Posted: April 2, 2017 in Halo, terrain

Wow it’s been a while since I posted anything on here, and to be fair not much has happened. 

I have however been working away at the Halo: Ground Command starter set that I picked up before Christmas.  The change in scale (15mm rather than 32mm) has been a refreshing change, meaning normal infantry only need a base coat, wash, and dry brush to produce good results. 

The move over to a different scale, also means that 90% of my terrain is no good. So with an hour so each week I have started to make some new terrain, and revitalise my old realm of battle boards. It is making a nice change to make stuff from scratch rather than buying kits. 

Hopefully i can get some pictures on here at some stage.


Spartan – 117

Posted: December 19, 2016 in Halo

Where does time fly?

Around a year ago I picked up a copy of Halo: Fleet Battles and played a few games; however as with most things it was packed away and semi forgotten.

However the other week I was struck down with a nasty cold that has lead to an ear infection meaning I have been off work even longer. This in turn lead me to playing Halo: Reach on the Xbox 360. Now for some time I have been toying with the idea of picking up an Xbox One, but for one reason or another I have not.

Until the other day, when I took the plunge and picked one up along with the Master Chief collection and Halo 5.

But what has this got to do with my blog?

Well I also picked up a copy of Halo: Ground Command miniatures game from Spartan Games. Now normally when I get a new game I take lots of pictures of the contents fresh from the box, well not this time. When It arrived I dived inside and started making the models.

Once the filler has dried on the bases I can take some pictures.

Three come along at once!

Its been two months since my last post, and things are moving along swimmingly. The new job is going well, but it has had an effect on my hobby time.

However in the past week not one or two but three kickstarters have arrived.

First up we have Hawk Wargames: Dropfleet Commander which I back just before Christmas last year (2015) dscn1023However over time and after receiving the pledge I am on the fence as to weather I want to keep it or not.

Next Up we have the big one Monolith Games: Conan which was backed way back at the beginning of 2015.dscn0995This is only part of the pledge, their are still some expansions to ship in wave 2.

Lastly we have Mantic Games The Walking Dead: All Out War. Which I backed at the beginning of this year (2016) dscn1024

The question is were do I start?

Long term readers of my blog will know that a few years ago I had a major health scare. Meaning that I had to give up working, much to my disgust!

However it did allow me to spend some more time with my hobby (as well as do things around the house), whether it be working on my own models or doing other peoples.

However after a recent visit to the doctors, i have decided that its time to look at returning to work. Now as much as I loved my old job, it was one of the major factors in my health scare. As it involved lots of traveling, heavy lifting, long hours, and at times lots of stress.

Now to be fair, I have been looking for some months with out much luck (as one interview i went to, i was told i was over qualified!) However the other day I applied for a job, and had an interview in less than 48 hours. Its nothing special (5 days a week) which is a lot better than the 7 days that I used to do!

But what does that mean for my blog?

Well in a nut shell, it means I will have less time to spend on it. I will still make posts when I can, just not as regular as I do now.

I will still continue with the hobby, just this time round in a reduced capacity.


Or the early nighties. When I first got into wargaming, I use to play GW’s Epic line Adeptus Titanicus and Space Marine 1st edition. Back then both were set in the dark days of the Horus Heresy.

However it would not be long before both were discontinued to be replaced with Space Marine 2nd edition. Now I never owned either of the 1st edition games (it would be some years later that I picked them up second hand) but I used to play them round my one of my friends houses after school.

I did however own Space Marine 2nd edition, Titan Legions, Epic 40000, and Epic Armageddon. And out of the four games I liked Epic 40000 the best (shock horror). However about 15 years ago I manged to pick up both 1st edition games from eBay, however I never got round to playing them again.

But after my operation a few weeks ago I have had the chance to catch up on some reading in the form of two of the forge world Horus Heresy source books, as well as catching up with the Black Library audio books (I did used to read the novels on the way to work on the train). And with British weather turning wet and windy, the end of last week. Put paid to me working on the road tiles that I started last week (they say we are going to have a heat wave next!)

