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No I’ve not found religion, my SpineSpur Kick-starter package has turned up!

I had been worried that it had got lost in the Xmas post, when other UK backers had said they had received theirs just before Xmas. Mine had been held up at UK customs who hit me up with £24.76 in charges (I had expected it to be a lot worse). Now for those of you who nothing about SpineSpur, it is about a place similar to hell but above ground in the modern world. No one knows where it is or how to find it, but all the murders and scum are drawn to it like moths to a flame. Very few people ever manage to leave SpineSpur and most often end up dying a grizzly death in some deserted alley way!

Any way here is my copy of the rulebook and the inscription from Bob at Comfy Chair games.



Next up the contents of the box!


Now we have the models that were made from the funds of the KS.

IMG_1527 IMG_1526 IMG_1525

lastly we have an extra “free” model the brutal cyclops from the unsuccessful KS Dominion of the Gods.

IMG_1528Overall I am really pleased with what I got. If Comfy Chair Games do another KS for SpineSpur then I will jump on that as well.

I am currently waiting  for some urban terrain from Ainsty Castings which will be used for my SpineSpur games. I have also backed another KS which ended today for Zombie Miniatures, Survivors, Barricades and walls from 3D Forge Miniatures mainly for their terrain (walls,barricades,skips,crashed cars etc…) then their is all the stuff from the Mars Attacks KS and the tablescape urban tiles that are due March/April time.

And i have also gotten the Batman bug from playing Arkham Origins, but that is another story……………….


As we approach the end of 2013 I thought it would be a good time to look back over the past year.

First up Painting.

I started the year with the LOTR and Hobbit ranges from Games Workshop and I managed to paint quite a few models. I set my sights on working my way through the Fellowship Of The Ring  journey book, and building up the models that were needed to play the battles in the book. I started with Frodo,Sam,Merry,Pippin and the Nazgul before moving on to Aragorn and Gandalf the grey. I picked up most of the Hobbit releases as they came out, But with the total lack of Hobbit content in White Dwarf I cancelled my subscription with issue 400.

February, March, and April were pretty quite on the painting front due to work commitments i did paint a few Judge Dredd models but apart form that not much else got painted.

April also saw Salute 2013, which I attended and picked up some 15mm Sci-Fi models and a heap of Judge Dredd  models including  “cough,cough” a Manta Prowl Tank “cough,cough” which I am lead to believe many of there JD Kick starter backers are still waiting for.

May through to October saw me restart my Doctor Who miniatures collection, I must have painted 200 models from Daleks to Zygons and everything in between. I also started buying the Big Finish Audio’s which have been a great help in keeping me focused while painting.

The tail end of October through till now I have been doing Gimli, Legoles, and Bormir from LOTR and the goblins from The hobbit. At first I was not looking forward to paint the goblins but once I got started I soon worked my way through them.

Next we move on to Kick starters.

Now Kick starters seem to be a good way of getting a project under way by allowing the public (you and me) to support the the funding of production.

Now I started the year by backing the Rogue Trooper project from Mongoose Publishing, which was due to be shipped in September 2013. We are now nearing the end of December and their is no sign of any models what so ever. The main sculptor has left the project for personal reasons. And now the replacement sculptor has real life problems so the chances of seeing any greens before Christmas is very very slim.  In all I am very disappointed with Mongoose and I am in the process of getting a refund for the project (which was meant to take a week, two at the most. But now has stretched to a month) In all I will never back another project by Mongoose Publishing. I am so glad I did NOT back the Judge Dredd project as I see people over their are getting pissed off as well. But when you have a company that sells models to the public before the KS backers what do you expect!

Next came SpineSpur, which I owned some years ago.  When the models were first released I grabbed hold of most of them and got them painted up and played some games. The models were on display in my “then” local gaming store, but  one day the owner shut up shop and did a runner my models were never to be seen again! So with the chance to grab the lot in one go along with the remaining models and a nice shiny hardback rulebook I jumped in feet first and become one of the Senators of Spinespur. The project was due to ship in November but was pushed back to December due to a problem with the cover of the book, it has now shipped and is winging its way to me now!

