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I’ve been out of action for the past week and a bit, after having a small operation. Meaning I missed most of the rumors behind a new 40k starter set, however by the time I had recovered I missed the opportunity to pre-order from my usual online store. So I took a chance and ordered from a different online store.

The Outpost

Now I have never used these guys before for a Pre-order, however it turned up just before 8am on the day of release (much better than my usual online store)DSCN0977If you pre-ordered from The Outpost they offered all of the above for £110.00 (RRP £145.50). Now I don’t normally pick up things like dice but when I worked out the value of the bundle over buying the items individually it only worked out about £5 more.

Now first things first this is NOT a new edition of 40k (It is still the 7th edition), in fact the only thing different about the A5 rule book is the cover.It does however mark the first time that the Deathwatch have had a full codex.

Inside the box you will find 12 Deathwatch models and an upgrade sprue, 17 Eldar Harlequins models as well as the A5 rule book and mission booklet. It is however lacking dice and templates meaning you need to pick these up as well. To be fair for me its not a major problem (as i have enough of both) however for someone walking in store and picking it up as a gift may prove a problem for some!

Any way on to the models, I will skip most of the Eldar Harlequins as they have been around for sometime (I will visit them at a later date).

DSCN0981First up is Eldrad Ulthran the bad guy (or good guy) of the set. Its nice to see a plastic version of this model as the old model is around 20 years old! this time round he is in more of a fluid pose the the old metal model. He also has the option of having an out stretched hand (with his witch blade on his back) or holding his witch blade. Too be fair I do like the eldar, however the last time I played a game with them was way back when the 2nd edition codex was released! Maybe its time I had another look at them.

Also in the box are 12 Harlequins, 1 Death Jester, 1 Voidreaver, and 2 Skyweavers.


DSCN0980Next we move on to the Deathwatch marines. First up on the left is the Deathwatch upgrade sprue consisiting of 12 Deathwatch shoulder pads (10 for normal marines and 2 for terminators) 2 heads, 1 torso, 1 power weapon, and 3 icons. Of everything on the sprue the only let down is the rather boring power sword. Next on the right is watch captain Artemis who is gracing the 40k universe for the the second time. Yes I said for the second time, Artemis was the original deathwatch space marine featured in the inquisitor game! He has however had a slight upgrade from his inquisitor days in the form of a combi-flamer and a statis bomb. I have to say I was a little bit shocked to see Artemis, however his rules are only in the Death Masque set and not in the codex.

DSCN0982Finally we have the Deathwatch kill team sprue, with this sprue you can make a 5 man kill team (there are only 5 DW shoulder pads on the sprue) armed to the teeth. their are also 17 chapter specific shoulder pads, meaning with this sprue and the upgrade sprue you can convert up some other marines. All the first founding chapters have shoulder pads on the sprue, as well as a number of successor chapters. Both the torsos and backpacks have had a “redesign”. You also get a new storm shield (that fits both normal marines and terminators), a frag cannon, and a juicy new heavy bolter with under slung heavy flamer! However the strangest thing on the sprue is the Necron sword.

Also in the box are a Venerable Dreadnought and 5 Vanguard Veterans however, as with the Harlequin models I have not taken any pictures as the models have been around for sometime now. In total for the £95 rrp you get £113 rrp worth of eldar models (not including Eldrad) so value wise buy the time you add in the marines, it is worth the money for two starter armies.

However if you own Deathwatch overkill, you have a nice 1265 point army by combining the two. 730 from death masque and 535 from overkill (overkill points based on the White Dwarf weekly)

Now where are all my left over Space Marine bitz………………………………………


On the 5th of march Deathwatch: Overkill hit the shelves of gaming stores across the world. My copy arrived in the post in the morning from the nice people at Element Games.

After ripping open the box and drooling over the nice new plastic models I put it to one side and carried on with everyday life. Yesterday evening I had a chance to look at everything properly and read through the rules.

As you can see the box has a nice glossy finish, it is the “standard” GW sized box (Age Of Sigmar/ Dark Vengeance) with pictures of the painted models around the edge of the back box.

Inside are the rule book and assembly guide, as well as a range ruler, 6 dice, a set of character cards, a set of cult ambush cards, and 8 board sections. The rules Only take up 7 pages (of which part of the page is taken up with background info). 4 pages make up a ‘eavy metal colour spread on the models. And 20 pages make up the 9 missions. The boards are the same quality as the ones found in Space Hulk complete with the Embossed details.

On to the models, you get 11 Deathwatch members all drawn from different chapters (some of which have separate chapter shoulder pads). All of the models are covered in their chapter iconography, with the Salamanders Terminator and the Blood Ravens Librarian stand out as two of my favourite models!

Next  we have the sprue with the Patriarch, Magus, Primus and Familiars. Out of all the models the Patriarch has been around for a few years in the form of the Broodlord in the tyranid list, both the Magus and the Familiars have been missing for some years, and the Primus is a new strain of Hybrid.

