As The Dust Settles Part 2………………………………………………….

Posted: September 21, 2015 in Afterlife, Judge Dredd, Shadows Of Brimstone

So the dust has finally settled, the dinning room is finished at long last after the cock up with the new carpet! However things have been moving along.

Andy and Jane have been away on holiday, meaning no games of Shadows of Brimstone have been play. I did however order some “third party” cards from which turned up the other day, and are very good quality.

My wave 2 Afterlife shipment has turned up and as with the first wave is of very good quality, with no mis-casts and very little resin “flash” on the models. Overall I am very pleased with the Afterlife KS project, Joel at Anvil Industry’s has been very open about problems they have faced during design/production phases of the project. If they do another KS I will jump on board.

The other week my local games independent game store was selling raffle tickets to raise some money for a few local charities, tickets were £5.00 each and the prizes ranged from starter paint sets to game starter sets, as well as a few limited edition models. As it was for charity I took the plunge and purchased 5 tickets! Now normally I am not very lucky, and in all fairness I never win anything. However the lucky winning tickets were drawn the other day and much to my surprise I won, but what did I win?

Well much to my surprise It was a copy of the Judge Dredd starter set from Warlord games/ Mongoose publishing. Now my thoughts on Mongoose are documented else where on the blog, however I must confess that I have not been following JD miniature game since I gave up on Mongoose a few years ago. But now that Warlord seem to have taken the regains with it and Mongoose have taken a step back, then maybe its time to take a seconded look at it…………………….


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