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So the dust has finally settled, the dinning room is finished at long last after the cock up with the new carpet! However things have been moving along.

Andy and Jane have been away on holiday, meaning no games of Shadows of Brimstone have been play. I did however order some “third party” cards from which turned up the other day, and are very good quality.

My wave 2 Afterlife shipment has turned up and as with the first wave is of very good quality, with no mis-casts and very little resin “flash” on the models. Overall I am very pleased with the Afterlife KS project, Joel at Anvil Industry’s has been very open about problems they have faced during design/production phases of the project. If they do another KS I will jump on board.

The other week my local games independent game store was selling raffle tickets to raise some money for a few local charities, tickets were £5.00 each and the prizes ranged from starter paint sets to game starter sets, as well as a few limited edition models. As it was for charity I took the plunge and purchased 5 tickets! Now normally I am not very lucky, and in all fairness I never win anything. However the lucky winning tickets were drawn the other day and much to my surprise I won, but what did I win?

Well much to my surprise It was a copy of the Judge Dredd starter set from Warlord games/ Mongoose publishing. Now my thoughts on Mongoose are documented else where on the blog, however I must confess that I have not been following JD miniature game since I gave up on Mongoose a few years ago. But now that Warlord seem to have taken the regains with it and Mongoose have taken a step back, then maybe its time to take a seconded look at it…………………….


Its been a hectic few weeks here with the dinning room being re-plastered and re-decorated, and its still not finished! Somewhere along the way a huge cock up has meant the carpet fitter had the wrong carpet (It was the wrong colour). As my wife choose to have the carpet treated with some special concoction to protect it, means it takes around 2 weeks for it to arrive.

So with all the chaos going on I have not had much time to work on many models, I did how ever manage to put together the models from Shadows Of Brimstone: Swamps Of Death set. The two sets of monsters that I ordered from FFP (swamp slugs and hell vermin) have also turned up. With the rather modest fee of £5.11 VAT added (and £8.00 royal mail handling fee) more about them in the next post.

Kickstarter wise lets take a look

All Quite On The Martian Front: still no news on wave 3 (or 4 if it happens).

Shadows Of Brimstone: Nothing new just waiting for the reopening of the 1.5 shipping.

Aliens vs Predator: Looks like we are going to get wave 2 and another wave 3. But some people are still waiting for wave 1. The missing arm from my second set have arrived, and prodos sent all the arms for the Marines rather than just the one that was missing.

Afterlife: My wave 2 package was sent yesterday and so should turn up in the next few days.

Conan: Pledge manger was final released the other week. It also looks like we will get two waves the first will contain the core game and the add-ons on the second will contain the expansions and campaign/art book. Many people are complaining about the high shipping costs mine came to $45.10 (£29.54) and many are complaining about split shipping!

Blood Rage: looks set to be here by the end of the month.

Deadzone  Infestation: Mantic have shown off 4 3D renders of two new models.

Zombicide Black Plague: CMON have shown picture of the plastic models from the base game.

So its been awhile since I posted anything about any of the kickstarters that I have backed, so here goes.

All Quite On The Martian Front: Its sad to say that AQOTMF seems to be dying a very slow death here in the UK, Northstar have stopped distributing it and at least 1 and maybe 1 more online retailers are not going to be stocking it anymore. On the other hand Wayland Games have become the distributor, so that may be the final nail in the coffin for it. As for the KS no news for wave 3!

Incursion: The boat is due to land on the 9th of june (6 days time) hopefully the wait will not be to long now.

Shadows Of Brimstone: Again no news in 2 months, very poor communication!

Aliens vs Predator: Hopefully the basic game will be here by the end of the month, then maybe another 2 years for the add-ons! Prodos will be joining the Wall of Shame at some stage.

Afterlife: My wave 1 shipment turned up, and all looks good. Hopefully I will get the chanch to post some pictures towards the end of the week.

Conan: Still plodding along, but we do get semi regular updates, everything looks good so far just waiting for the pledge manger.

Blood Rage: Nothing new.

Deadzone Infestation: Mantic have been very quite……….

Now I have my eye on two upcoming kickstarters Secrets Of The Third Reich (5th of June)  and Zombicide: Black plague (8th June)………………………………………………..

Since my last post about Kickstarters (some 2 months ago) I have received both Tablescapes from secret weapon and Zombicide S3 from CMON, Now for the rest………….

All Quite On The Martian Front: No real news just wave 3 left now.

Incursion: Everything has arrived in the US and is being sorted and packed ready to go to West Wind in the UK. Hopefully something will turn up by the end of May.

Shadows of Brimstone: No news (nothing new their) but they can still post up pictures to Facebook (nothing new their either).

Aliens Vs Predator: Nothing special book is in final checks (it has been for a few months) the prodos guys are looking to start shipping end of this month.

Afterlife: seems to be moving along, with the Anvil guys offering to send the Cataclysm pledge in 2 waves. With the 1st at the end of the month, and wave 2 a month or 2 later. I would be happy for just one wave.

Conan: seems to be plodding along nicely with the pledge manger due in the next few weeks.

Blood Rage: I backed this manly for the minis!

