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And so the biggest wargames show (in the UK) has been and gone.

Did I go this year? Nope, Making it the 2nd year in a row that I have not been. As with last year I had seen nothing advertised that grabbed my attention. Instead I spent most of Saturday (and a bit of Sunday) working on a small force of Orks for 40K.  The orks all came about after a conversation in my  local store about painting yellow!

Now I only went in to buy a box of Ogryns for my Imperial Guard, but In the window they had a very nice Horus Heresy Imperial fists army. Now yellow has always been one of the colours that I hate painting, as it has a very weak pigment to it. Don`t get me wrong I have used yellow before, by using a cream colour (I used the old bleached bone from GW) and then layering on thin coats (1 or 2) of the chosen colour. When GW released the foundation paints (base paints under the new set) one of the colours was a yellow, however it is a darker shade and I have found it needs quite a few coats to get it to a “bright” yellow.

Now I had to ask the question of how did they get that colour? and I was surprised to find out that it was from a spray can of daemonic yellow from the army painter. Now I have always liked the orks and over the years I have had about 3 armies of green skins and they have all been either Goffs or Evil sunz with the other clanz mixed in except the Bad Moons! Now I picked up 2 cans of Daemonic yellow some years back, and when I returned home I had a look for any painting guides for Bad Moon orks. I found a few but the one that caught my eye was this one over on Dakka Dakka

Having put together some models Grukk face-rippa and 5 Nobz, I under-coated them up

I used Biel-tan Green (2 or 3 coats) shade for the skin, and Seraphim Sepia for the yellow areas. Now normally I would pick the darkest green I have and then highlight it up however this is a new approach for me. I have cleaned up and assemabled 12 Ork boyz, 10 Grotz and a Runtherder. As well as digging out a Deff Dread, a Mek Gun, Mekboy and a Painboy!

Back to the Ogryns I am using them as “test” pieces for my Cadian Imperial Guard (I stripped most of them last year)

DSCN0918I`ve gone with a base of Mechanicus Standard Grey spray as a base with the trousers given a (thined) Nuln Oil wash and then highlighted with Dawnstone, and Administratum Grey. The flesh was based with Bugmans glow and shaded with Reikland Flesh. Then highlighted with Cadian and Kislev Flesh.


Having been rather busy the past few weeks “hobby” time has been limited to an hour here and an hour their. I have however managed to add a few more models to go with the Catachan Squad I painted up a few weeks ago.

In the form of, 2 Jungle fighters with demo charges, a Vox Operator, a Lieutenant, another trooper, 2 Jungle Fighters with Heavy flamers, and 4 Snipers.

I have also started on another squad in the form of a Deathworlds Veteran Patrol team from the codex.

DSCN0914I figured these guys would be camouflaged up even down to body paint, and i intend to add some camo netting across their back  packs. All of them are models from the OOP  metal weapon teams, with the addition of a few plastic grenades and pouches.

I had hoped to make some terrain but the seller that I ordered my plastic plants from was based in Hong Kong, meaning they will take a while to arrive.


When I first started gaming all those years ago, my terrain collection consisted of  books for hills, boxes for buildings, coloured paper for rivers, etc.

However as time passed I began to make a lot of terrain from scratch, my first attempts were some bases of trees made from an old artificial Christmas tree and some thick card. I soon progressed on from their with ruined buildings made from thick card and hills from polystyrene. All made with the help of the various articles in White Dwarf, it was when the Catachan Jungle Fighters were released that I had a terrain”spurt” and went mad making jungle terrain. By the time the 3rd edition Catachan codex was released most of my terrain had seen better days, and with a heavy heart all of it was binned.

I always wanted to revisit the jungle but with the advent of the Cities Of Death terrain in 2006 (wow they are 10 years old now) and the various plastic kits that have followed over the years, scratch built terrain is not seen that often with 40k any more.

However with the discovery of my Jungle Fighters its made me want to make some “jungle” terrain. A quick look at the internet has brought up some good terrain articles, and a look through my old White Dwarf magazines has also yielded some good articles.

With that,

I have dug out some “off” cuts of 4mm birch faced ply that I had laying around.

Ordered up £25.00 worth of artificial plants from ebay.

Sorted out all of my basing materials (grass tufts, dried herbs, etc.)

Sorted out all the plastic aquarium plants that I don`t use any more.

While doing this I came across 3 sets of the GW wood set that was released a few years ago, and a set of the GW plastic jungle plants that were released ages ago.

Now all I need is for the weather to pick up so I can cut the Birch faced ply bases!

It all started way back in December 1994, I was given for Christmas a box of Catachan Jungle Fighters.

