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So Infinity: Operation Icestorm turned up the other week from the trade that I did for some Space marines. Now I chucked in a few extra Marine bits in with the deal and the person I dealt with did the same. So I ended up with the Operation Icestorm set, the Caledonian Highlander set, and the limited corporate security unit model! Out of everything only the highlanders have been assembled, and the CSU model has been primed white. Everything else is still bagged up in their boxes.

Now the first thing I have to point out is, you DO NOT get a full rulebook! It only contains a small portion of the rules (for the models in the set) you will need to either download (for free) or purchase the full rulebook to gain all the rules.

The second thing I have to point out is, On the back of the box it states that you get a “full colour 64 page Infinity Operation Icestorm A4 tutorial rulebook” however the rulebook is half English and half Spanish so the rule book is only 32 pages.

Inside the box you will find two card boxes one with the Panoceania models inside and the Nomads in the other. Each model is bagged separately.

Their is also a plastic wrap bundle which contains the gaming mat (23″x 33″), buildings and counters, mine was open so the rule book may have been inside. The gaming mat and buildings can be purchased separately (as the Moto.tronica scenery pack) The gaming mat can also be purchased as a “rubber” version similar to the one in Deadzone.

You also get 6 dice.

Now one thing to bear in mind to all the 40K players (like me) that want to try Infinity. Is that Infinity is a skirmish game with between 5 and 20 models, similar to Necromunda/Mordheim. you do not need loads of models to begin with. The best way to describe Infinity, is as a small special forces raid type game. Using specialist troops to attack some vital location (ammo dump, command centre, etc). And like Necromunda you will need lots and lots of terrain.

Now I have always wanted to find a decent “special forces” type skirmish game, the last one I came across was a game called Sabotage by a company called TFT. It was a nice rule set that was a hybrid wargame and RPG, but TFT vanished and so did the game (and figures). I had high hopes that Deadzone would be my skirmish game replacement, but I found it let me down on all fronts (rules and models).

I am looking forward to getting in some games, and seeing what its like!




While browsing Facebook the other day one of the trading groups that I am in, had someone selling the Infinity Operation: Icestorm starter set. Now I have been eyeing this up for some time now, mainly down to the fact that I like the Anime look of the models. The person selling it wanted ¬£50.00 or a trade for some 40k Space Marines (got loads of them still on their sprues!) In the end we went with the trade, I’ve sent the marines this morning and they have sent Operation: Icestorm this afternoon. Now I know that the starter set contains the basic rules (unlike 40k which contains most of the rules) but it never hurts to pick up the full rulebook.

Now It turned up a little while ago along with 3 models and a set of Holo ads, all of which I ordered from Element Games. Now they do offer a super fast service, if its in stock and ordered by 3pm then it will be dispatched that day. I place my order at 2.40pm and it was picked, packed and shipped before 5pm.

Now I only ordered 2 models and so was surprised to see a 3rd model in the form of the limited edition Authorized Bounty Hunter, which was given away free with pre-orders of the book. The 2 models that I ordered were PanOceania Fusilier Sniper and the Nomad Alguaciles Sniper so I can expand the models in the starter set!

The other thing that I ordered was a set of Holo Ads made by Micro Art Studios. You get a A4 size piece of 3mm MDF laser etched (and cut) and 3 perspex graphic panels.

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender









As you can see from the 2 pictures the MDF parts have details etched on to them and look like they will go together well. Their is however the burnt smell from where the laser has cut the MDF. The graphic panels have nice crisp images on them. All 3 have a protective film on one side but nothing on the graphic side, and the larger one of the three has some scratches on it where it has slid in the packet. The one in the bottom right of the picture has had the film removed which makes the print more vivid in colour. I have never worked with laser cut MDF before and hopefully the “burnt” smell will fade. I like the look of the Micro Arts line for Infinity and will proberly end up buying some more of it in a few weeks time.

Hopefully I will also be able to use the Deadzone terrain that I have got!