Finally we have the sprue with all the other cult models (their are two of these in the box) It is made up of

1st and 2nd generation Hybrids (on 32mm bases) x 12.

3rd and 4th generation Hybrids (on 25mm bases)  x 16.

Purestrain Genestealers (on 32mm bases) x 2.

Abberants (on 32mm bases) x 4.

Out of all the models in the box, it is the Cult models that I am interested in more, and hopefully they will get the Mini-dex treatment like the Harlequins, Imperial Knights, Adeptus Mechanicus,and Militarum Tempestus have had.

40K rules can be found in Issues 109 and 110 of White Dwarf weekly or for free here

Hopefully a cult limo model will be made………………………….


Over the past 10 years or so their have been many rumours about the deathwatch in 40k. From the 3rd elusive Inquisitor codex for 3rd/4th edition, up until the upgrade sprue for the sternguard last year.

However it was leaked the other day that February 27th will be the pre-order date for GW’s next board game Deathwatch: Overkill. featuring not only the Deatwatch Marines but also the long awaited return of…………….

Genestealer Cults!

Now back in the 1st and 2nd edition of 40K Genestealer cults had their own army lists. In fact in the 1st edition they had nothing to do with the Tyranids, but the genestealers were absorbed into the tyranids in the 2nd/3rd edition codexes. The rest of the cult was abandoned, only to appear in unofficial army lists. However are about to change, and the cult gets 39 models in the new game. Hopefully GW will turn the cult in to a full codex some time in the future.

As it stands the game contains 50 models consisting of

11 x Deathwatch Marines

1 x Genestealer Patriarch.

1 x Genestealer Magus.

1 x Genestealer Primus.

2 x Genestealer Familiars.

2 x Purstrain Genestealers.

4 x Genestealer Aberrants.

12 x 1st and 2nd Generation Hybrids.

6 x 3rd Generation Hybrids.

8 x 4th Generation Hybrids.

2 x Hybrids with Mining lasers.

Pictures can be found here

BREAKING – GW Spoils Deathwatch Product Info

New Space Marine Deathwatch Pictures REVEALED

40K: Deathwatch Genestealer Broodkin Pics SPOTTED!

I had hoped for a Space Hulk type game with boards that had the “jig” connection allowing you to combine the two game. But it seems that it will follow along the similar lines as Assassination: Execution Force and Betrayal At Calth that were released last year!

That is the question. When I started redoing my Space Wolves I decided that they needed to be based on the newer 32mm bases rather than the old 25mm bases. You can pick up the 32mm ones from GW mail order  (10 for £3.00 or 100 for £27.00)  I picked mine up from eBay for about £6.00 (for 20) from eBay. Now as I was just starting on the Space Wolves I had no problems with removing the old bases, however it got me thinking about my Blood Angels (as well as my Black Templars and Iron Warriors).

I personally think that the 32mm bases make Space Marines more imposing, however the thought of re-basing nearly 100 models is quite off putting!

However their are a 3 options.

Option 1: Leave them on 25mm bases!

Option 2: Buy 32mm bases and rebase the lot!

Option 3: Pick up some base adapters.

Now as I said I options 1 and 2 were a no go, however option 3 needed looking into. After searching the internet I came across a number of companies selling 25-32mm adapters made from MDF, Resin, and Plastic. However they were all located in the USA and shipping would have cost an arm and a leg, by the time you add on import duty to the UK! I did however find one UK company that stocked them unfortunately they were out of stock. So I waited and when they had them back in stock and ordered up 100 of them.


As you can see from the above picture the adapters come in two pieces which fit snugly around the 25mm base. All they need is a small amount of glue and some filler over the joins.


As you can see the models feet no longer hang over the edge of the base, and all that is needed is some sand a paint to finish them off.

Each adepter cost 25p so not only do they work out cheaper than buying new bases, you also only need to texture the top edge.

The Adapters can be bought from here.

As I have said before one of my favourite ways of playing Warhammer 40000 is in a city. Battling through rubble choked ruins seems to gel with  me more than fighting over open fields and hill with the odd ruin thrown in for good measure. When the Cities of Death (CoD) supplement came out back in 2006 I invested heavily in the sets that were released.

I remember purchasing,

Imperial city boxed set £100.00 (contained 28 plastic frames).

Cities of Death boxed set £40.00 (contained 8 plastic frames, 4 accessory frames, and the rulbook).

Cities of Death Battle mat £10.00 ( this goes for loads (£100) when they show up on eBay).

Cities of Death counter set £5.00 .

Urban Barricades and walls £12.00 (6 resin pieces).

and the urban basing kit £10.00 (one of the best kits I have ever bought).

But alas the tides of time (8 years) and most of my original stuff is gone, a lot got damaged or destroyed a few years ago when I moved. And from the list above I only have the Battle Mat, Rule Book, counters, And a few small ruined corners that I made for re fighting the battle for Armageddon form the 2nd edition.