And It would be the start of my 2nd edition 40k Imperial Guard army. Over the next few years I would shift between these and my orks, and with the advent of  3rd edition both forces grew in size due to a large number of GW mail order “army deals”.

However over the years both armies have disappeared,  I still have an Ork dreadnought conversion that needs some TLC but the rest had gone.

Until the other day!

While sorting through some boxes of models, I came across a box that contained 4 of the (very) old figure cases from the late 90`s. Now to be fair I have known about the cases since me and my partner got the last of my stuff from storage the other year, but as the box they were in weighed next to nothing I never looked in side.

Something told me to check inside them and to my surprise inside one of them were my Jungle Fighters. Now as I said I have not seen these models for years and in all fairness they must have been boxed up since 2002/03.

DSCN0887I did however decide to paint up a squad to see how they compared with the old scheme (above) I had done some 20 years ago.

While I was sorting out a squad I remembered that I had “Sly” Marbo from the 3rd edition codex in one of my Bitz boxes so I dug him out as well. However when I sorted out the models for the pictures I found that I had already painted him all those years ago!

I have to say that I have really enjoyed painting these guys up considering that it was over 20 years ago that I first tackled them, and I am looking forward to painting up a few more.


Its 332 days (at the time of writing) until November 2016. Which marks my 25th year of wargaming, and I have been debating what I want to do to mark it. At the moment I am thinking of organizing a game of Warhammer 40000 Apocalypse with my Blood Angels, Imperial Guard, and Adeptus Mechanicus. As well as a new force, and this is where the problem lies. Do I?

(A) Add an Imperial Guard Tank Company ?


(B) Reboot my Space Wolves ?

I can do one or the other but not both! Models are not an issue as I have 10 Le Man Russ tanks as well as Basilisks, and few super heavy tanks unmade stored in a box. The same goes for the Space Wolves. At the moment the Space Wolves are winning, as I have a conversion in mind for Ragnar Blackmane.

But then their are all those tanks just calling my name……………………

Well its a Bank Holiday here in the UK, and as with most bank holidays its been raining. Now Bank Holidays in the UK mean two things

One: Rain.


Two: James bond and Zulu on the TV (both of which are not on)

Now Zulu is a classic film and one which I have seen many times. Now way back in 1997 GW released a set of Imperial Guard called the praetorian guard (which are based on the British line infantry). Now I have to admit that I have had a soft spot for these guys for some time. But with the likes of the Catachan jungle fighters and Cadian shock troopers being in plastic, My Guard armies have always been made from them.

Now over the years many Wargames companies have made the advancement into high quality plastic models, Their are two companies that make British line infantry Warlord Games and Wargames Factory.

Now the WF models weigh in at £14 for 20 figures not to bad, But they do look a little bit spindly for my liking.

Now the WG models weigh in at £20 for 24 figures of which 4 are metal.

they also dcould this be o a starter deal which contains

60 British line infantry

20  Natal Native Contingent

2 mounted officers and a Gatling cannon in metal

All for £60.00

Now I have no plans to start up a historical army but with some green stuff and some spear lasguns i could turn these guys in to the praetorian guard.

could this be the start of a new guard army for me who knows.

A Lazy Day.

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Imperial Guard, Tyranids

Well yesterday was a nice lazy day for me. I spent the morning finishing off my Carnifex, and then primed some more tyranids (8 Hormagaunts and 8 Termagants with fleshborers). I have also come across not one but two of the old Armorcast resin 40k  Tyranid vehicles the Exocrine  (the one with the gun on its back) and the  Malefactor (the one with the big claw type things). Now these guys were made under licence in the U.S.A by Armorcast in the late 90’s. And I picked up the  Malefactor in 2000 and the Exocrine a few years later with the intentions of using them in the 3rd edition. But as with all things they got put to one side and left, Even when i restarted my Tyranids in 2005 they still lay un-touched by paint or glue. But now in 2012 they may well see action on the field of battle. With the Exocrine counting as a Trannofex and the  Malefactor counting as a Tervigon.





I have been looking at the plastic  Trannofex/Tervigon and have been thinking about converting them in to some of the other Tyranid vehicles from the epic range, just updated to the newer style.

The rest of yesterday afternoon was spent watching an old WW2  film called Objective Burma, This film along with another one Merrill’s Marauders were what started me collecting my Catachan Jungle Fighters all those years ago. It was White Dwarf 180 December 1994 that had the first look at the new range of Imperial Guards men that were going to be released over the coming months.

I still have my Jungle Fighters, they have not seen the light of day for some years I may have to get them out at some stage just for old times sake…………..