Deadzone: Infestation: Now it has to be said I am not one of Mantic Games biggest fans, but I did back the new DZ campaign. In the first day the project raised $154.803, but then struggled to get much more each day until 4 or 5 days before the end of the campaign when a new pledge was offered in the form of “Lockdown” which offered everything that had been unlocked for $215.00 which contained 85 models (resin, plastic, and metal) 20 plastic scenery sprue’s, as well as all the normal counters, cards and books. The main reason I backed was for the plastic Veer-myn models as well as the new plastic “industrial” terrain……………….

Its time for a brief Kickstarter update!

Deadzone: wave 3 arrived mid January unfortunately it was missing 1 sprue of enforcers and 1 sprue of peacekeepers. Once they arrive my Deadzone pledge will be complete, its only 1 year late!

Tablescapes: The container was due to be delivered to Mantic on the 28th of January just need to wait for them to sort it out.

All Quite: Just wave 3 to go now, but no details on that yet.

Incursion: Things seem to be moving along now, with all the components coming together now.

Mars attacks: missing items turned up tail end of January, and the Hardback book turned up a few days ago! My pledge is now complete (its only 6 months late!)

Shadows Of Brimstone: Wave 2 looks set to ship in Q1 2016 (January – March)! Unless you want to pay for wave 1.5 shipping, in which case you get some of it summer 2015. FFP have also said they have switched another plastics manufacturer who can make more detailed models.

Alien Vs Predator: Still no firm details, but the miniatures and game box have been approved by Fox. Currently running 9 months behind.

Zombicide S3: No real update from CMON, but my order is marked up as Shipment Phase 1: February.

Afterlife: The Anvil guys (and girls) are running behind schedule (due to problems with the 3D printer) and it is likely to be April before I see my pledge.

I have also back the Conan Board Game Kickstarter that is running now (and has 5 days to go) it stands at $1.820.305.

The base game contains 74 miniatures + 30 more in the kings pledge.

Their have been 44 stretch goals knocked aside adding another 70 miniatures, and 15 Add ons (2 of which are expansions) adding 69 miniatures. Being a big fan of Conan when I was younger I just had to back the project


Conan King Pledge graphic


This year I am going to try something different!

I have decided that 2015 will be a change of pace for my hobby, over the years I have picked up models from various different company’s. But this year I am going to stick to just a few ranges, they are

All Quite On The Martian Front from Alien Dungeon.

The Hobbit/Lord Of The Rings from Games Workshop.

The rest of my models will end up going on eBay. As I have said before my interest in 40K has dwindled to next to nothing. I have played quite a few games last year with my Blood Angels and Orks, these have been fairly small battles as I have lost my interest in large battles taking hours to play!

Which is one of the reasons I want to get back into The Hobbit/LOTR which is more of a skirmish game now rather than a full blown battle with hundreds of models. And why I have started playing miniature board games (Zombicide,Incursion,Etc.)

I would like to get AQOTMF out to the public and take it to various wargame shows and games clubs, but at the moment with my health that is out of the question, maybe later in the year. Their are rumours of a new games shop opening in town and hopefully I will be able to show off the models in the shop, to generate some interest in the game.

So with this in mind I have set a few goals for the year.

1: Thin out my collection.

2: Concentrate on painting my models.

3: Build up  my terrain collection (for AQOTMF).

The year is going to start of slowly as I have an operation coming up and will be out of action for a few weeks. But once that is out of the way I should be able to steam on with my plans and start thinning out my collection………..

This year has been a mixed bag for my hobby.
I started by rebooting my Tyranids and Chaos Space Marine Iron Warriors, as well as working on some Black Templars space marines and Chaos Daemons. With the closer of my local gaming club, I had to bring my cities of death terrain and realm of battle boards back home. This in turn lead to a reboot of my CoD terrain invoking some new pieces (to replace some that were damaged) and a new lick of paint! This lead to my Blood Angels and Orks taking to the battlefield once again. All quite on the martian front showed up the tail end of June, I assembled quite a bit of my 1st wave but my health took a u-turn and I spent the best part of 2 months in hospital. When I came out I got into Zombicide (one of the old gaming group brought a copy in to hospital for me to try). The last few months have been taken back up with AQOTMF.

Next we move to kick-starter projects, and what can I say? Well in a nut shell of the 14 projects (4 are from this year) I have backed since 2013, only 3 have been fully shipped!
Of the rest well,
Deadzone: waiting on wave 3.
Tablescapes: giant cock up, waiting for re supply.
All Quite: waiting for wave 3..
Incusion: things are progressing slowly.
Mars Attacks: waiting on HB book and missing items.
Shadows of Brinstone: waited 4 months for wave 1, going to be another 12 before I see wave 2.
Aliens vs Predator: looks to be another cock up.
Both zombicide S3 and afterlife have only finished in the last 6 months and so their is nothing to say about them!

movie wise I have only seen 1 film at the cinema, The Hobbit: The Battle Of Five Armies. It was a good film and an excellent finisher for the trilogy, but was let down in two parts (I will not say what parts for those that have not seen it) but hopefully the extended edition will sort them out. Watching TBOFA has made me want to watch the other 2 Hobbit films as well as the LOTRs trilogy (just got return of the king left).

As I said before my health took a turn for the worse in the summer, this in turn has lead to me not working since. This In turn has lead to me “thinning” my collection out via eBay and some of the Facebook groups, I still have along way to go with loads to get rid of!

Looking towards next year I plan to set some goals……………