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so yesterday brought me a nice package from CMON in the form of my Zombicide Season 3 kickstarter pledge! It is only a small pledge (I have put a space marine in the picture for scale)……………………………..

DSCN0542Now I pretty well went for one of everything that was new for the S3 kickstarter, As some of the S1 and S2 sets are hard to get hold off in the UK (zombie dogs and dog companions are very hard to get). So rather than kick myself later I went for most of it (but managed to miss 3 items!).

So first we have Zombicide: Season 3 Rue Morgue and Angry Neighbours expansion.


Left picture show the models from Rue Morgue (loads of zombies!) and the right picture shows the models from Angry neighbours. It is worth noting that Rue morgue dose NOT include Zombie versions of the survivors (but see further down the page).

DSCN0565 DSCN0564










Next we have all the “stretch goal” extras. 26 RM zombies, 2 A-bombs, 9 AN zombies, 16 VIP zombies, 5 Crows, 2 Barricades, 9 survivors and 9 zombie versions. Many people have moaned about the Survivors and Zombivors not having their own packaging, I am personally not bothered as most of the packaging will get recycled!


Next we have the 3D doors and Barricades pack.

DSCN0561Next we have VIP pack 1, 20 zombies in 4 different poses (I love the guy dressed as a hot-dog!)

DSCN0560Next we have Lost Zombivors (these are the zombie versions of the RM survivors).

DSCN0558Next we have Murder Of Crowz 15 models.DSCN0557

Next we have Ultimate Survivors #1. Veteran versions of the S1 survivors

DSCN0556 DSCN0555









Next we have Moustache Pack #2 with my all time favourite Mr T (the other members of the A-team would be good for S4!)


Next we have the KS exclusive Purple promo box which contains all the KS exclusive survivors from S1 and S2 as well as gaming night packs, and other CMON crossovers. Looks like my old cards will be hitting e-bay!


Next we have special Guest boxes (I picked these up as the original 3 from S2 are hard to get hold of)

DSCN0550 DSCN0551


DSCN0547 DSCN0548







Next we have 8 KS exclusive survivors and zombivors.

DSCN0545 DSCN0546









Next we have Experience deck, yellow and brown dice, plastic token pack, and the team building pack.

DSCN0544Finally we have Dice tower and Dice bag.


Me and my wife try to get in a few games a month (and I normally play a few solo games as well) so this lot will get used, especially with the bank holiday weekend coming this weekend!


So the nice postman has just dropped of the new Khorne Daemonkin book and card set, and all I can say is wow.

DSCN0531 DSCN0532

If you want an army of bloodthirsty berserk killing machines in 40K this is the book you need, everything has either the Mark Of Khorne or is a Daemon Of Khorne. Their are no undivided models or any of the other 3 chaos gods just Khorne.

Now their was no way that I could not order the new Bloodthirster at the same time, it would have been rude not to!

DSCN0533It comes on two sprue’s and has two bases (1 oval 40K and 1 rectangle WFB)

DSCN0536 DSCN0535







Now I just need to figure out which one to make (their are 3 variants)

So last week my extra set of tiles turned up in the form of the 16 “damaged” urban tiles set. Now I have already looked at 4 of the tiles in my first review, as I received 4 as part of my original order

So with this review it will be with the other 4 tiles.

First we have 2 different “straight” sections. The one on the left is fairly smooth, but is covered in cracks and a few small rubble piles. The one on the right is the same as the left one but has two large piles of rubble (one on each side of the road)

DSCN0524 DSCN0523

Next we have a “T” section. Now this one I like a lot, it has 3 small craters and looks like their has been some sort of underground explosion, as parts of the road have been pushed up from the ground.

DSCN0525Finally we have another “Foundation” tile this time however it has a large pile of rubble (unlike the other 2 which are just covered in cracks)

DSCN0526 Again as with the other 4 tiles these ooze details.

In total the set contains

5 x “straight” sections (2 x cracked, 2 x cratered, 1 x large rubble piles).

2 x “X” sections.

1 x “T” section.

8 x “Foundation” tiles ( 3 x small rubble, 2 x large rubble, 3 cracked).

Add them to the others that I have (20 “clean” and 4 “damaged”) Gives me 40 tiles enough for a 10ft x 4ft table!

Hopefully with the bank holiday coming up I may be able to get in some battles!

The other week I was gripped by by a nasty cold, which has knocked me back a few days. But I have still been able to do some painting (it has just taken me a little bit longer) But in the end I did manage to get the 13 ruined buildings painted up to a “gaming Standard”, weathering the ruins will have to wait until the weather warms up!

