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Yesterday I sent Secret Weapon Miniatures a message via the kickstarter page, they replied some hours later (due to the 7 hour time difference). I had explained what had happened, and that I would be happy to keep the wrong tiles (forgotten city set and rolling fields expansion) if their was some way I could pick up another 8 tile expansion set for the rolling fields. That way I have enough tiles to make a 4ft x 4ft table (16 are needed).

The response was short and sweet,

” drop an email with the 8 tile request, and your address, and I’ll make it happen. Thanks for the flexibility!”.

In all fairness what happened with Backerkit is a mystery, I have one thing listed my end but Secret Weapon/Mantic have something different. Mantic’s cock up was just human error with the wrong set being picked.

If anything it has done me a favour, as when I backed the project we were playing quite a few urban engagements at the club. But with the club now gone I would have had no need for two urban sets. With the Forgotten City and Rolling Fields sets I am looking to use them for LOTR and The Hobbit.


So Infinity: Operation Icestorm turned up the other week from the trade that I did for some Space marines. Now I chucked in a few extra Marine bits in with the deal and the person I dealt with did the same. So I ended up with the Operation Icestorm set, the Caledonian Highlander set, and the limited corporate security unit model! Out of everything only the highlanders have been assembled, and the CSU model has been primed white. Everything else is still bagged up in their boxes.

Now the first thing I have to point out is, you DO NOT get a full rulebook! It only contains a small portion of the rules (for the models in the set) you will need to either download (for free) or purchase the full rulebook to gain all the rules.

The second thing I have to point out is, On the back of the box it states that you get a “full colour 64 page Infinity Operation Icestorm A4 tutorial rulebook” however the rulebook is half English and half Spanish so the rule book is only 32 pages.

Inside the box you will find two card boxes one with the Panoceania models inside and the Nomads in the other. Each model is bagged separately.

Their is also a plastic wrap bundle which contains the gaming mat (23″x 33″), buildings and counters, mine was open so the rule book may have been inside. The gaming mat and buildings can be purchased separately (as the Moto.tronica scenery pack) The gaming mat can also be purchased as a “rubber” version similar to the one in Deadzone.

You also get 6 dice.

Now one thing to bear in mind to all the 40K players (like me) that want to try Infinity. Is that Infinity is a skirmish game with between 5 and 20 models, similar to Necromunda/Mordheim. you do not need loads of models to begin with. The best way to describe Infinity, is as a small special forces raid type game. Using specialist troops to attack some vital location (ammo dump, command centre, etc). And like Necromunda you will need lots and lots of terrain.

Now I have always wanted to find a decent “special forces” type skirmish game, the last one I came across was a game called Sabotage by a company called TFT. It was a nice rule set that was a hybrid wargame and RPG, but TFT vanished and so did the game (and figures). I had high hopes that Deadzone would be my skirmish game replacement, but I found it let me down on all fronts (rules and models).

I am looking forward to getting in some games, and seeing what its like!



So after the cock up that lead to not enough tiles (5472 to be exact) being made for the kickstarter, My tiles finally arrived on Monday this week.

But I only got round to opening the box last night, and somewhere along the lines their has been a huge cock up……………………………………………………….

Maybe its best if I start at the beginning.

Way back in April 2013 I backed the Tablescapes project, for two x 16 tile urban sets one “clean” and one “damaged” as well as two 8 tile expansions again one “clean” and one “damaged”.

The project was funded in May 2013, and was due to start shipping in October 2013. However their were a number problems with the manufacturing and the shipping date slipped into 2014. And final started to ship in October 2014 (November for the UK/EU) then the bomb shell was dropped that not enough sets (342) had been made and their would be shortages and some backers would not get their pledges until Q1 2015.

Well I was one of the unlucky ones, and with my tiles finally turning up I opened the box…………………………….

Inside was the 16 “clean” urban tiles  in their card storage box  (which the handle broke when I picked it up!), 8 x mixed urban tiles, 16 x Forgotten city tiles, and 8 x Rolling fields tiles.

Out of everything I ordered only the 16 x “clean” urban tiles are right! The packing list tells me that I have ordered

16 “clean” urban tiles  and 8 x mixed urban tiles expansion.


16 x rolling fields tiles and 8 x rolling fields tiles expansion.

I have sent Secret Weapon Miniatures a message via the KS page to ses what can be done about the problem!

While browsing Facebook the other day one of the trading groups that I am in, had someone selling the Infinity Operation: Icestorm starter set. Now I have been eyeing this up for some time now, mainly down to the fact that I like the Anime look of the models. The person selling it wanted £50.00 or a trade for some 40k Space Marines (got loads of them still on their sprues!) In the end we went with the trade, I’ve sent the marines this morning and they have sent Operation: Icestorm this afternoon. Now I know that the starter set contains the basic rules (unlike 40k which contains most of the rules) but it never hurts to pick up the full rulebook.

Now It turned up a little while ago along with 3 models and a set of Holo ads, all of which I ordered from Element Games. Now they do offer a super fast service, if its in stock and ordered by 3pm then it will be dispatched that day. I place my order at 2.40pm and it was picked, packed and shipped before 5pm.

