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Something Stirs In The Warp

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Chaos

I’ve always liked Chaos in the 40k universe, when I first got into 40k chaos was a miss match of Deamons, Cultists, and Chaos Space Marines all rolled into one little package. But in 1996 codex chaos was released this prompted me to collect a force of space marines from the iron warriors legion. Since then I have moved on to other armies and sadly the iron warriors are long gone, I did dabble with the emperors children some years ago and I also did some Warriors of Chaos last year. But I have never tried to do a Deamon army so after trading some Warriors of Chaos stuff that’s been hanging around for some time, i now have a lord of change,2 blood crushers and 10 pink horrors. I also have some plague bearers and a greater deamon of nugle and some daemonettes left over from my emperors children. I may re-start my emperors children and bring them back to the table top, I enjoyed working on them it allowed me to do some small minor conversions that looked good but did not push them to far. Hopefully I will be able to salvage something from them………………


Collecting A Wargames Army.

Posted: January 27, 2012 in Warhammer 40000

When it comes to collecting a army it all boils down to personal taste of “what do you want?” from the army. As over the years I have collected most of the 40k armies I have always followed one simple rule, follow your gut instincts.

When I started my Blood angels back in 2010 i was drawn to them because of the 2nd edition boxed set and the memory’s I had from reading the back ground in that set.

The same goes for my Catachan Imperial Guard army from 1998, I had been watching some old war films based in Burma and decided that my guardsmen would take the form of the regiment featured in the film.

If you see a model that grabs your imagination then follow it up, read up about them. The internet is full of useful and not so useful bits of information. Ask fellow gamers about the army, old veterans can be a useful source. Pick up the codex/army book this is a must, but don`t jump in feet first and buy the book and enough models to field a 2000 point army. This can lead to you losing heart with the army and not wanting to finish it and end up boxing it up and not using it.

I will always remember an old friend of mine that wanted to get into Warhammer 40000 when I was at school he had a look at my White Dwarfs, and decided that he wanted to do a Space Wolves army. A few weeks later was his birthday and he had asked for some Space Wolves, well he got what he wanted but the army never relay got that far out of the 40 odd models that he got maybe 5 got finished the rest remained in their boxes. never to see the light of day…………

Once you have chosen your army, follow it up. If you bought one model that grabbed your imagination pick up a basic squad like , tactical marines, ork boyz, fire warriors, etc. work your way through the squad and then move on to something else. A good way of collecting  the army is to work to a plan, work out a core army list of 500 points and then set a deadline to work to. And then when you have finished that section move on to another.

Building your army like this allows you to work on “manageable” chunks. Work you way to a set goal and set your self a time limit, so a 3000 point army in 6-7 months (that’s 500 points a month with one month as a back up). You could save something special until last just to top the army off, be it a conversion, special character, or a large war machine like a super heavy tank.

Always remember its your army, you choose the units, you assemble the units, you choose the paint scheme, and you sit back and look at them  and go


So this year marks 25 years of warhammer 40000 and I have been with it for 21 years. It all started with Space Hulk 1st edition, then I moved on to Space Marine 2nd edition, and then came the 2nd edition of Warhammer 40000. This is where it all began for me, and now fast forward to now 2012 this year brings two limited edition models and rumours of a 6th edition.

The one on the left is based on the original cover for the Rouge Trader book (the 1st edition of 40k) and while being a great model, It just does not capture the feel of the original cover. Maybe if their were a few more marines involved then it would look like the original cover

The one on the right is based on the art work for the 2nd edition boxed set. Now this one does capture the feel of the the art work, you can just feel the power of the space marine from the pose of the model.

Hmmm I need a games table/board part 2

Posted: January 25, 2012 in terrain

So I took the plunge grabbed the credit card and ordered my Realm of battle board from Maelstrom Games and the expansion from Games Workshop on Sunday 22nd of January.

Maelstrom Games don’t have it in stock but will order it in and dispatch when ready (this is normal for them).

Games Workshop also don’t have it in stock and it is expected to ship within one to two weeks (that’s fine by me its no good on its own).

Then to my surprise on Monday the 23rd I get an email from GW say “my realm of battle expansion has been dispatched”. Not to worry the British postal service is not the best it could still take a week to turn up………….

Yeah right 9:37 am on Tuesday the 24th of January I have a knock on the door. It’s my expansion, I take it in and open it up.

Well I am impressed, Each board measures 610mm x 610mm x 10mm. If I had bought the whole set from GW mail order it would have cost me £211.50 Which would work out at £26.43 per board. But as I have paid £185.15 for my set it has worked out at £23.14 per board.

When you compare the weight of each board to a boxed set such as a le men russ battle tank, the price of each board is clearly in my opinion better value. I can see why many people have voiced their concerns over the RoB, but I think they need to look at it for what it is worth more so then anything else.

Over the years i have spent a fair amount of money on GW products, £100.00 on the imperial city, £100.00 on 10 le men russ battle tanks. the list could go on forever.

So to sum up. From what I have seen from the expansion I would say that the RoB is worth the money, and for all those people out their that have complained about the skulls. They can be removed from it, and as I plan to do replace some of them with water pools.

Now comes the hard part of what colours do i use…………………

Captain Tycho

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Armageddon, Blood angels, Orks

One of my favourite models after his first appearance in White Dwarf 166 using the old Blood Angles captain. It would be  issue 193 before Tycho would return as this model.

Urban Warfare Part 3

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Cities Of Death, terrain

A collection of ruins that I have been working on as well as the space marine statue  and  broken Aquila from the honoured imperium boxed set

Commander Farsight

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Tau

Ever since I first read the Tau codex when it first came out in 2001, I took a liking to commander Farsight. I don’t know why perhaps it is because he likes bashing greenskins to a pulp, or it is because you can field battlesuits as troops .

Any way zip forward to 2005 and a new edition of  the codex is released and Farsight is now classed as an outcast from the Tau. Why no one knows has he turned over to the path of chaos ? have the necrons had a had in his fate? or is he just really pissed at the Ethereals?

In the 2005 codex was this picture which inspired me to convert my model in to something close to it.