I have also started to add to my Ork army in the form of some new (plastic) Grotz and Runtherds (to replace my battered old metal models), as well as the new (plastic) Painboy and Mekboy, some (plastic) stormboyz (again to replace my metal models) and Grukk Face Ripper (from the Stormclaw boxed set).

I have also received from Secret Weapon/ Mantic games my “damaged” urban streets, that I purchased from the left over stock that Mantic had in the UK. Hopefully I will be able to set them up later in the week and get some pictures posted.

Speaking of Mantic last Friday they started their new Kick-starter project Deadzone: Infestation. After a roaring start $154.803 was raised in the first day, however the past few days have been rather stagnant with the total now sitting at $170.106. This may be due to the rather boring stretch goals, 5 extra pathfinders, 5 extra veer myn, the pathfinder D.O.G unit, some extra plastic scenery accessories, and Blaine on a jet bike. I have backed it only because I like the Veer-myn, but unless things pick up I shall be backing out of the project!

Also on the Kick-starter front

Zombicide S3: Has landed at the distribution hub in Germany, and should be with me in the next few weeks!

Incursion: Has landed in the USA and is being sorted and sent to West Wind in the UK. Hopefully the wait is nearly over!

Shadows Of Brimstone: No news.

Aliens vs Predator: Things seem to be moving along slowly.

All Quite On The Martian Front: No real news.

Afterlife: Things are progressing well, with some of the smaller pledges going out (mine is one of the largest, along with 51 others!) The anvil guys are offering pick up at Salute 2015, but this year I am giving it a miss. It ends up costing me nearly £70 (me and the wife) to go, and last year I picked up next to nothing!

Or stuck down by Nurgles rot!

For the past few days I have been feeling rather poorly, and last night I came out with a full blown cold! Now I had intended to work on some Infinity models, but I kept thinking back to the pictures I took of my Blood Angels and Orks on the tablescapes urban tiles. Now 90% of the two forces are painted, but the Cities of Death terrain is not even 5% finished (as you can see from the pictures). So I have decided that its time to start painting some terrain. I have dug out some spray cans (Black, Grey, and Red Oxide) my old paint set (the one with the hex shaped pots) and my weathering pigments.

My plan is to get the 13 buildings that are ready to be under coated primed and painted before the start of next week (I have already made a start, with 5 ready to go). Once these are done I shall make some more from the big pile of CoD tiles that I still have left over and the remains of my old buildings. If I can get 7 more buildings made from what I have left that will give me 20 in total.

Once the buildings are done I can see about starting the Tablescapes “Urban” tiles. All I need to do then is make some scatter terrain (rubble piles, wrecks, etc.)

Unfortunately all this urban fighting has lead me to order the Blood Angles codex…………………………..

And so we come to the last of my Tablescapes reviews, and as with the Forgotten city/ruined temple tiles were not what I ordered. But after discussing it with Mr Justin of secret weapon, I agreed to keep the wrong tiles if I could get hold of the 8 tile rolling fields expansion to make a full 4ft x 4ft table (as I was sent a rolling fields expansion). I had offered to pay for the extra set but they were sent tome free of charge as a good will gesture! It does however mean that their are 2 tiles (river corner and small hill) that I do not have.

But at the end of the day I now have

24 Urban tile set (6x4ft)

16 Forgotten City tile set (4x4ft)

16 Rolling Fields tile set (4x4ft)

First thing first the Rolling Fields tiles are the same thickness (6mm) except on edge of the river tiles which is around 12mm for the river banks.

As you can see from these tiles they are not “flat” like the GW Realm Of Battle tiles. They have small mounds/dips, giving a nice “natural” feel to them! Each tile also has rocks/stones scattered about on them. The edges of the tiles are 6mm (except the rivers) and so fit flush together very well.










DSCN0511 DSCN0510









Next we have may favourites the rive tiles. Now rivers have been the bane of many wargamers terrain nightmares for many many years! However in recent years resin/plaster models have appeared on the market from various company’s, How ever in my mind they look “false” compared to the real thing! These two tiles however look very “natural”. As I said the banks are around 12mm high, and flow very well into the tile. The river itself is 10mm deep at the ends (the deepest part) but does get shallower at places. As you can see the river bed is detailed with large rocks and stones and with the addition of some realistic water (after its been painted!) will look very good. The tile on the right is a “ford” (a shallow river crossing point) Which is why it is slightly wider and shallower!