Then came Dead zone from Mantic games, this roller coaster ride saw stuff being added at a very fast rate. I managed to grab one of the early bird pledges (number 7). The whole project has become huge and has been split into 2 waves, with the 1st part shipped early November instead of December and the 2nd part is due to ship in April 2014. Now I am pleased with what I have got so far (a few bits are missing but nothing to major), But the packaging was absolutely crap. The main game box was half empty and was inside another box, with stuff being put in another bigger box full of polystyrene packing chips. the main box itself had suffered some damage which ment some of the contents had fallen out. Overall great product but very bad packaging!

Next came the Tablescapes project by secret weapon, my plan was to use these boards with Judge Dredd and SpineSpur. The project was ment to start shipping from October with my sets being sent November 2013 to January 2014. It now looks like all of the unlocked designs will be shipped by the end of Q1 2014 (end of March).

Next up came All Quite On The Martian Front, being a fan of War Of The Worlds this was a must for me. Delivery was December that now looks like its going to be January.

Next up Incursion, having invested in the 1st edition of the game I just had to back a new edition. Delivery is set for March 2014.

Next came Mars Attacks, I mainly backed this one for the scenery that is being produced to use in SpineSpur. Delivery is set for August 2014.

Then their was Shadows Of Brimstone, Being a massive fan of Warhammer Quest. SOB seems to be a good replacement for WHQ, with it being set in the Weird Wild West. Delivery is set for August 2014.

Then their was AvP, I backed this project early on but sat on the fence for most of it and wait to see if I wanted to stay on board in the end I stayed. Delivery is set for May 2014.

At the same time was Battle systems terrain, which looks very handy for AvP. Delivery is set for May 2014.

Finally their is Zombie Miniatures Survivors, Barricades and walls, which is still running but. And looks promising for SpineSpur. Delivery is set for April 2014.

Now we move on to entertainment.

I have seen 2 films this year at the cinema

First was Despicable Me 2 in 3D, which was a great follow up to the 1st film.

Then their was The Hobbit D.O.S. again this was a great follow up to the 1st film and it left it on a great cliffhanger (its just a shame we have to wait 12 months to see the final part!)

I have also been picking up Doctor Who audio books from Big Finish, these are great to listen to while painting. And they have helped me paint more models. Speaking of Doctor Who, November saw the 50th anniversary in which we saw the outcome of the time war. Christmas days sees the final episode of the 11th doctor (Matt Smith) then he regenerates into the 12th doctor (Peter Capaldi).

So as 2013 draws to a close I will see you all in 2014.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The problems with KIckstarters continue. In the past week, I have had 2 updates this week saying about delays. The first one has been pushed back to January next year and the other is a delay of a few weeks due to problems with printing of the rule book. Another saying that the list of items has had to be changed, due to high production costs. This has left me with the problem that half of what I will be buying will be no good to me. Now if I had know this in the first place I would not have backed the project, but it’s to late now.
Then their is the rogue trooper saga. I still have not seen a refund, but now they have a new sculptor on board who reckons he will have 3 rogue models made by the middle of December (yawn). So we will have to see what happens.

Shadows of Brimstone finished high with $1.341.305 in the final day 6 more stretch goals were broken adding 10 more models to the total. 4 more add ons were also added, adding 2 decks of cards and 5 more models to the total. I think that the next stretch goal would have been broken but a number of “trolls” hooked on to the campaign and pulled out in the last few minutes.

AvP finishes tommorow night and is currently sitting at £269.963 again this campaign has been hit by “trolls” who wait for the stretch goal to be hit before pulling their funding. I am still sitting on the fence but I have upped my pledge (so I can grab a second boxed set, which was sweetened by the last update). So let’s see what happens with AvP…………..

So Saturday saw the arrival of the trailer for the 50th anniversary for Doctor Who, which I missed (oh dear). But in the morning i had a nice parcel from Heresy Miniatures, which contained my order of (not) Roman Rory a one piece model. 4 (not) Sontarans, three piece models, head, gun and body.  (not) sontaran officer, 2 piece model, body and head (choice of 4). And Dr Payne, 2 piece model, body, and right hand (choice of 2).

Now Andy has done a brilliant job of making Dr Payne, considering how many pictures have been floating around.the picture on the left shows Dr Payne with his 2 hands (none which looks like the 3rd doctors sonic screwdriver). The other picture shows all 4 models.

