Any one who has followed this blog for sometime, will know that I picked up the Secret Weapon Tablescape tiles a few years back via their Kick starter. Since I received them, I have played a fair few games on them.

However one thing I have not done is paint them. I have many many times thought about it, however I have never got round to it for one reason or another.

However the other day while setting up a game I decided that it was time to give them a lick of paint. But before I even put any paint on the tiles I decided to convert a few of them to give me a little more variation.

If you want to have a look at the tiles look here

Part 1 and here Part 4.

The first thing I did was sort out what I have, and starting with the “damaged” tiles I had the following.

Foundation “A” large rubble pile x 2

Foundation “B” Rubble filled hole x 4

Foundation “C” Cracked pavement x 4

Straight “A” Rubble both Sides x 1

Straight “B” Damaged Pavements x 2

Straight “C” Craters on road and pavement x 3

“T” Junction Raised road x 1

“X” Junction craters x 3

Moving on to the “clean” tiles, I have

Foundation “D” Paved x 4

Foundation “E” Smooth  x 4

Straight “D” Man hole in road x 3

Straight “E” Grills on pavement x 2

“T” Junction x 2

“X” Junction x 3

“Grav” Plate x  1

Security Barrier x 1

So in total I have 40 tiles of which I use at most 20 (for a 5ft x 4ft area). Out of these I use maybe 1 out of the 6 “X” junctions, while both the “Grav” plate and the Security Barrier have never been used. This Gives me 5 tiles to work with ( I will keep 1 of each “X” junction and the barrier as they are).

Now while Mr Justin at Secret Weapon did an excellent job designing the tiles, I have always wondered why their were no corners or dead end tiles. There have been many times when I have set up the tiles and one or the other would have been ideal! So with this in mind I set about trying to figure out the best way to go about converting them up.

First up is the “Dead end” tile

I used Evergreen strip styrene 148 (.040 x .188″ 1.0 x 4.8mm) and 196 (.188 x.188″ 4.8 x 4.8mm) to recreate the curb stones between the pavements. I then lined up the “new” curb with a foundation tile and made a series of shallow cuts, which were then filed with a needle file to create the individual curb stones. For the lower section I cut each one slightly undersized to create the gaps in between them.

Next we have some Loading bays.

This one can only be described as a “moment of Madness”. As I said I have only ever used at most 1 “X” junction and the chances of me using 6 are a million to one!  This one started life as the prototype corner, however I glued the curb stones along the wrong edge! (see the left picture, they were supposed to go along the bottom edge) However all was not lost, and now it is just a different type of corner. It was made in the same way as the dead end tile, but with the addition of a broken pipe in to one of the craters (allowing me to add some water effect).

Overall I am pleased with how they have both turned out, and while the glue dries on the two corners sections I can start thinking about colours!


I’ve been out of action for the past week and a bit, after having a small operation. Meaning I missed most of the rumors behind a new 40k starter set, however by the time I had recovered I missed the opportunity to pre-order from my usual online store. So I took a chance and ordered from a different online store.

The Outpost

Now I have never used these guys before for a Pre-order, however it turned up just before 8am on the day of release (much better than my usual online store)DSCN0977If you pre-ordered from The Outpost they offered all of the above for £110.00 (RRP £145.50). Now I don’t normally pick up things like dice but when I worked out the value of the bundle over buying the items individually it only worked out about £5 more.

Now first things first this is NOT a new edition of 40k (It is still the 7th edition), in fact the only thing different about the A5 rule book is the cover.It does however mark the first time that the Deathwatch have had a full codex.

Inside the box you will find 12 Deathwatch models and an upgrade sprue, 17 Eldar Harlequins models as well as the A5 rule book and mission booklet. It is however lacking dice and templates meaning you need to pick these up as well. To be fair for me its not a major problem (as i have enough of both) however for someone walking in store and picking it up as a gift may prove a problem for some!

Any way on to the models, I will skip most of the Eldar Harlequins as they have been around for sometime (I will visit them at a later date).

DSCN0981First up is Eldrad Ulthran the bad guy (or good guy) of the set. Its nice to see a plastic version of this model as the old model is around 20 years old! this time round he is in more of a fluid pose the the old metal model. He also has the option of having an out stretched hand (with his witch blade on his back) or holding his witch blade. Too be fair I do like the eldar, however the last time I played a game with them was way back when the 2nd edition codex was released! Maybe its time I had another look at them.

Also in the box are 12 Harlequins, 1 Death Jester, 1 Voidreaver, and 2 Skyweavers.