Now I only ordered 2 models and so was surprised to see a 3rd model in the form of the limited edition Authorized Bounty Hunter, which was given away free with pre-orders of the book. The 2 models that I ordered were PanOceania Fusilier Sniper and the Nomad Alguaciles Sniper so I can expand the models in the starter set!

The other thing that I ordered was a set of Holo Ads made by Micro Art Studios. You get a A4 size piece of 3mm MDF laser etched (and cut) and 3 perspex graphic panels.

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender









As you can see from the 2 pictures the MDF parts have details etched on to them and look like they will go together well. Their is however the burnt smell from where the laser has cut the MDF. The graphic panels have nice crisp images on them. All 3 have a protective film on one side but nothing on the graphic side, and the larger one of the three has some scratches on it where it has slid in the packet. The one in the bottom right of the picture has had the film removed which makes the print more vivid in colour. I have never worked with laser cut MDF before and hopefully the “burnt” smell will fade. I like the look of the Micro Arts line for Infinity and will proberly end up buying some more of it in a few weeks time.

Hopefully I will also be able to use the Deadzone terrain that I have got!

Its time for a brief Kickstarter update!

Deadzone: wave 3 arrived mid January unfortunately it was missing 1 sprue of enforcers and 1 sprue of peacekeepers. Once they arrive my Deadzone pledge will be complete, its only 1 year late!

Tablescapes: The container was due to be delivered to Mantic on the 28th of January just need to wait for them to sort it out.

All Quite: Just wave 3 to go now, but no details on that yet.

Incursion: Things seem to be moving along now, with all the components coming together now.

Mars attacks: missing items turned up tail end of January, and the Hardback book turned up a few days ago! My pledge is now complete (its only 6 months late!)

Shadows Of Brimstone: Wave 2 looks set to ship in Q1 2016 (January – March)! Unless you want to pay for wave 1.5 shipping, in which case you get some of it summer 2015. FFP have also said they have switched another plastics manufacturer who can make more detailed models.

Alien Vs Predator: Still no firm details, but the miniatures and game box have been approved by Fox. Currently running 9 months behind.

Zombicide S3: No real update from CMON, but my order is marked up as Shipment Phase 1: February.

Afterlife: The Anvil guys (and girls) are running behind schedule (due to problems with the 3D printer) and it is likely to be April before I see my pledge.

I have also back the Conan Board Game Kickstarter that is running now (and has 5 days to go) it stands at $1.820.305.

The base game contains 74 miniatures + 30 more in the kings pledge.

Their have been 44 stretch goals knocked aside adding another 70 miniatures, and 15 Add ons (2 of which are expansions) adding 69 miniatures. Being a big fan of Conan when I was younger I just had to back the project


Conan King Pledge graphic


Towards the end of last year Games workshop released the 2nd largest model for the LOTR/Hobbit range (the 1st being Weathertop). Their were only 200 Smaug the dragons available, and within 5 minutes they had all gone!. I like many missed out, within hours a few had appeared on eBay at stupid prices. I was however lucky enough to win one for £295.00 via a second chance offer, the seller however was less than reliable and I had to get my money back via eBay/pay-pal.

It had already been announced by Games Workshop that more copies of Smaug would be made at a later date, and so I was not that worried about missing out 1st time round! Well last week on the 28th of January 2015 I had an email from GW telling me that Smaug was back in stock this time their were 500 copies up for grabs. I quickly ordered the model and sat back and waited.

2 days later Smaug arrived on my door step!

One thing that does need to be pointed out about this model, It is NOT made from Finecast resin. It is made from the same resin that is used by Forge World

IMG_2324 IMG_2319







As you can see from the front and back of the box Smaug is huge! (Bilbo is hiding behind the pillar on the base)








Inside the box their was a card cover with a quote on it and underneath wrapped in bubble wrap are all the resin components.


First up we have the base which is larger than the War Mumak. IMG_2326

Then we have the rear legs, pillar and stairs.


Then we have the Talons, Feet, spines, and Bilbo (top row)


Then we have the Neck, Body, and Tail (made up of 3 parts!)

Next are the Wings (these are huge!) IMG_2327

Finally we have Smaug’s head (made up of 3 parts)

Now I have only checked the model over briefly and could only find one mold line which runs down the underside of the belly, and a few small pieces of “flash”. The underside of the base is fairly smooth and will need minimal sanding.  The quality of the model is excellent, the areas of skin that do not have scales or spines on, have a slight texture on them much like the skin of reptiles (you can just about see it on the picture of the legs). To me Smaug is more of a display piece, rather than a gaming piece!

Is it worth the price tag? in my eyes yes. It is a gorgeous model that oozes character. And this will make my third large sized model from FW (Weathertop and the 40k scale Thunderhawk being the other two)

It is however not a model to be tackled with out some experience (if you have never worked with resin read up about it first!)

Their is however a slightly cheaper version out their, from another company in the USA!

Leaving Smaug alone, I have been painting away at my LOTR models. Finishing off some that I started the other year and working my way through some others namely Uruk-Hai and Rohan models.

I will finish off with a quick shot of my painting tray!