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I have been fairly quite over the past few weeks, mainly down to the throat infection that I had back at the end of April returned with a vengeance. It has however lead to me playing a few games, and working on a few old projects.

First up I have had the opportunity to play a few games of  Incursion by Grind House Games, CMON: Zombicide, and finally River Horses: Terminator Genisys. All three can comfortably be played on my dinning room table, and so can be left set up over night if need be.

I have also been toying with Prodos Games Alien vs Predator, now as anyone who has been following this blog will know I backed the kickstarter project way back in November 2013. And Along the way it has had its ups and downs, however after playing it a few times last year it it has remained largely untouched since then. How ever in a moment of madness the other day I decided to go back and work on the models once more. Having painted the two types of alien included in the box last year, see hear

I was left with both the predators (3) and the marines (5) to finish. Now I did start painting both last year but I was not pleased with the results, and so they have languished in their box for just under a year. However it has done me a favour, as their have been quite a few painting guides that have appeared on the internet over the months. And now I can safely say that I have nearly finished painting all the models from the AvP: The Hunt Begins set. I only have all the pouches and straps to do on the Marines and skulls on the predators left to do. And when they are done it will mean I have painted all the models in a starter set! something I have not done for many many years.

Hopefully I will be able to get some games in and give it another try.

I have also taken advantage of Prodos offer to order something from their webstore and get what ever models have been approved shipped with the order. This has however caused a little bit of out rage over paying for shipping again, but if memory serves me right I only paid £10.00 for shipping. And out of the “two” waves that I have had, both have costed more than £10.00 to send. Tracking shows that they are out for delivery today.


This year has had its ups and downs. I started the year pushing All Quite On The Martian Front at my local game store, which lead to them picking up some of the range. This lead to a small group of players gaming every few weeks in the local store.

February/March: brought not one but TWO kickstarter pledges in the form of Tablescapes Tiles and Zombicide Season 3 (which was the most viewed post of the year!)

April/May: Saw me working on my Imperial Knights and Skitarii as well as some Cites Of Death terrain for 40K

June: Saw the arrival of another kickstarter pledge in the form of  Incursion from Grind House Games. Also released was the Terminator Genisys game from River Horse.

July: Saw the arrival of AvP: The Hunt Begins board game from Prodos Games.

August: Saw a group of us start to play Shadows of Brimstone, as well as the redecorating of my gaming/dinning room.

September: Saw me give Judge Dredd ago (again).

October/November: Saw me playing Terminator: Genisys and Shadows Of Brimstone.

December: has been rather quite on the gaming front.

Kickstarter wise I have backed the year

Conan: From Monolith Games.

Blood Rage and Zombicide Black Plague: From CMON.

Deadzone: Infestation and Warpath : From Mantic Games.

Drop Fleet Commander: From Hawk Wargames.

Of these only Blood Rage has shipped completely, while the base set of Zombicide has also been shipped (with the rest due sometime in February).

From last years list their are still 3 outstanding.

AvP: From Prodos Games, hopefully 95% will be finished by the end of February

Shadows Of Brimstone: From Flying Frog Games, will hopefully be finished by the end of the year. I have taken up the 1.5 wave shipping.

All Quite On The Martian Front: From Alien Dungeon, looks to be dead in the water with the company going bust!

Movie wise I have only seen one film this year and that was Terminator: Genisys, which while not as good as T1 and T2 did serve as a good “reboot”. It was however strange not going to see a film over the Xmas period but their was not much that I wanted to see (I can wait for Star Wars to be released on Blu-Ray).

All in all its been a year of ups and downs, I have played some good games Terminator: Genisys, Shadows Of Brimstone, and to a certain extent AvP (it has its problems) as well as losing interest in some!




It is safe to say that over the 15 years that I have had the old MDF Games Workshop paint station, it has been well used. In fact most of my models have spent sometime on it (some longer than others!) But with my total lack of motivation over the past weeks a number of projects have grown rather dusty.

So this morning I decided to have a tidy up, and clear it for the next batch of models.

So first up we have the some Terminators from the Terminator game. I covered the paints I used back in this post

Next up we have some of the Judge Dredd models.

