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So saturday saw the largest wargaming event in the UK, Salute at the ExCel exhibition center in London. I have been going  to the show ever since it moved to ExCel in 2006 and have only missed one year (2012). Many wargames manufactures use Salute to launch new products like, 2 years ago Crooked Dice launched 7TV and a few years before West Wind Miniatures released Secrets Of The Third Reich.

In the run up to Salute the likes of TMP and Tabletop Gaming News are full of news of releases for the show and this year was no exception. In previous years I have headed to the show to pick up GW models but this year I have steered clear from them. I had my list of items that I wanted to buy and unlike other years I had more than enough money on me just incase i saw something else I wanted.

First up was Antenocitis Workshop, a few days before the show they announced that they would have their new 15mm Sci-Fi apcs for sale when i looked at them they are dead rings for the Aliens APC. These were a must for my colonial marines. Their are 3 different chassis first up is the smallest “recon” type, next up is the standard “APC”, and last is the “long wheelbase” version with 6 wheels.


I am also lead to believe that their will be a range of tanks released in the same style in the near future, lets hope it leads to a “cough cough” dropship as well.

Next on my travels was Ground Zero Games, who were releasing a range of  engineering and construction mecha.

DSCN0044[1] Hercules3











This model just screamed at me to be a power loader but it may be a little bit big, if anything it could be used as a 28mm scale version. But I will use it anyway,I may well pick up a few more of them.

They also had copies of Gruntz 15mm which they were selling as a bundle with a CD containing a PDF of the the rules (great for my nexus 7) and the Barracks unit card software all for £20

The last Company on my list was Mongoose Publishing, I had spoken to Mongoose Matt  (Matthew Sprange) to see if they would have any of the Judge Dredd Manta Prowl Tanks on the day. Well they did (infact they had 4 of them) and I bought the first one!












Up until a few weeks ago i had no intention of buying one but some spark in my mind made me decide to pick one up. I also pick up a box of Fatties and the rest of the Judge Dredd models i needed, Infact by looking at the painted picture above from the Mongoose site i missed out the space corps judge (shit) but did pick up Chief Judge Hershey who has not been released yet…………










All in all I got everything I wanted, I spent nearly 3 Hours walking round (2 of them with the manta). I also saw some items that I am  interested in, Like the buildings from mantics upcoming skirmish game Deadzone.

DSCN0053[1]Oh Well only another 12 months till salute 2014………………….


Some of the stuff I have ordered for my Aliens games have started to turned up.

I ordered some  plastic embroidery canvas from ebay to use as texture for the floors. I got 12 sheets for £16.11, each sheet is 210mm x 279mm and comes with 14 holes per 25mm. I will use this and some plain and chequer plate textured plastic card to make the flooring.

Next up some 3mm and 1.5mm backing card, I had no luck trying to find any locally to me so I had to hit the internet I ordered 10 sheets of 3mm in A3 size, 10 sheets of 1.5mm in A4 size, and a roll of corrugated card. Which set me back £19.00 which included the postage.

All I need now is the models so i can work out sizes, At the moment I am going with 20mm washers for all the “man” sized models. Which means I am looking at 40mm wide x 30-40mm high corridor.

I am not going to make a dead match of Hadleys hope from the film and game but will use bits and pieces  to make my own shake and bake colony. Some parts will come from the film like C and C, Medlab, North lock and the Alien Hive.

Now lets see about doing some sketches…………..

So I bit the bullet and bought a copy of Aliens:Colonial Marines for my Xbox. Now its not very often that I play on the Xbox mainly due to the fact that most games now are way to short for offline games, and I cannot stand playing on-line with others as I always seem to end up being stuck with all the nob heads (ok rant over).

Any way this is by no ways a review of the A:CM game their are far to many out their already listing the good points and bad points, and most pick up on the bad points. All that matters is I like it.

Now playing the computer game sparked an idea that has lay dormant in my mind for many years, It all spans back to 1990 when I first saw the Aliens film. I fancy doing some games set in the Aliens universe, i have ordered some of the Mid-TechHhuman Defence Force and Alien Hive Warriors from Khurasan Miniatures in the USA. And I will hopefully be able to set up some games based around the films and game.

Now all I have to do is wait for them to turn up………………