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Blood Angles and Orks

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Armageddon, Blood angels, Orks


The Sons Of Russ

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Warhammer 40000

I have always had a soft spot for the Space Wolves ever since they had their first army list way back in WD 157-158, they even had special rules for the 2nd edition epic game. But like so many other 40k Armies I have at one stage or another had a stab at them. In fact the 3 times I have started the Wolves.

My 1st attempt was with the 2nd edition boxed set the 20 Marines  become Grey Hunters.

My 2nd attempt was around 2000 when GW had the last of their sales and i picked up 20 Grey Hunters 20 Blood Claws 15 Wolf Guard and 3 Space Wolf dreadnoughts for about £60.00.

My 3rd attempt was with the 13th company around the time the eye of terror book was released.

And now for the first time in ages I looked through the Current issue of White Dwarf  and I like all of the new releases its good to see the the Wolves and the Tyranids getting some love with new kits. I am tempted to do the Wolves and would like to do a conversion of Ragnar Blackmane in plastic using the boxed set but i have loads of other projects on the go and I really do need to sort out some of the stuff that I have to get rid of, so maybe  Ragnar  will have to wait for a while………………………

3rd post in one day. My 25th anniversary crimson fist marine turned up this morning, And being my first ever Finecast model (yes I have avoided them like the plague). I know their have been a lot of negative comments about the Finecast range but I have to say that I am impressed with it . I have taken the model from its packet and checked it over and their seems to be nothing wrong with the casting. I have seen a number of posts about miss-cast models but i seem to be one of the lucky ones the details are nice and crisp and their is very little in the way of flash.

The only question now is do I start a crimson fists army? I think not, But I do have Pedro Kantor and captain Cortez. so maybe a little diorama based on the 40k Rouge Trader art work?

Hmmm I need a games table/board part 4

Posted: February 28, 2012 in terrain

Well I have 9 million and 1 things to do but my Realm Of Battle board has been calling me so I’ve taken the plunge and opened the box………….

The last five pictures are from the expansion and have had the skulls removed from the pits and and tiled areas. I am already thinking about buying another set of expansion boards to make up two river sections but that is for another day.

Hmmm I need a games table/board part 3

Posted: February 28, 2012 in terrain

So I have been away for ten days, and have come back to a stack of mail one of which was my Realm Of Battle board and all I can say is wow its heavy. It has taken a little longer to get from Maelstrom Games (I ordered it on the 22/01/12 and it turned up on the 23/02/12 ) but with the saving I made, I am not bothered about the wait.

Now with the expansion I have a 8ft x 4ft gaming table. Now all I have to do is work out my shopping list of bits I need to finish the table off.


All Things Iron….

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Chaos

Well the weekend has been and gone again. I have been working out a colour scheme for my Iron Warriors, What I need is something quick, simple, and dirty looking,  no easy task.

The internet for all its good provided me with some options but nothing that I would class as quick. After much head scratching and trying to work out different combinations of techniques I gave up (well sort off). I went right back to the basics of my first Iron Warriors army, and from what I can remember was that I used Chain-mail silver for the main colour. The next lot that I painted was with the now OOP bolt-gun metal spray.

What I don’t want to do is end up dry-brushing 40 odd models with silver, then out of the corner of my eye I noticed a spray can of plate mail metal  spray from the army painter. I picked a can up last year to paint the engines,thrusters, and landing gear for a storm raven for my Blood Angles, In fact the whole model was painted with their spray cans. Having a look on their website they show how to paint an Iron Warrior marine

Now this was what I was looking for a dark and gritty scheme that will be quick, the hardest part will be painting the gold.

Looking through my boxes of stuff I came across 2 Forge World vindicator conversion kits as well as a land raider that is part converted to chaos, half a defiler, An OOP metal dreadnought with thunder hammer,25  Chaos Space Marines (in need of some TLC), 5 OOP terminators and my half finished daemon prince. The terminators and dreadnought my well have been used in my 1st Iron Warriors army they seem to have traces of paint that matches up with my old colours.

Iron Warriors

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Chaos

While I was looking for the rest of my Emperors Children models I came across a dusty box. Inside to my surprise was some Iron Warriors that I started 5 or 6 years ago, at that time I was eager to start  a new army. And after browsing the various internet forums I found a conversion for  a Iron warriors daemon prince Based on a dreadnought, sentinel, and land raider bits. I followed the conversion and constructed my own version. But the person who started it dropped of the face of the earth (or got promoted to daemon-hood), so my conversion sat on my work bench for weeks gathering dust and in the end got boxed up with 20 Iron Warrior marines and loads of other bits for the army.

Now I’m up to my neck in Emperors Children, do I really want to start the Iron Warriors as well?

Well I do and I don’t. My first chaos army was Iron warriors and I had great fun with them, And when I started this new bunch they could have Basilisk and Vindicators as well as the usual Predators, Land raiders and Rhinos.

Now how ever they can’t take Basilisks but can still take the rest of the stuff. But as I only play games with friends then I can do what I like, after all it is my army.

And I do like the sound of an army of siege specialists battling their way through a ruined city, So I will keep this as a small side project which will run along side the Emperors Children. As the models stand at the moment the daemon prince needs a lot of work. When I last worked on it,  it needed its legs bulked out and it also needed  arms. I have looked on the internet but I cannot find anything about it it seems to have disappeared. But with a little bit of work I can get him finished