First up are 3 (of the 4) judges of the apocalypse Judges Death,Fire, and Mortis. Of all the models Judge Fire was the one I was not look forward to painting, It has however turned out quite well.

Next we have 4 street Judges 2 male and 2 female.

Next we have 3 specialist Judges (Lazooka, Lawrod, and Stub Gun).

Then we have Judge Anderson and Judge Dredd.

Finally we have Chief Judge Hershey, Judge DeMarco, Judge Giant, and Judge Dekker.

I went for a blue uniform colour rather than the traditional black colour for the judges.

Every so often I clean off my paint station of projects, giving me a clean slate. However It has been quite a while since I did it last, and it is well over due.

In fact it is a total mess, their are pots of paint from GW, the Army Painter, Vallejo, Foundry, and MiG. Their are also a number of Judge Dredd, Terminator: Genisys, AQOTMF tanks, and Cowboy miniatures at various stages of painting. A pile of plastic Space Wolves bits for a conversion, and some spare bases. As well as some pots with my basing materials in.

Some of the models are 90% done others are just undecorated. So rather than just move them off, to be left I will finish the off.,

I am currently working through 16 Judge Dredd Judges, as well as the 4 Dark Judges and 12 Street gang models

I had intended to do this tomorrow, as I expected the 1984 terminator models to turn up tomorrow (I had a dispatch email this morning). But by some twist of fate (or a postman sent back from the future) they arrived this morning.

So lets get started.

First up Terminator Spider Tank £39.99

image1Consisting of 12 pieces, when made it stands 80mm tall and will fit on a “CD” sized base. As you can see from the picture their are a number of resin “vent” lugs that need to be removed, apart from them their was very little that needed cleaning. The head sections (the 2 largest pieces) will only fit one way, so its worth wild trying it both ways before gluing it together. As an added bonus river horse threw in a resin infiltrator as well!

Next we have Resin Resistance Fighters £37.00.

image2 image3

Consisting of 45 pieces, Their are enough bits to make 6 models with loads of bits left over to convert the plastics from the base game. The head sprue on the second picture (bottom row) has heads for both a T-1000 and a T-800. There are also options for a radio operator arms, a Sniper, 3 mini-guns! as well as plasma rifles  and pistols. Oh and they threw in another  resin infiltrator!

Next we have the 1984 set £37.00.


image6 image5


Consisting of 19 pieces that make up the 7 models. They are (in the top picture, ignoring the two “lose” models) T-1000 disguised as a cop, Kyle Reese, Guardian, Sarah Conner, and 3 x LAPD. Out of all of the them Guardian seems to be the older older version (from 2017) where as the “lose” version on the left is dressed for 1984. Hopefully river horse will release the 3 LAPD separately, as I have not been able to find many models to use. Oh and they threw in another resin Infiltrator!

I have seen some people complaining about “model scale” and “pricing”, and so I will put my 2 cents in.

First up Scale. These models are NOT 28mm “Heroic” scale , they ARE 28mm “true scale”. This means an Endo-Skeleton is scaled to the other models and NOT “beefed” up to make it big. I have seen lots of people moaning about the endos not being the same size, but if you were to use it as an armature and add muscles, and clothing you would end up with a correctly scales model. This is the same for GW’s Lord of the rings and Hobbit models.

Secondly Price. Another thing that people are moaning about is the price of the models. Now don’t get me wrong yes the prices are quite high, but they are licensed models. And again just look at GW’s LOTR and hobbit ranges, finecast versions of Gandalf or Bard the bowman are £12.00 each. Even the finecast fellowship boxed set is £37.00. If you take the 1984 set at £37.00 and dived it by 7 it works out at  £5.28p per model (the resistance set works out at £6.16p) which is not bad for a single model.

River Horse have also changed who makes the resin models. In the beginning warlord were making both metal and resin models. However their have been a number of problems with the production of the resin models, I found this out from my local store who tried to order Sarah Connor for me, who were told by warlord

“that the Sarah Connor blister is not available as the figure proved to be almost uncastable!”

However It would seem that Prodos have taken the challenge and are now using their “Procast” resin (the same stuff they use for their own models). And comparing it to the “warlord” resin, it is much better.

Overall I am pleased with the models and hopefully their will be many more to come!

