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It seems hard for me to believe that it is nearly 25 years ago that I came across the Alien, Predator, and Terminator films. These 3 franchises inspired me to get in to miniature wargaming (more so the post apocalyptic future in the Terminator), and over the years I have wanted to be able to have models of Aliens, Predators, and Terminators.

Now their was a company back in the 90`s that made metal models of Aliens and Terminators, as well as rules for a wargame/board game and an RPG. However they were not very easy to find in the UK and when they did show up they often had a hefty price tag! Their were however a number of “proxy” models around that could be used (some of which are still available now) Games Workshop even had Tyranid Genestealers (Aliens) and Lictors (Predator) as well as the Necrons (Terminators).

Fast forward to 2013 and rumours hit of an Alien vs Predator (AvP) range, around the same time were rumours of another Terminator Film. AvP was a must for me and when it hit kickstarter at midnight I backed it straight away (being one of the first 100 backers). From the renders that were shown, these were the models I had been waiting for! The project has had its ups and downs, and a number of backers have vented their anger over why it has taken so long to get to the stage it is at. But I am content sitting back waiting to get the rest of my pledge (so much so that I have added another £105.00 to the pledge manger)

At the beginning of the year (2015) rumours started going round of a Terminator wargame based on the then upcoming film Terminator: Genisys. Now this got added to the must have list straight away, the mere thought of Terminators battling the resistance through a post apocalyptic battle field was too good to miss. Now I will admit that I did “cock up” by not going to Salute 15 this year, why? Well this year Warlord/River Horse Games showed off the Terminator: Genisys Miniatures Game and gave away Free sprues of Terminator endo-skeletons, as well as having some exclusive resin models for sale! I could have kicked myself. But the year before I spent more money getting their and getting in, than what I spent on buying models.

The thing that I like about the Terminator game is the rules are so quick and simple to learn. That is properly why I have been playing it on and off.

I was also lucky enough to pick up a second “starter” set from eBay for a good price that Included Guardian (Pops), Sarah and John Conner, T-1000, Kyle Reese, Special Endo-skeletons and Heavy Weapons Endo-skeletons.

I have also picked up the spider tank, resin resistance fighters as well as the deluxe play mat and Guardian (Pops) on motorbike!

Now where is the rest of my Mars Attacks scenery?……………………………..


Last week I went down with conjunctivitis in my right eye, meaning that I could barely see out of It. My left eye had a twitch and kept weeping, meaning painting, reading, or watching TV was near on Impossible!

It did however mean that I could get in some gaming. And after playing Zombicide Season 2 and 3 for the first few days, I managed to get in a few games of Incursion and a couple of games of Terminator: Genisys. I also set up CMON’s Blood Rage but in the end I gave up with it, and so it will end up on ebay (its just not my type of game). While I am at it the Battle systems Sci-fi stronghold set will also go on their. As when I backed it it was for Aliens vs Predator and they were going to add rules to use it in the AvP game. However some where along the line the idea has been dropped (or forgotten), and I really don’t have the will power to sit and make all the cuts that need to be done to make it work.

Something else that needs sorting out is the big box of dead zone models that I have. In all fairness out of the 6 races only the Plague,Asterians, Forge Farther, and Enforcers do anything for me. Both the Marauders and the Rebs both have a few good models but the rest do nothing for me. And the fact that Mantic kept throwing stuff at the projects during (and after) the KS project. Has meant that I have ended up with loads of stuff that is no good to me, and has zero resale value as most people have already picked it up on eBay for dirt cheap!

Add on the Dead Zone: Infestation KS which is due in January, which will add on another 5 Enforcer Peace keepers, another Strider and 5 more plague zombies gives me 15 peace keepers, 5 striders, and 45 plague zombies!

As Much as I like the Deadzone/Warpath universe I ended up dropping my Warpath pledge down to $1, as 90% of the stuff that was on offer I already have (or will have when DZ:I turns up) the rest I will pick up when the pledge manger opens up.

I had best get sorting……………………………………………….

Its time for an update on the various Kick starter projects that I have backed.

All Quite On The Martian Front: So after last weeks up date, the guys behind AQOTMF posted another update. What It boils down to is the gift certificate (for the Overseer and Goliath models) will have free shipping and will also be sent to Renedra in the UK. Meaning their will be no import tax.

Shadows Of Brimstone: Wave 1.5 shipping went live on the Flying Frog website, the tail end of last week. At a cost of $125.00 (about £83.00) for anyone outside of the USA. Now a lot of backers are moaning about the cost of shipping, saying that they can get it cheaper. I have taken the plunge and paid for it, now I just have to wait till December!

Aliens vs Predator: Picture of the add-on packaging have been posted over on Facebook (yes Fox have said that backers HAVE to have retail packaging).

Afterlife: Wave 2 turned up, and I have checked everything out and its fine. Hopefully I can get some pictures up this week.

Conan: Picture have been posted of the pre-production plastics and they look fantastic

Blood Rage: Arrived the other day.

Deadzone  Infestation: Nothing new here at the moment, Mantic have started another KS project for Warpath (their mass battles game). I have backed Warpath but I may well change my pledge down to $1 and just pick and choose the bits that I want. As between the two Deadzone games I have enough models its only going to be the new plastics that I am after.

Zombicide Black Plague: Pledge manger is out just need to figure out what I want.

I have been working on some Judge Dredd models and am currently cracking my way through 15 judges, I have ordered some resin “urban” bases from eBay that I am waiting to turn up to finish them off.

I have also started up another blog called Tales From The Underhive.

Which I will use on a semi regular basis to chronicle my work on the Necromunda game. Hopefully I will be able to use it to track my progress!