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Wow the weather here in the UK has returned to normal, well sunshine and showers at least. And for the past week or so i have been working on my Doctor Who models. My cybermen force is now 5 models away from being finished, and i have just started working on some Imperial Daleks (hopefully using the technique i found on youtube).

I also have 2 conversions/scratch builds that i am working on at the moment.

The 1st is a large cyberman based on a model from Ramshackle games, called the metatron. Now I picked this model up a few years  ago and started working on it. But alas i run out of ideas, until the other day when i attacked the model with my dremel. I have turned the body round the other way and removed a lot of the detail and replaced it with green stuff. I just need to work out what i am going to use as arms as the original model has a large hammer and a flamethrower or gatling gun none of which are very cybermen like weapons.

Next is a scratch built version of the 8th doctor. I started this model some time ago. Now you have to feel sorry for the 8th doctor, the poor soul only had 1 TV appearance in the 1996 TV movie. But he has gone on from strength to strength in the form of the (OOP) BBC books and the Big finish audio books.

Talking of Audio Books, I have just started collecting the Big finish audio books. Normally i have a Doctor Who DVD on when i am painting, but as i have seen them all many times over the years i needed a change and the Audios seem like a good idea.

Now Mr postman hurry up with my Audio  books…………….


When I started repainting my Doctor Who models a few years ago, I started with the classic “invasion” Cybermen.  Along with the Daleks they are two of the most iconic Doctor Who villains.

The Cybermen just needed the bases finished off (which i have now done, its only taken a 18 months). The next models to be done were the Daleks in the classic grey and black scheme from Genesis Of The Daleks. My only problem was painting the black “globes” on the model (all 56 of them) and when you have somewhere between 40 and 50 of them, it can be a little bit boring.

The idea was that my Daleks would be split into three groups which were

Grey and black.

White and gold.

And bronze and gold.

Having battled my way through the grey and black, i set my sights on the White and Gold. Well things did not go to plan each model would have to have 2 coats to get a good coverage, so in the end i gave up on the idea and work on some Sea devils.

But today i have found a video on You Tube that solves my problem, it so simple that I cannot believe it. I’ve ordered some tube now i just have to wait for it to turn up…………..




Well last week i started making  mould for the OOP Warmachine models. Now when i first used RTV silicon it was a disaster and the silicon was wasted that was many years ago. Then a few years ago i needed some Urban Rubble bases for my Blood Angels and i decided to give it another go, And so i made a set of master bases, and a mould. Poured the silicon and shut my eyes and prayed, well it worked and i saved myself loads of time by casting my own bases.

Well now i have tried to make a 2 part mould and i have to say it worked, i removed the two guns from the model as they would have

been way too flimsy for the mould.

IMG_0637[1] IMG_0638[1]

My first test pour is shown on the right and their are a few air bubbles that need fixing with some green stuff but overall i am pleased with the results. I have also made a mould for the Yeti models from the 2nd doctors adventures “The Abominable Snowmen” and “The Web Of Fear”. But that mould needs a little longer to set, Hopefully i will get some time to work on the warmachine later today………..

The sun is shining in the UK at the moment, and we are promised that it will last into next week. With this weather it means that i have started working in the other parts of the garden that do not have my lair (shed) in.

I have been reading the DWMG (Doctor Who Miniatures Game) and 7TV rule books  both of which are from a company called Crooked Dice, Now 7TV evolved from DWMG 3 or 4 years ago and both games use the same Action Engine.

Now i have always been a big fan of Doctor who and when a company called Harlequin Miniatures released a range of Doctor who models i started collecting them. Soon afterwards they released a game called Invasion Earth additional rules were published but they were few and far between. Then the company changed names to icon and it was announced that no more models would be made, the time lord had made his final adventure………………

Fast forward to 2005 and a new free set of rules appear online, i down load them and begin playing with the models that i have had stored away. Then i find out that Black Tree Design still make the models  great i can fill in some of the gaps that i have.

every so often i re-visit the models, but this time i am going to work my way through them properly. One of the things i am going to do is make some moulds for The Warmachines from the 1st doctors adventure The Warmachines. these models have been OOP for many years but lucky for me i picked them up when they were first released. Now armed with some RTV silicon and some resin, its time to give it a go.

After all it cannot be that hard can it?