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Posted: January 26, 2016 in 7TV, Space Wolves

Time does not fly by when you are ill.

Since the 3rd, I have once again been stuck in hospital.

Which was not how I planned on spending the start of 2016!

I had hoped to have made some progress with the Space Wolves, but unfortunately they have been untouched since I did my test model on new years eve.

I have however received my 7TV 2nd edition boxed set (I’ve not had chance to look at it yet) and a Space Wolves plastic Dreadnought.

I just need to get back in to the swing of things……………………………………………


My Goals For 2016………………..

Posted: January 1, 2016 in 7TV

Happy New Year!

First off it is hard to believe that this blog has now entering its forth year!

As 2016 marks my 25th year of gaming, I am going to (re) start one of my old armies in the form of my Space Wolves. This time however I am going to use all the nice shiny plastic kits that have been released over the past few years since the Space Wolves codex was released.

I also intend to get back into 7TV when the 2nd edition boxed set is released.

Another thing on the “to do” list is get into INQ-28 as it seems to be gaining a bit of a following around here at the moment.

Back in the 70`s the poor Doctor was exiled to earth by the time lords. This lead to the doctor working with U.N.I.T.

When I pulled out the “not” 11th and 12th doctors from my box of Doctor Who models, I also pulled out 15 “not” UNIT models.

First up we have Captain Yates, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, and Sargent Benton.

Followed on by 2 squads of 6 troopers  (4 with SLR`s and 2 with SMG`s)

I went with the following paints

AP: Army painter.         GW: GAmes Workshop.       VA: Vallejo.

Uniform: (AP) Army Green washed, with (GW) Athonion Camoshade wash,  and a dry brush of Army Green.

Pouches and webbing: (VA) 887 Brown Violet.

Beret: (GW) Zandri Dust.

Boots: (GW) Abaddon Black.

Guns: (GW) Abaddon Black, and Leadbelcher.

Hair: (VA) 872 Chocolate Brown.

Skin: (GW) Bugmans Glow,Cadian Flesh, Kislev Flesh. Followed by a wash of Reikland Flesh

Of coarse a UNIT force would not be the same with out the 3rd Doctor and Jo Grant.


Next up we have the 12th doctor with Osgood and Clara Oswald.

And finally we have 11th Doctor companion Rory Williams, as well as the 10th Doctors companions Donna Noble and Martha Jones.

Now I just need to figure out what to do for the bases?


I am still struggling to get back into “hobby” mode, despite my nice new painting light arriving yesterday morning!

I have been re-reading the 7TV rulebook and its supplements (Summer Special, On Location, Heroes and Villains Guides) in some vain hope of jump starting my creativity. For those not in the “know”, 7tv set in the 60’s and 70’s and is based on cult TV programs (you can create your own or use the pre-generated ones). Now I have always had a soft spot for 7TV, and have not played the game in a few years.

Now one of the things that I miss about the hobby is making terrain. Back when I first got into wargaming terrain was made from boxes and books, to represent buildings and hills. Coloured pieces of paper or cloth, were used for trees, rivers, and fields. As time went by I learnt how to make terrain from polystyrene and foam core, as well as scratch built trees from wire.

However a few company’s begun making resin terrain (which was often very tacky). Then came the card kits for buildings, which were quickly followed on by “hybrid” plastic and card kits.

Now in the past 10 years “plastic” terrain has become the norm. Hills, trees, buildings, ruins, etc. Can all be bought in plastic. Another “new” comer in the past few years are laser cut MDF building kits, most of which need no glue to assemble them and can be flat Packed away.

How ever getting back to 7TV, I would like to go back to the grass roots of wargaming. And in much the same way as a set designer on a cult TV program make scenery from basic materials. Its early days but hopefully it will be the spark I need to get the “hobby” mode started again!

I have to say I am struggling to get motivated with any “hobby” time over the past few weeks.

It all started when I cleared the paint station.

I did however manage to finish of the JD Judges and 3 (of the 4) Dark Judges, as well as all of the plastic terminators for Terminator: Genisys. Everything else has been put away, so that hopefully I can start from scratch.

However It has not happened, It may well have something to do with both the change in the weather and the clocks going back. Meaning its is darker one hour earlier. Add to that my Painting light broke at the beginning of the year (something that slipped my mind and was forgotten).

I Have however been reading 7tv from Crooked dice, in preparation for the new 2nd edition being released within the next few months. Which in turn has made me work up a few “rough” cast lists for a Doctor Who game of the The Invasion from 1968.

Hopefully the new light I have ordered will Inspire me to get back to painting…………………………………….

Way back in the mists of time I played a game called Mordheim from GW  and was very active on the various forums and groups at the time. One of the thing that I helped develop was a set of rules for fighting battles in sewers, and with all intentions making a 3D terrain set up. But with one thing and another the 3D set up got pushed to one side and my Warhammer Quest tiles were used as the layout to test the rules. A few months later some one sent me a link (its not the same link as the website has moved and changed over the years!).

But by now Mordheim was being played less and less, and other games were being played. But I really liked the look of the sewer terrain and always thought that one day I would own some.

Roll on to 2006 and the classic Doctor Who story makes it on to DVD, now I had seen screen captures for the episode but had never seen it on VHS. And to my surprise it featured a scene with Zoe,Jamie and UNIT in the sewers being chased by Cybermen again the Ainsty Sewer models sprang to mind and shortly afterwards the Doctor Who miniatures game appeared on the internet.

Since 2006 I have planned to buy the sewer set at least 5 times but for one reason or  another I have not purchased it. Until a few weeks ago!

I am on both the Doctor Who miniatures game and 7TV Action groups on face book and by chance someone was selling the basic sewer set, expansion set and a few other pieces for £100 inc postage.

How could  I refuse such an offer! well I did not and it is on its way to me now!

But my problem is, What colours do I use?

Its been a quite few days I have tried to do some painting, but in two days I have painted 16  models. But I did come across a video the other day from the BBC which explains the John Hurt” Doctor” (or 8.5 as he has become known).

Shadows Of Brimstone is going great guns at the moment having raised  $818.006 and their are still 9 days to go. Now when i joined up with it the total was hovering around the $650.000 mark that was 8 days ago since then a number of stretch goals have been unlocked, including 18 new figures and 2 new card decks. Also added are 1 new mission pack, 1 new XL monster, and 1 new otherworld. These 3 are free for pledges of mine cart or as paid add-ons to anyone else.

AvP seems to have lost some of its momentum at the moment, mainly due to the update 11 last night that stated the £185.000 stretch goal would be £15 free credit to any one that pledged above £210.00 ‘If it Bleeds We can Kill it!’. This in turn caused a backlash of comment from people moaning, this then caused Prodos to release update 12 which stated that one of the guys wife was expecting a baby and if they were over £170.000 everyone at ‘payback time’ (£125.00)  level would get £10 free credit. Some how I think the guys at Prodos are loosing it with this KS.

As it stands at the moment  my pledge of ‘Get to the Chopper’ gets me’

The Base Game for £25.00

£250.00 worth of models.

Free digital Wargames version of the rules

£55.00 worth of free models (including the berserker predator)

Now the one problem I do have is some of the pictures that have been used manly, The berserker predator, sentry guns and Alien royal guard, Are ALL Photoshopped pictures.

The berserker predator is a collectors statue.

The sentry guns are from a props store in the USA.

And the royal guard is a McFarlane action figure that has been customised.

When I brought this up on a forum I saw them on, I was set on by the person that had posted the pictures telling me I had “no proof” so with the aid of Google I searched and found all 3 of them. The person never said sorry, but has also not posted any thing since………..