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On the 5th of march Deathwatch: Overkill hit the shelves of gaming stores across the world. My copy arrived in the post in the morning from the nice people at Element Games.

After ripping open the box and drooling over the nice new plastic models I put it to one side and carried on with everyday life. Yesterday evening I had a chance to look at everything properly and read through the rules.

As you can see the box has a nice glossy finish, it is the “standard” GW sized box (Age Of Sigmar/ Dark Vengeance) with pictures of the painted models around the edge of the back box.

Inside are the rule book and assembly guide, as well as a range ruler, 6 dice, a set of character cards, a set of cult ambush cards, and 8 board sections. The rules Only take up 7 pages (of which part of the page is taken up with background info). 4 pages make up a ‘eavy metal colour spread on the models. And 20 pages make up the 9 missions. The boards are the same quality as the ones found in Space Hulk complete with the Embossed details.

On to the models, you get 11 Deathwatch members all drawn from different chapters (some of which have separate chapter shoulder pads). All of the models are covered in their chapter iconography, with the Salamanders Terminator and the Blood Ravens Librarian stand out as two of my favourite models!

Next  we have the sprue with the Patriarch, Magus, Primus and Familiars. Out of all the models the Patriarch has been around for a few years in the form of the Broodlord in the tyranid list, both the Magus and the Familiars have been missing for some years, and the Primus is a new strain of Hybrid.

Finally we have the sprue with all the other cult models (their are two of these in the box) It is made up of

1st and 2nd generation Hybrids (on 32mm bases) x 12.

3rd and 4th generation Hybrids (on 25mm bases)  x 16.

Purestrain Genestealers (on 32mm bases) x 2.

Abberants (on 32mm bases) x 4.

Out of all the models in the box, it is the Cult models that I am interested in more, and hopefully they will get the Mini-dex treatment like the Harlequins, Imperial Knights, Adeptus Mechanicus,and Militarum Tempestus have had.

40K rules can be found in Issues 109 and 110 of White Dwarf weekly or for free here

Hopefully a cult limo model will be made………………………….



Over the past 10 years or so their have been many rumours about the deathwatch in 40k. From the 3rd elusive Inquisitor codex for 3rd/4th edition, up until the upgrade sprue for the sternguard last year.

However it was leaked the other day that February 27th will be the pre-order date for GW’s next board game Deathwatch: Overkill. featuring not only the Deatwatch Marines but also the long awaited return of…………….

Genestealer Cults!

Now back in the 1st and 2nd edition of 40K Genestealer cults had their own army lists. In fact in the 1st edition they had nothing to do with the Tyranids, but the genestealers were absorbed into the tyranids in the 2nd/3rd edition codexes. The rest of the cult was abandoned, only to appear in unofficial army lists. However are about to change, and the cult gets 39 models in the new game. Hopefully GW will turn the cult in to a full codex some time in the future.

As it stands the game contains 50 models consisting of

11 x Deathwatch Marines

1 x Genestealer Patriarch.

1 x Genestealer Magus.

1 x Genestealer Primus.

2 x Genestealer Familiars.

2 x Purstrain Genestealers.

4 x Genestealer Aberrants.

12 x 1st and 2nd Generation Hybrids.

6 x 3rd Generation Hybrids.

8 x 4th Generation Hybrids.

2 x Hybrids with Mining lasers.

Pictures can be found here

BREAKING – GW Spoils Deathwatch Product Info

New Space Marine Deathwatch Pictures REVEALED

40K: Deathwatch Genestealer Broodkin Pics SPOTTED!

I had hoped for a Space Hulk type game with boards that had the “jig” connection allowing you to combine the two game. But it seems that it will follow along the similar lines as Assassination: Execution Force and Betrayal At Calth that were released last year!

After a diversion in the warp (Royal mail) I have finally got hold of my copy of the new 40k book and models.

DSCN0822Now I ordered the Book, Chaos datacards, and a box of Wulfen back on the 9th of February. However the Royal Mail lost the parcel, meaning a replacement needed to be sent out. However I had already ordered the 3 new clam packs and another box of Wulfen, so I asked if both could be combined together and sent as one parcel. Now it seems that the Curse Of The Wulfen is pushing the 40K timeline along (as have the campaign books before).

Now I had hoped that the book would contain a updated 13th company army list, that was published way back in 2003 in the Eye Of Terror codex. But however only rules for the Wulfen are in the book! Their are however a number of “detachments” for both the Space Wolves and Daemons. The back story seems to wipe out most of the 13th’s involvement in Abbadons 13th Black Crusade, which is a shame. However I do plan on re-doing the 13th Company at some stage.

Moving forward lets have a look at the sprues!

The box contains 3 sprues (which makes 5 models). With various weapon options, 5 sets of each Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield, Great Frost Axe, and Frost Claws.

Next we have the Iron priest (pictures show front and back of sprue) As any long term Space wolves player knows this has been a long time coming with the original been released over 20 years ago!