With the my local gaming club closing down due to  the venue being bulldozed, I brought home my 40k terrain a few weeks ago, as it needed some TLC  (as most of it is 8 years old). I have slowly been working my way through it all and have noticed that I have only 2 pieces that have floors (and they are only 1 panel high!).

Now I know a lot of people complain about the price of GW products, but the 3 ruins from GW have only gone up£5.00 since they were first released. Now I need to add some more hight to my buildings (2 or 3 panels high). So my first step was Elemental games who I buy most of my stuff from now days, they had the 3 ruins at £16.99 each and the imperial sector set for £59.49. Bearing this in mind I headed over to eBay and had a look, well the emperor must have been looking after me. First off I found the Urban Barricades and walls, and I ended up paying less for them than what I did in the first place. Then I came across the Imperial city boxed set still in its packaging, in the end the city set cost me £127.00 and £8.99 p+p. I can feel some summertime city fights coming on now!

A few posts ago I did one called “the greed of mankind” in which I touched on the subject of the price of the limited edition space marine captain from the new GW site. Well I managed to pick up the model and the code for £22.00 inc p+p, as I said I would not pay more than £20.00 for the 1st model and would not be paying the stupid prices that the 2nd model was going for!

The tail end of last week was spent trying to clear my painting table of unfinished projects, My nurgle daemons take up a fair share of the table along with some Black Templars and a few havocs for my Iron Warriors, their were also some Quake cannon craters (but I managed to finish them).

Now the Black Templars have been giving me a few problems, and have been bugging me for sometime. When I first painted them they were black and white space marines (nice and simple) then they got themselves a nice shiny codex (and an upgrade sprue) this lead to the Templars gaining tabards (similar to what medieval knights wore) and new styles of helmets. Now when I found my models I decided to sculpt on tabards rather then spend money on getting the plastic sprues to convert them. Now its the tabards that have caused me the problem. I first painted them Ceramite White, but it stood out to much and made them look too bright. Next I tried Steel Legion Drab and Zandri Dust, But both colours made them look too drab. In the end I gave up and started on my plague bearers.

Now while sorting out some stuff I came across the GW 25th Anniversary model of the Emperors Champion (EC) that was released way back in 2000 my choice of colour for the tabard were the OOP colour Scab Red and an Enchanted Blue sword! It was not one of my best paint jobs and quickly end up in a pot to be stripped. After the model had been stripped it lay unloved on my table waiting for me to paint him.

Then last week I had an idea. I glued the EC together gave him a coat of Chaos Black spray and dived in. I painted the Tabard with Rakarth Flesh and a thinned down wash of Reikland Fleshshade, followed by a light drybrush of  Rakarth flesh. And to my surprise it looked fantastic not too bright and not to drab.

But what does all this have to do with the title of this post? Well it spurred me on on to paint the rest of the Templars and while doing so I figured I would need a captain model to lead my force. I headed straight for e(vil)Bay and typed in space marine captain and was greeted with over 500 results. Now I do like the look of the limited edition model that is only available direct from GW mail order but I am not going to spend £60 to get it free. As I look through the e(vil)Bay listings their are loads of listings for the limited edition model, ranging from 99p to buy it now £60. Their are auctions again ranging in price from 99p to buy it now of £35 for the code to buy the other limted model. I can understand people payin for the 1st model (£20 would the highest I would go) but paying £20 for the code for the 2nd model and then £18 on top of that for the model is just taking the piss. It always has been a sellers market, I always start my auctions at 99p and leave it to the buyers to determine what they want to pay its rare for me to place a reserve on a item and even rarer for my to use the “buy it now” option.

Over the years I like most war gamers have gathered a large collection of models that are, Part made/ part painted or unassembled.

So I have decided that a purge of my collection is called for. I have for many years kept a plastic box full of stuff that would one day be destined for eBay, and a few weeks ago I started listing lots. I am really going to town and hopefully get my collection down to 40k and a few smaller ranges.

This has lead to a few forgotten army’s being found! one of which are my Black Templars Space Marines, I did these models back when the 3rd war for Armageddon codex was released for 3rd edition of 40k (back in the mists of 2000). Back then a Templars boxed set was 10 plastic marines and 2 or 3 metal scouts, Now days they get a plastic upgrade sprue but it can work out rather expensive at £20 for one infantry and one tank/apc upgrade sprues. So going through my collection of models I have managed to salvage the following.

10 Black Templars with close combat weapons.

7 Black Templars with Bolters.

5 Black Templars Assault Marines.

Some where I have a plastic command squad and some scouts  that will be joining them, this time the force will be quite small rather than the mess that I had back when I first did them.

I have also been flexing my sculpting skills by making tabards for all the marines from Brown Stuff. I have seen a lot of Templar models based of the Dark Angels veterans box, but Templars where tabards not robes.

Any way enough rambling, time to list some more stuff…………………………..