DSCN0513 DSCN0512








As you can see I have gone for my standard 3x5ft set up using 15 of the tiles (1 river section was left over) and if anything you can see the surface texture better. And as I said no tile is “flat” each one has sections that are raised, as well as lower areas. As with the other tile sets they can be used for a almost any setting from Fantasy right up till the far flung future. And depending on how they are painted, they could represent Grassy plains, Arid deserts, Snowy landscapes, the list just goes on!  DSCN0514I have not got much terrain that can be used with the rolling fields apart for a set of citadel trees and some ruins of osgiliath but they fit in very well. And as you can seethe river bed is very well detailed!

DSCN0520 DSCN0516







My final impressions of the tablescapes range are as follows.

The details are great. Nothing looks like it has been “forced” in to place.

Setting it up is quick and simple! Unlike the Gw RoB tiles, it takes less time to connect 4 1×1 tiles together than it does to put 2 RoB tiles together. It can take 15-20mins to set up the RoB tiles where as the TS tiles cane be set up in 5 mins!

Price. TS works out to be the same as the RoB tiles (the GW urban tiles are however £25.00 dearer)

Flexibility. Their is only so much that can be done with the RoB tiles, as you are governed by the 4 tiles with hill sections on (unless you pick up the 2 tile expansion). The TS tiles can be however be moved around to create endless combinations! 

Despite all the cocks that were made, I am pleased with what I got. I can see them getting a lot of use in the coming years.

I will leave you with a picture of Gollum eating a fish by the river………………


So part 2 of my review of the Tablescape tiles is the Forgotten city/ Ruined Temple (during the Kickstarter this theme was going to be Ruined Temple, but it was changed at a later date).

Now the Forgotten city tiles are one of the sets that I did NOT pledge for in the kickstarter, somewhere along the lines wires were crossed and not only did Backerkit get it wrong Mantic (who are fulfilling the shipments) picked the wrong set! However I resolved the issue with Secret weapons Mr Justin, and decided to keep the tiles (rather than go through the hassle of sending them back)

First things first the Forgotten City tiles are thinner (6mm) than the Urban tiles (12mm), not much of a problem it just means that the two cannot be mixed very easy. Their are also 16 unique designs, meaning each tile in my 16 tile set is different.

So first up we have 5 “foundation” (plain) tiles, and as I said above each one is different. Each one is covered in 25mm (1 Inch) flagstones, some of which are raised higher than others. Their is also the odd piece of broken stone here and their as well as piles of dust and debris.

DSCN0485 DSCN0483 DSCN0482 DSCN0481 DSCN0480








Next we have 4 tiles with low level debris (broken columns and large chunks of masonry) and again each one is covered with broken/raised flagstones and small piles of rubble/dust.

DSCN0494 DSCN0488 DSCN0487 DSCN0486
















Next we have 1 tile with 4 broken tombs and a pile of rubble (top picture). And 2 tiles with skull pits (bottom pictures). Now one of the things that bugged me about GW’s Realm Of Battle tiles were the skulls, on the two sets that I own they have been filled in. However on these tiles they fit in well coupled with the ruined tombs.

DSCN0489 DSCN0493 DSCN0490









Next we have 2 “raised” tiles, the first one (left picture) is a mound of broken masonry and columns. The second one (right picture) is a raised plinth, it is about 25mm thick at the centre. And would make a great place to put a alter or ruined statue!

DSCN0492 DSCN0495









The last two tiles with a low curved wall/steps/seating area, with the same details as the rest of the tiles.

DSCN0497 DSCN0496









I took the opportunity to set up the tiles on my dinning room table (5ft x 3ft) the same as I did for the Urban tiles how ever the main stumbling block was terrain (90% of my terrain is Urban!) I did however find 2 sets of the ruins of osgiliath for the Lord Of The Rings game. I also got my Blood Angels and Chaos Daemons out for some more photos.



DSCN0498DSCN0502 DSCN0501









As you can see the details are fantastic on the tiles. Considering I had no intentions of purchasing this set, I am glad that both Backerkit and Mantic cocked up my order! Again these tile could be used for anything from Fantasy battles, through to modern day soldiers fighting across a ruined temple, all the way up to the far flung future on some distant planet. My main use for this set will be for Lord Of The Rings/The Hobbit (Moria from LOTR and Ravenhill in The Hobbit)

Next time I will look at the last tile set that I have Rolling fields……………………………………………………