Back To The Eighties…………….

Posted: August 23, 2016 in Epic, Horus Heresy

Or the early nighties. When I first got into wargaming, I use to play GW’s Epic line Adeptus Titanicus and Space Marine 1st edition. Back then both were set in the dark days of the Horus Heresy.

However it would not be long before both were discontinued to be replaced with Space Marine 2nd edition. Now I never owned either of the 1st edition games (it would be some years later that I picked them up second hand) but I used to play them round my one of my friends houses after school.

I did however own Space Marine 2nd edition, Titan Legions, Epic 40000, and Epic Armageddon. And out of the four games I liked Epic 40000 the best (shock horror). However about 15 years ago I manged to pick up both 1st edition games from eBay, however I never got round to playing them again.

But after my operation a few weeks ago I have had the chance to catch up on some reading in the form of two of the forge world Horus Heresy source books, as well as catching up with the Black Library audio books (I did used to read the novels on the way to work on the train). And with British weather turning wet and windy, the end of last week. Put paid to me working on the road tiles that I started last week (they say we are going to have a heat wave next!)

However it got me thinking about playing some games set in the Horus Heresy. Now don’t get me wrong I love the stuff that Forge World makes, however the prices are very high. And to be fair even a small army is going to set me back quite a bit, however I do have all those Epic models. Some of the models have had several coats of paint, and so are in need of stripping. Luckily now days you can get paint stripper that can be used on plastic, add to that the ultrasonic cleaner that I picked up the other year it should be a breeze to clean them up!

Best I get started…………

  1. airborneace says:

    AT got me too. I loved the idea of land battleships that the Titans represented and the White Dwarf articles of the time were chock full of thematic fluff and art. I absolutely loved the little dioramas the staff made for WD articles. It had that Thunderbirds quality feel. Somewhere I have about a dozen old Warlord titans and the remains of several Epic Space Marine armies. I had recently thought about converting AT to Battletech rules, tanks and infranty too, however, the lack of affordable more-modern titans for this project had placed it on indefinate hold.

    • As much as I like the new titans, I still have a soft spot for the old “beetle” back design. And if it means I can use some of the models that have been gathering dust for years all the better

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