and forums I saw that many people were using The Army Painters “Army Green” spray, however I wanted something a little bit darker but not to the extreme of “Angel Green”. Then I remembered that I had a can of “US Armour” from when I did my FoW tanks, but as with many thing it has been discontinued. In the end I decided to use what I had, it is however a near match for the Vallejo colour 887 Brown Violet.

So I start of with a base coat of US armour (or 887 Brown Violet).

Followed by a wash of thinned Black Shade (201).

Followed by a dry brush of Brown Violet (887),

then 50/50 mix of  Brown Violet (887) and Green Grey (886),

Finally a 75/25 mix of  Green Grey (886) and Khaki (998).

The helmet, is given a 50/50 mix of German Camo Dark Green (979) and Reflective Green (890).

Backpacks, bags etc, are given a coat of Saddle brown (940).

The Gas masks are given a coat of Beige Brown (875).

The boots are painted Black (950).

And the guns are Gunmetal (863).

I will probably go down the route of using The Army Painters “quick shade” tones (either the Ink or varnish) due to the small size of the models! Its strange using the Vallejo paints again as the last time I used them was about 6-7 years ago when I did my WW2 USA force (which I sold on eBay a few years ago). For “historical” models they are great as the colours are not on the “bright side” (the same as the Foundry paint system). Where as the likes of GW and the Army Painter sets that tend to be on the “brighter side” for painting Fantasy and Sci-fi models. It is making a nice change of pace to paint something that that has no “official” colour scheme!