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This post was going to be about Daleks, but due to some poor photos they will have to wait until another time. The good news is that i have nearly finished painting my Imperial (white and gold) daleks. I just have to do a conversion for davros as the Emperor, and paint one more dalek in black and gold.

Here are some pictures of my favorite doctor i painted these some time ago. Its amazing that Tom Baker played the 4th doctor for 7 years, when most play the part for at most 3 years
4th Doctor

Leela,4th Doctor , And Romana

Harry, 4th Doctor, Sarah Jane,

I do have a soft spot for the 4th Doctor, and will be using him when we get round to playing the game.

8th and 6th DoctorAnother of my favorites is the 8th doctor (on the left). Now poor Paul McGann only played the doctor once on TV, but the 8th doctor lived on in the BBC book range (73 books) and when they finished the Big Finish Audio books (81 audio cds).

On the workbench at the moment are,

Ready for Undercoating:

1 Dalek,1 Cyberman, 5 Cybermats,11th Doctor, Amy, Rory, River, Clara, And Donna

Ready for Basing:

The Ancient One, and 9 Haemovores (all from the Curse of Fenric).

Being Converted:

The Rani, 8th Doctor, large cyber-giant?


When new “Who” returned to the screens back in 2005 the first alien menace that the doctor came across was the Nestene Consciousness in the form of shop window dummies. This in many ways was a nod to the 3rd doctors 1st adventure Spearhead From Space (SFS). SFS marked a new era for the doctor as it was the first episode to be shown in colour (it was also released on Blu-Ray a few months ago).

the Autons would return a year later in the Terror Of The Autons (TOTA) along with the 1st appearance of the master………….

I first saw SFS repeated on BBC2 in the mid 90’s and it always sticks in my mind the sound of glass smashing (but not scene) and the autons walking down the street.

Anyway i repainted these models a few years ago and i still have some more that need painting

AutonsNext up are some resistance fighters. These were painted at the same time as the Autons. I still have another 10 of the still in their old colours, I may well take a picture before they get repainted just for old times sake.

Resistance Fighters

Monday the 26th of august 2013 saw the release of  Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors on DVD. Now i have not seen this  episode since it was released back in 1998 as a VHS tape (with episodes 1,4,5,6) and CD (covering the missing episodes 2 and 3).

Now however the 2 missing episodes have been replaced with animated versions, in a same way as the Invasion, and Reign of Terror and the forthcoming Moonbase and The Tenth Planet.

To celebrate the release of The Ice Warriors here are some i painted a few years ago.Ice Warriors


Something that i was working on yesterday was the Argonauts and Talos models that i picked up from crooked dice last month. I picked up 4  Argonauts, Dr Ulysses Argo and Talos, i also had 5 Auotmates knocking around. My plan is to use them as a renegade time lord and his henchmen in DWMG/7TV



I have gone for a bronze finish with verdigris weathering the picture does not really bring out the colours very well. Hopefully i can get some better pictures with my camera rather than my Iphone.

You will be deleted……………

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When “new” Who returned to TV screens back in 2005, all focus was on the Daleks. It was not until the following year that the cybermen would return.

Now i have always had a soft spot for the Cybermen, but i had only seen 1 episode on TV (That was the Silver Nemesis which had the cybermen chasing a bow and arrow).

I had seen some pictures on the internet of some cybermen in front of St pauls cathedral Cybermen_Emerge_The_Invasion

Now this picture started me off collecting my Cybermen which has tuned into this.


When i first started wargaming Doctor Who, way back in the mists of time (well late 1999). My Dalek force consisted of Daleks, Robomen, Slythers, and Ogrons.  Now the daleks have been divided up into separate factions (renegade and imperial), the robomen have been added to my cybermen. The Slythers and Ogrons have been striped of paint and have been waiting for a repaint.

Well over the weekend i had a few hours spare so i broke out the paints and painted up the Ogrons.

Now when i painted them the 1st time i never finished them, i was never happy with the colours that i used (at the time i had 1 small picture in a book for reference).

Now when i started to repaint all my Doctor who models. I set myself one rule, to keep the colours to a minimal. with the ogrons i have used 4 colours and 1 wash. In many ways i think this is what the BBC props department did in the 70’s and 80’s for the monsters to save on cash.


So with 5 Ogrons painted up, I think i need to add a few more. The good thing about these guys is they are Mercenaries so they can be found working for most bad guys.

Wow what’s happened to august? I know i have been working and have not had much time to spend on my models. But since my last post i have collected a large amount of Doctor Who audios from Big finish, all from ebay. I have also been reading the 8th Doctor books on the train and have worked my way through the first 7 books.  August has marked a milestone in my doctor who DVD collection, I now own all the stories from the 3rd doctors era.

I have picked up some more Doctor Who models from Black tree, and some from Crooked dice. And i have also picked up a model from shapeways in the form of this


its a 28mm scale Dalek Emperor from the 2005 episode parting of ways. I found it by chance while searching for some info on the Time War. So i decided to order it. It took longer to deliver than stated but when it turned up i was well impressed. I cleaned the model in simple green which made parts of the model a frosty white colour.

The Incursion kickstarter is now in its final 5 days now, and I have gone for the Buckets of Blood pledge which weighs in at $275.00. I have also add $190.00 for add ons, The poster, Bombardier zombies and drop troopers. all in all i am happy with what i will get.

At the moment one thing that is bugging me is Mongoose publishing’s move of getting warlord games to distribute the Judge Dredd model range. Not only has this lead to an increase in price for the models, £5.00 for one model has pushed it just a little far. Being as some of the sculpts are terrible there’s no way they are worth £5.00. And to rub salt into the wound the hardback rulebook that i purchased a few months ago is to be replaced with a new version which contains new rules and the block war supplement. The book i have is only 3-4 months old and its being replaced. Well done Mongoose it looks like you have shit on me again