DSCN0980Next we move on to the Deathwatch marines. First up on the left is the Deathwatch upgrade sprue consisiting of 12 Deathwatch shoulder pads (10 for normal marines and 2 for terminators) 2 heads, 1 torso, 1 power weapon, and 3 icons. Of everything on the sprue the only let down is the rather boring power sword. Next on the right is watch captain Artemis who is gracing the 40k universe for the the second time. Yes I said for the second time, Artemis was the original deathwatch space marine featured in the inquisitor game! He has however had a slight upgrade from his inquisitor days in the form of a combi-flamer and a statis bomb. I have to say I was a little bit shocked to see Artemis, however his rules are only in the Death Masque set and not in the codex.

DSCN0982Finally we have the Deathwatch kill team sprue, with this sprue you can make a 5 man kill team (there are only 5 DW shoulder pads on the sprue) armed to the teeth. their are also 17 chapter specific shoulder pads, meaning with this sprue and the upgrade sprue you can convert up some other marines. All the first founding chapters have shoulder pads on the sprue, as well as a number of successor chapters. Both the torsos and backpacks have had a “redesign”. You also get a new storm shield (that fits both normal marines and terminators), a frag cannon, and a juicy new heavy bolter with under slung heavy flamer! However the strangest thing on the sprue is the Necron sword.

Also in the box are a Venerable Dreadnought and 5 Vanguard Veterans however, as with the Harlequin models I have not taken any pictures as the models have been around for sometime now. In total for the £95 rrp you get £113 rrp worth of eldar models (not including Eldrad) so value wise buy the time you add in the marines, it is worth the money for two starter armies.

However if you own Deathwatch overkill, you have a nice 1265 point army by combining the two. 730 from death masque and 535 from overkill (overkill points based on the White Dwarf weekly)

Now where are all my left over Space Marine bitz………………………………………

Way back in 2013 I back a project on kick starter called All Quite On The Martian Front. Now for me this was a wargame I had been waiting for since I first got into the hobby, being a fan of H.G.wells book (and the Jeff Wayne musical).

And after a number of delays stuff started to arrive, However the company (Alien Dungeon) had vastly under estimated things. Namely the cost to make the models and the cost of shipping (especially to over seas backers). However after many,many lies from Evil Ernie (as he seems to have been named on the various forums) Alien Dungeon closed its doors at the beginning of this year. To be fair you would think that it would have been AD who were at fault, however Evil Ernie blamed it all on the backers for “wanting to much”

In the end it left me and many backers missing the remaining items.

Now to be fair what I received did make up for a fair chunk of what I paid for, however the bulk of my additional money was for the “bigger” stuff. And so, as were many other I was left out of pocket.

However a new company has acquired the AQOTMF range (and stock) and has started selling them again.

All Quite On The Martian Front.

And while I have no chance of seeing what I paid for in the KS, I wish them all the best. If they mange to get a UK distributor then I may well blow the dust of the models and pick up the missing models. As well as get back out their and push it in my local store (it went down very well last time!).


Over the past few weeks I have been busy with my gaming group, working on our INQ-28 campaign that we plan on running in September.

For that I have set up a new blog rather than fill this one up.

Tales From The Underhive

Any way to help with the INQ-28 games (and of coarse 40k) I decided to pick up GW’s Munitorum Armored Containers, that were released a few weeks ago.


Inside the box you get 3 containers, 9 barrels, and 12 crates, all for £30.00.

You get 3 of the same sprue, with each one containing 1 container, 3 barrels, and 4 crates. One thing that does stand out, is that the models are not covered in the Gothic overtones of the 40k universe . Meaning they could easily be used with any other Sci-Fi (or at a push modern) game. However the one let down of the set are the crates, unlike their predecessor (from the late nighties). These are open bottomed, where as the old ones could have the lids left off to revile the contents (in the form of a piece that showed various ammo clips).

Also in the box is a rules sheet, just to add that little extra into your games. And In all fairness it is something better suited to small engagements (a squad or two) rather than a full blown game.

All in all a nice little set, and provides your troops with some much needed cover!

The past few weeks (or months) have lead to a loss of my gaming  and painting”mojo”. To be fair I have started painting a fair few models, but for some reason when it comes to finishing them off I fall flat on my face. Gaming wise I have only been playing “board” games rather than proper “wargames”.