DSCN0190 Dr Payne








Last night The Mars attacks kick starter finished raking in $558.076, not as much as was predicted but a hefty hall any way. I decided to stay with it in the end with the Bloodshed On The Battlefield pledge. I am not sure what I am going to go for yet with the money yet, some of the new plastic building kits will come in handy as well as some of the Martian flying saucers. I have also got my eye on some of the destroyed/wrecked cars but they are an extra. I’m trying to think of things that can be used in DWMG/7Tv and SpineSpur.

Also over night Flying Frog Productions posted and update saying they had found a EU supplier for Shadows Of Brimstone which is great news, it saves me £65.67p VAT which I would have to pay on top of my pledge. It now means I can add to the my Mine Cart 7  pledge with the difference.

In the old days of war-gaming you had to wait for company’s to announce they were making a game or supplement. Now days with the advent of the kick starter campaign, it is now possible to help push along the creative design.

But this does sometimes throw a spanner in the works.

First up is the USA – EU shipping. This is a major hurdle for many backers. As I live in the UK, I live in fear of the dreaded Import Tax. This can add as much as 40% to the total of my order. But this has always been the case, in fact I remember buying a Limited edition of Warhammer 40000 boxed set for about $40.00 including  shipping and handling. When it turned up it had been assessed as being £40.00 in value (not $40.00)  and had nearly £15.00 tax slapped on it. Making it more expensive that it was over here to buy.

Next up is the Early Bird Pledge. This is another major hurdle for creators of the kickstarter. I the idea behind the (EB) is to allow a limited amount of backers a chance to grab a deal at a lower price. This can cause problems as one (KS) that i backed offered up no (EB`s) and then proceeded to take a lot of flak over the fact. And one that i am backing now which offered a major saving of $150.00 to the first 25 people. Again the company has and still is taking flack over the fact that they only offered up 25 places. They have since added more pledges but decreasing the amount by $25.00, as it stands now it is at $475.00 for the pledge and they give you $75.00 in credit. Which to me is fine, but to others its not good enough.

Lastly their are Trolls. Now in my day a troll lived under a bridge and popped up to eat knights and peasants. Now how ever troll are people that like to put people and projects down. In the 8 projects that i have backed and been funded at least 3 but maybe 4 have been hit by the same two people, who have ground the project down into the ground. They may or may not have caused people to back out. I just filter them out now and ignore their comments, don`t get me wrong we are all entitled to our own opinions but their is a line that needs to be drawn. But when said individuals keep on dragging up the same old stuff like “X,Y are ok but, Z is shit” or “If this was my KS I would do X,Y and Z”

So unfortunately kickstarters have push the wargaming and RPG worlds on, and many projects that would not have seen the light of day have all thanks to a (KS).

Now lets see what Aliens Vs Predator brings tomorrow shale we?………………

Wow 4 months of the year have flown by and we are now in may, if any one knows what had happened to the last 4 months please tell me.
Any way I seem to have gotten the kickstarter bug that has been flying around. I have backed the secret weapon miniatures tablescapes gaming table at the wargamer level, which allows me to have 2 sets of 16 tiles. Which is enough to make a 8 x 4 gaming table.
Now I know that i already own 2 sets of the realm of battle board from GW, but the main reason for getting the SWM set is the fact that it is a urban set up, and I do love a good city fight.

Next up is mantic games deadzone, now I have to confess I have never been a fan of mantics stuff. Out of the sci fi models that they make only the veer-myn models stuck me as my favourites. But after I saw the deadzone table at salute I was hooked.

Also coming next week (fingers crossed) is All Quite On The Martian Front, which is loosely based on H G Wells book war of the worlds (it’s set in the USA rather than the UK) but that has been coming since march…………….


Posted: April 12, 2013 in SpineSpur

Some years ago I picked up a game called spinespur, now this was a horror game that was a set in a town where all the bad guys of the world live. I enjoyed the book and the models, but some nasty person at my old gaming group borrowed the book and it was never seen again……….

Then a few weeks ago i see a kickstarter has been started to reboot the game, I took the plunge and picked the Senators package which contains one of every model that has been made and will be made thanks to the kickstarter.

Now I just have to sit back and wait…………