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The other day I came across some of the Flames of War “battlefield in a box” range of roads in my local game store they only had the “cobblestone” version but I was interested in finding out more about the “rural” roads. When I returned home I had a search of the internet and found out a little about them, but not much. IMG_2239

So I took the plunge and ordered a set from ebay, they set me back £23.00 inc P+P  (and retail for £29.99). They turned up this afternoon. I have opened the box and had a look inside…………..


Inside was a polystyrene box containing the 6 road sections.

Their are 4 different stright sections.

IMG_2242And 2 curved sections.

They are made from flexible rubber and have the ability to be place over slopes and other low types of terrain.

IMG_2246As you can see they conform to the profile of my GW realm of battle board very well.

IMG_2243 IMG_2244









As they are scaled for Flames of War (15mm) they will fit in with the AQOTMF models which are scaled at 18mm. The details on the roads takes the form of tank tracks, craters and wooden planks. They also come pre-painted (dark brown with a lighter coat drybrushed over the top) with 2 bags of static grass to add if you want too. If you buy them at RRP then they will set you back £5.00 for each section

I can see these getting a lot of use in my games, as I am a firm believer in roads giving benefits to units that travel along them. Their are two “expansion” sets in the form of:

Rural road expansion set (7 sections + 1 train track)


Cratered Rural roads (5 sections)

I have ordered these and the should hopefully turn up in the next few days!





Many moons ago, in a town far far away. I started to collect 15mm WW2 models for Flames Of War (FoW), now the gaming group that i used to game with were very fickle and changed game systems quite a lot.

I started up a USA force but within 2 months the guys had changed systems again, and everything was boxed up and stored. Then 2 years ago I sold off all my FoW stuff (which I now regret ).  Now the group I am with now have been pretty active with FoW, and i have decided to take the plunge again.

So I have ordered the Flames Of War: Open Fire starter set which contains 118 plastic 15mm USA and Germany models. Now one thing that I may well do is get some “weird” world war 2 models  and set my games in the Secrets Of The Third Reich setting but in 15mm…….