However in some vain hope of getting some inspiration, I took a trip to my “not so” local gaming club. Now when I say not so local it is not the twenty minute round trip that it used to be. Now I have been a few times since it moved a few years ago, however its now an hour round trip. And so a few of us, started gaming round at mine once sometimes twice a week. However since the beginning of the year we have been meeting up less regular (which may have lead to me losing my mojo).

However back to the gaming club. It was good to see a new influx of new players, as well as meeting the new organizer. Their were however a few new games being played, as well as a few that I tried to get started but for one reason or another they never took off. One of which was INQ-28.

Now I tried to get some momentum going last year for INQ-28, but it was not received all that well. And was cast to one side. Then again at the beginning of this year I tried again but again it fell by the wayside. However after seeing it played at the club I may well give it one more push, especially after seeing it re-scaled down to a 2 foot x 2 foot board! After all you only need a maximum of 5 models per side, and by using a smaller gaming area gives for a nice close firefight. With out the need for loads of terrain, it also allows you to make several “sets” of terrain like a section of a city or jungle. Or perhaps something totally different like the in side of a factory, or the bowels of a star-ship!

Best I go looking for those Inquisitors that I started converting a while ago…………………

Way back when I was a kid, I used to play the old Space crusade game as well as Hero Quest. Now in all fairness I played more of Space Crusade than I did Hero Quest, as back then I was more of a Sci-fi fan. However Hero quest did lead me on to playing Advanced Hero Quest, and then further down the line Warhammer Quest.

Now its fair to say WHQ took up a lot of my time when it was released, back then their was no internet community fan articles were published in GW`s citadel journal magazine which was published every two months. And add on the odd article that was published in white dwarf, WHQ expanded with many new settings and monsters.

Now in the intervening years I have dusted of WHQ a few times. However with it being a “dead” game with no support over the years, campaigns have not lasted all that long.

How ever it was while watching the following video

Why Hero Quest Is So Great!

That I decided it was time to delve into some dark and dangerous dungeons, in search of fame and fortune!

Now my copy of Warhammer Quest is lacking all of its models, so  that’s out of the window. My copy of Hero Quest (and all of the expansions) were sold on eBay many many years ago, so that one is also out the window.

The only other option is to pick up a new game! and thankfully these days it is a lot easier to pick a game that you like the rules off. Thanks in part to the advent of PDF files of the rules, and other peoples reviews on the internet.

So I started of researching all the different games that are classed as “dungeon crawl” games. Now to be fair I did look a fair few games, most were “off the shelf” boxed sets, but a few were print and play.

In the end I went with Mantic`s Dungeon Saga. For the simple reason the rules seem to be nice and simple, they are not overly complex with loads of charts to remember.It can also be played solo with the aid of the Adventures Companion book, which also lets you to create your own hero (halfling barbarian any one!).

With any luck my copy will arrive tomorrow!

Its fair to say over the last few years I have drifted away from large scale (mass battles) wargames and moved on to small (skirmish) games. This all come about from my change of life style two years ago, leading me to have a lot more free time on my hands. It has also lead me into solo gaming, with the likes of Zombicide, Incursion, and a few others.

However I have always had an “itch” to get back into “dungeon crawl” type games, granted a few years ago I did start playing Warhammer Quest which has to be one of my favorite games. However it was short lived. I could have picked up GW’s new Warhammer Quest – Silver Towers game, however I have my doubts that it would live up to its predecessor!

One of the main reasons that I backed Mantic Games Deadzone v1 was for the solo play, however I could never get my head round the rules. And so for the best part it ended up being shelved. However with the DZ v2 kickstarter last year I had high hopes, but however the solo rules (or AI deck as it was known) are gone. Maybe they will return in a future supplement, who knows.

Zombicide by CMON, can also be played solo. And I have played many games on my own (quite a few when I was laid up in hospital) However the original seasons 1-3 were set in the modern day, while the new Black Plague is set in medieval times and while not relay a “dungeon crawl” it would at a push, pass for one  (especially some of the bigger monsters). CMON have just launched a new KS project called “Massive Darkness” however it is not going to be ready to ship until April 2017, and as much as I like most of the models  I think I will have to pass it by.

However I still have this “itch” for a good old fashioned “dungeon crawl” featuring orcs and goblins, skeletons, and all the rest. This does however lead on to Mantic`s Dungeon Saga. Now first off, I passed on the Kickstarter. At the time I had no interested in the project, and as with a few of their projects there were a fair few problems. However most of them seem to have been sorted out now. I have how ever manged to get hold of a KS backers pledge for a very good price.

Now I just have to wait for it to arrive………