Next we have Ulrik The Slayer (another 20 year old model!) Now when GW started doing plastic characters, I had my doubts if older models (like Ulrik) would be redone. However it seems that they may well end up being plastic given time.

Next We have  Krom Dragongaze (which was only available in the Storm Claw stater set) who features in the Curse Of The Wulfen book.

Lastly we have the Space Wolves Upgrade Sprue (which I won on eBay) I picked this up for the Chain sword for the Ragnar Blackmane conversion that I am working on (as well As the shoulder pads) If you are planning on using Ragnar great company then this sprue is very handy.

Now lets get back to working on some Long Fangs…………………………………..

That is the question. When I started redoing my Space Wolves I decided that they needed to be based on the newer 32mm bases rather than the old 25mm bases. You can pick up the 32mm ones from GW mail order  (10 for £3.00 or 100 for £27.00)  I picked mine up from eBay for about £6.00 (for 20) from eBay. Now as I was just starting on the Space Wolves I had no problems with removing the old bases, however it got me thinking about my Blood Angels (as well as my Black Templars and Iron Warriors).

I personally think that the 32mm bases make Space Marines more imposing, however the thought of re-basing nearly 100 models is quite off putting!

However their are a 3 options.

Option 1: Leave them on 25mm bases!

Option 2: Buy 32mm bases and rebase the lot!

Option 3: Pick up some base adapters.

Now as I said I options 1 and 2 were a no go, however option 3 needed looking into. After searching the internet I came across a number of companies selling 25-32mm adapters made from MDF, Resin, and Plastic. However they were all located in the USA and shipping would have cost an arm and a leg, by the time you add on import duty to the UK! I did however find one UK company that stocked them unfortunately they were out of stock. So I waited and when they had them back in stock and ordered up 100 of them.


As you can see from the above picture the adapters come in two pieces which fit snugly around the 25mm base. All they need is a small amount of glue and some filler over the joins.


As you can see the models feet no longer hang over the edge of the base, and all that is needed is some sand a paint to finish them off.

Each adepter cost 25p so not only do they work out cheaper than buying new bases, you also only need to texture the top edge.

The Adapters can be bought from here.

So I am behind with my Space Wolves project. I had hoped to have been further ahead than I am, but when real life takes over what can you do?

Any way I have finally managed to get back on track, sort of. Some years ago I picked up some Space Wolves from eBay, which had been assembled but not painted. However some of the poses were less than desirable. When I decided to reboot the Wolves, I decided to use these models to get me started as most of them were armed with Bolters. This mainly involved removing the odd arm or head, or at worst repositioning arms.

The other thing that I wanted to do was change the bases from 25mm to the newer 32mm size. Now when GW changed the size of bases, it did cause a bit of uproar with the gaming community. However that fuss has calmed down now, and to be fair Space Marines do look better on 32mm base. At some stage I will pick up the base adapters that have been released by various “3rd” party company’s for my Blood Angels.


I have used the Companies of Fenris painting guide by GW. But with the exception of the armour which is washed with Nuln Oil rather than Agrax Earthshade. I have also missed off the Etherium Blue from my test model

The 10 Grey Hunters above are very much work in progress, the armour and fur are done. And I have just started on the skin, left shoulder pad, animal skulls and teeth are all done with base colours.


Next I have been working on some Wolf Scouts and a Rune Priest. The scouts are a mix of the standard scouts, with the sniper scouts, scout biker and heads from the Space Wolves pack. While the Rune Priest is based on the plastic Librarian with bits from the Space Wolves Pack and Upgrade sprue.

With the release of the Wulfen  this weekend (the 13th of February) means another unit to add to the force!


Posted: January 26, 2016 in 7TV, Space Wolves

Time does not fly by when you are ill.

Since the 3rd, I have once again been stuck in hospital.

Which was not how I planned on spending the start of 2016!

I had hoped to have made some progress with the Space Wolves, but unfortunately they have been untouched since I did my test model on new years eve.

I have however received my 7TV 2nd edition boxed set (I’ve not had chance to look at it yet) and a Space Wolves plastic Dreadnought.

I just need to get back in to the swing of things……………………………………………

So next year I intend to re-start my Space Wolves, as part of my 25 years of wargaming. Now it has been sometime since I painted any of of the warriors of the fang.

It was way back in the early 2000`s and was done with a mixture of the newer plastic and the older metal models. Things have however come along way since then, with most of the models now being made in plastic.

Now I did pick up some models a few years ago from eBay that will form the basis of my army, now with a little work (repositioning a few arms) I can make them work.

I have however done two “test” models

DSCN0806The one on the left has been painted over a white undercoat while the one on the right over a black undercoat. Both were painted using the same colours

Base coat: Russ Grey.

Wash: Nuln Oil.

Dry Brushed: With Russ Grey, Fenrisian Grey, and Etherium Blue.

Now I prefer the one with the white undercoat as the colour has come out more or less the blue/grey colour I want. As opposed to the one on the right which could pass as a Horus Heresy era model