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So I spent yesterday afternoon working on the cylinder, this involved “skinning” the frame work. At first I was going to use several layers of thin card, but then I changed my mind and used 3mm blue foam. The problem with thin card is it would start to warp with the layers of glue as they were added. With the change to blue foam I scored the back every 3-5mm to allow it to bend round the radius of the frame work.

IMG_2099In all it took 30-40 minutes to skin the frame up and as you can see in the above picture I used a lot of spring clamps to keep the foam around the radius. I also used dress making pins to hold the foam on the the frame work. I put the cylinder to one side and then set about cutting the base from 3mm MDF.

With that done I set about figuring out the texture of the cylinder. The one in the AQOTMF book shows a rough, slightly rippled texture. Once again I hit the internet for some ideas, but I could not find anything that I could do with out having to purchase anything. Then after much head scratching  I remembered some sheets of paper that I found in one of my hard back  books a few months ago. They were bought for card making I think, and their were 2 sheets one off white and one pink  and they had the right texture that I wanted. I left the cylinder for a few hours and then cut away the excess foam to the angle of the frame work and glued it to the base.

IMG_2100I had taken pictures of the steps that lead to the picture above, but when I put them on the computer they had came out blurry. So above is the cylinder mounted on its base, with the textured paper added and the crater made from DAS modelling clay. My wife said to me that it looks too big, when you look at the “official” model it comes up to waist height on a tripod and I see it holding at least 3 tripods.

IMG_2104I added the crater this morning after leaving the paper over night to dry, and made a start on the barn. The barn is going to be the same “style” as the  intact barn that I made, just with a cylinder hanging out the side. I have added a floor to the upper section and may add another floor lower down. I need to add lots of broken timbers and soil inside the barn as well as around the edge of the crater, and I also need to make the “lid” of the cylinder!

“Next morning, a crowd gathered on the Common, hypnotized by the unscrewing of the cylinder.
Two feet of shining screw projected when, suddenly, the lid fell off!”………………………………


I have been beavering away, making terrain for AQOTMF. At the moment I have made 7 bases of trees, a farm house and a barn, as well as working on my realm of battle boards. The other day I added some details to the farm house and barn, both have had doors and windows as well as “timber” trims around the edges. I did at one stage start scribing the planks into the wall of the barn but after doing the front I decided to try something different. Using a small wire brush and following the grain it gives the impression of individual planks.

IMG_2086 IMG_2088











I put these pictures up on face book and got some good feedback, then someone suggested a ruined version of the barn would look good.

“Hmmmm a ruined barn you say, lets have a think about it”

After some soul searching (OK my I pod) I put on Jeff Wayne`s war of the worlds album, and then it hit me. A cylinder sticking out the side of a barn! I hunted hi and low looking for a tube of the right diameter to use as the base of the model, but had no luck.

I would need to make it from scratch!

Using some card  I made a rough mock up and then went on to cut up the blue foam and foam card for the proper model.



Above is the basic structure made from 10mm blue foam.
IMG_2096The next picture has had the “prototype” outer layer added, this has been replaced with 3mm blue foam wrapped round the out side. Which is currently clamped up and drying.

I have marked out the base ready to be cut out………………



Over the weekend I had time to work on my AQOTMF models, and make some terrain. I still had 2 Martian tripods to make and so I set about cleaning them up and assembling them.

The first one is armed with Green mist globes. I took the opportunity to use 2 of the “pose able” legs  and one of the “static” legs, which gives the model a crab like appearance. I also placed some slate pieces on the base to brake up the flatness of the base. I drilled two 1mm holes where the tip of the foot touched the slate, and added a small spot of super glue to hold the model in place. One thing that has impressed me is both the raised claw and basket that hold the globes, can have the globes added after you have finished painting!


The second one is armed with a black dust launcher, this one uses 3 “static” legs giving it the look of “taking aim”. I also drilled out the barrel of the launcher and the vents around the side.IMG_2094


So with all the starter set models assembled the 2 forces look like this.

IMG_2095Overall I am pleased with the quality of the models. And what you get for the money is great, the value of the models works out at £94.90 ($162.55) add in the rulebook and plastic tokens £21.75 ($37.24) add a bit extra for the book, all for £72.00 ($100.00).

Now lets see about breaking out the airbrush and compressor………………….