However it got me thinking about playing some games set in the Horus Heresy. Now don’t get me wrong I love the stuff that Forge World makes, however the prices are very high. And to be fair even a small army is going to set me back quite a bit, however I do have all those Epic models. Some of the models have had several coats of paint, and so are in need of stripping. Luckily now days you can get paint stripper that can be used on plastic, add to that the ultrasonic cleaner that I picked up the other year it should be a breeze to clean them up!

Best I get started…………

Following on from the previous two posts, I set about making the paved areas of the new corner sections. I did run through a number of ideas but, however I went for this method.

Above are the “before” and bellow are the “after” versions.

As you can see I have filled in the areas that needed filling with 3mm Blue Styrofoam, I had a number of sheets left over from a previous project. The undamaged tile (on the left) was a simple case of cutting three pieces for the main area. However one sheet was not thick enough, so I filled the bottom with off cuts. Once I had enough pieces cut I began gluing the pieces down with a solvent free grab adhesive. Once the bottom layer was glued down, I spread some more grab adhesive over the top and the started again. This time however the curve section proved to be harder to get into place and broke, meaning I needed to cut a replacement piece.

The “damaged” tile however needed a bit more work. This time I cut three rectangles and then cut them in to individual slabs. I then laid out all the slabs and worked out where I needed to cut them. I then added some broken bits of pipe behind the curb stones (which will allow me to add some water effects to a couple of the craters. When it come round to gluing the slabs in place I tried to make them look uneven with their spacing.

To help the grab adhesive set I placed a sheet of paper and a number of heavy books on to of the tiles. When the glue is dry I can the start adding in the individual slabs on the “clean” version and the cracks on to the “damaged” version.

I have also been toying with having a tile with a wrecked vehicle fixed to it. I have a number of “donor” vehicles that I have had for a number of years, most of which have bits missing from them.

So after converting up two of my Secret Weapon Tablescape tiles see here Part 1. I now needed to make at least 1 corner section, but in the end I made two!

Firstly these tiles are a little bit more difficult than the previous two as they both involve a fair amount of bending.

Secondly the materials are the same except for the addition of a sheet of Styrene Sheet 0.40″ (1.0mm) thick.

And Finally if you are going to convert your tiles plan it out first!

So first up is the “Damaged” corner.

This was the second corner that I made, but this one was the easiest of the two. It started life as the “loading bays”  from Part 1 (this time made right) with the addition of some scrapes left over from the “clean” version. The only difference is the curb stones were bent into shape with the aid of some boiling water, due to their sorter length.

Next is the “Clean” corner.

This one was a little bit more Involved than the “damaged” version and required a fair amount of setting out. It would look better if the lower right corner was curved like the other side, but if I remove that section then I will need to replace the road. I started by fixing four tiles together with the clips, and then with my wood working compass marked out the radius (you could also use anything curved that is large enough). Having marked up the tile, i took the Styrene Sheet and marked the radius onto that. I then cut the Styrene Sheet with a scalpel with a new blade (any sharp hobby knife will do), take you time and make several light cuts. Now you need to cut that radius in to a curved strip about 10mm wide, the “inside” edge does not need to be spot on a few millimeters over will be fine.Once you have cut this strip it can be glued in place with plastic glue and left to dry.

I then took a piece of Evergreen strip 196 (.188 x.188″ 4.8 x 4.8mm) and filled down one end with a round file, so the it matched the corner on the tile. Working from one end I drilled a 1mm hole though the strip, styrene sheet and the tile and inserted a pin, to act as an “anchor”. And then about every 35mm, to hold the radius in place. Once I got to the end I marked up where the cut needed to be made and marked up the curve like the other end. Before gluing it in place mark up the “joints” of the stones the same way as the dead end in part 1. Then glue in place and insert the pins to hold it in place (I left mine over night).

Now all I need to do is work out the new pavements, however this time the “damaged” version will need a little more work.