Its been a quite past few weeks, this is mainly down to me dog sitting for some friends. But over the weekend I did mange to grab a few hours to work on my Terminator: Genisys models. Now I picked up a second starter set from eBay a few weeks ago which doubled up both forces, and added Guardian (Pops), John Conner, T-1000, Kyle Reese, Special Endo-skeletons (3) and Heavy Weapons Endo-skeletons (2).

Giving my Terminators 20 basic Endo-skeletons, 3 Special Endo-skeletons, Heavy Weapons Endo-skeletons (2), 10 Crawlers, and a T-1000. I also pre ordered a Spider Tank from River Horse Games (which included a free infiltrator model)

So I decided to work on 10 basic endos, as well as the 3 Special and 2 Heavy and 5 crawlers. I converted 2 endos to be carrying Mini-guns (its not in the rules but, it looks good).

Painting wise I went for.

1. Black undercoat from a cheap £1.00 spray.

2. Base coat of Plate Mail Spray from Army painter. Combined with the black undercoat it came out slightly darker.

3. Wash of Army Painter Dark Ink.

4. Dry brush Of Army painter Plate mail metal, followed by Shinning Silver.

5. GW  Khorne Red (base) for the eyes and plasma vents (when I find my smallest brush!)

6. GW Armageddon Dust (texture) for the base (never used textured paints before for bases)

7. Agrax Earth shade wash over base.

8. GW Tyrant Skull (dry) drybrush over the base.

Overall I am pleased with the results (and I enjoyed painting them).

Last Friday (30th of October) River Horse put up the 1984 set of 7 models on their website. The set consists of Kyle, Sarah, Guardian, T-1000 (as a cop) and 3 LAPD. The only model that does not fit in is Guardian as it seems to be the even older version from later in the film (2017).

We shall have to wait and see when it arrives, then I can take some pictures and review the Spider Tank, Resin Resistance Fighters, and the 1984 set all in one go!

It seems hard for me to believe that it is nearly 25 years ago that I came across the Alien, Predator, and Terminator films. These 3 franchises inspired me to get in to miniature wargaming (more so the post apocalyptic future in the Terminator), and over the years I have wanted to be able to have models of Aliens, Predators, and Terminators.

Now their was a company back in the 90`s that made metal models of Aliens and Terminators, as well as rules for a wargame/board game and an RPG. However they were not very easy to find in the UK and when they did show up they often had a hefty price tag! Their were however a number of “proxy” models around that could be used (some of which are still available now) Games Workshop even had Tyranid Genestealers (Aliens) and Lictors (Predator) as well as the Necrons (Terminators).

Fast forward to 2013 and rumours hit of an Alien vs Predator (AvP) range, around the same time were rumours of another Terminator Film. AvP was a must for me and when it hit kickstarter at midnight I backed it straight away (being one of the first 100 backers). From the renders that were shown, these were the models I had been waiting for! The project has had its ups and downs, and a number of backers have vented their anger over why it has taken so long to get to the stage it is at. But I am content sitting back waiting to get the rest of my pledge (so much so that I have added another £105.00 to the pledge manger)

At the beginning of the year (2015) rumours started going round of a Terminator wargame based on the then upcoming film Terminator: Genisys. Now this got added to the must have list straight away, the mere thought of Terminators battling the resistance through a post apocalyptic battle field was too good to miss. Now I will admit that I did “cock up” by not going to Salute 15 this year, why? Well this year Warlord/River Horse Games showed off the Terminator: Genisys Miniatures Game and gave away Free sprues of Terminator endo-skeletons, as well as having some exclusive resin models for sale! I could have kicked myself. But the year before I spent more money getting their and getting in, than what I spent on buying models.

The thing that I like about the Terminator game is the rules are so quick and simple to learn. That is properly why I have been playing it on and off.

I was also lucky enough to pick up a second “starter” set from eBay for a good price that Included Guardian (Pops), Sarah and John Conner, T-1000, Kyle Reese, Special Endo-skeletons and Heavy Weapons Endo-skeletons.

I have also picked up the spider tank, resin resistance fighters as well as the deluxe play mat and Guardian (Pops) on motorbike!

Now where is the rest of my Mars Attacks scenery?……………………………..