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Way back when I was a kid, I used to play the old Space crusade game as well as Hero Quest. Now in all fairness I played more of Space Crusade than I did Hero Quest, as back then I was more of a Sci-fi fan. However Hero quest did lead me on to playing Advanced Hero Quest, and then further down the line Warhammer Quest.

Now its fair to say WHQ took up a lot of my time when it was released, back then their was no internet community fan articles were published in GW`s citadel journal magazine which was published every two months. And add on the odd article that was published in white dwarf, WHQ expanded with many new settings and monsters.

Now in the intervening years I have dusted of WHQ a few times. However with it being a “dead” game with no support over the years, campaigns have not lasted all that long.

How ever it was while watching the following video

Why Hero Quest Is So Great!

That I decided it was time to delve into some dark and dangerous dungeons, in search of fame and fortune!

Now my copy of Warhammer Quest is lacking all of its models, so  that’s out of the window. My copy of Hero Quest (and all of the expansions) were sold on eBay many many years ago, so that one is also out the window.

The only other option is to pick up a new game! and thankfully these days it is a lot easier to pick a game that you like the rules off. Thanks in part to the advent of PDF files of the rules, and other peoples reviews on the internet.

So I started of researching all the different games that are classed as “dungeon crawl” games. Now to be fair I did look a fair few games, most were “off the shelf” boxed sets, but a few were print and play.

In the end I went with Mantic`s Dungeon Saga. For the simple reason the rules seem to be nice and simple, they are not overly complex with loads of charts to remember.It can also be played solo with the aid of the Adventures Companion book, which also lets you to create your own hero (halfling barbarian any one!).

With any luck my copy will arrive tomorrow!


My health has once again reared it ugly head, My left arm has once again been playing up, Making it impossible to hold anything for more than a few minutes. This has in turn left me with a backlog of models for Doctor Who that need cleaning and painting including the new Dorothy “Ace” and Robo minions from Crooked dice. The picture below are taken from the crooked dice website (i can paint but not that good!)

Dorothy Robo-Minions-copy












These are going to be used in a upcoming Doctor Who campaign that i am going to run.

Also from Crooked dice i got my copy of the villains program guide (world domination here we come) and a printed copy of DWMG number 3 of 100.

I  have also backed 4 kickstarters

Mars Attacks from Mantic Games.

Afterlife from Anvil Miniatures.

Total Extinction from Sentinel Games.


Shadows Of Brimstone from Flying Frog Productions.

Out of the 4 Shadows Of Brimstone (SOB from now on) is looking to be my favourite, the other 3 i have lost interest in and will probably end up cancelling my pledge.

Mars Attacks in particular has grown into a lumbering beast, it was described as a board game to start with but now it seems to be pushing the realms of a wargame.

Afterlife is set to be a few sets of models, with Beta rules to follow.

And Total Extinction just gives me the feeling of Warhammer 40000, which is a shame

But Shadows is more like Warhammer Quest, but set in the (weird) old west. And as i have been playing WHQ a lot over the summer it seems like a good one to back.

But then their is also the Aliens Vs Predator kick starter that starts on the 8/11/2013……………

So in my last post I spoke of the classic GW game Warhammer Quest (WHQ for short). Well over the weekend a few of us got together and battled our way through a few dungeons, we used the Skaven from the current edition of WHFB: Island Of Blood and the Night Goblins from the last edition Battle For Skull Pass. In all we played 3 games on friday night and 2 on saturday night.

For the Heros we used some models that i had picked up some years ago from Heresy Miniatures.

Andy who does everything from sculpting the models, to packing and shipping them, is a great guy and does a wonderful range of  models which would be great for any dungeon bash.

Now i fancy some sole games……………..

So the new lair is up and running (well mostly it just needs power), and the time has come to clear out some of the vast amounts of crap I have collected over the years. I have already sold off some stuff on ebay with more to be listed once its all sorted out, but that’s another tale…………

Anyway I had an encounter with my old friend Andrew a few weeks ago and we finally meet up at the weekend, and we had a great time catching up. One of the things we talked about was Warhammer Fantasy, now thanks to Andrew he got me into playing WHFB. I had been playing 40k and epic for a few years but had never played WHFB, this in turn lead to a classic GW game………………

Warhammer Quest, many friday and saturday nights were spent in the lair mk1 battling through a dungeon filled with orcs,goblins, skaven, etc…….

I used to play the barbarian or knight of bretonnia, Andrew would be the wizard or wood elf wardancer, james would be the dwarf or trollslayer, and david would be the elf or witch hunter. As with most things time past and we all drifted apart, and Andrew admitted he still had the wardancer model.

And I still have the copy of Warhammer Quest, granted all of the original models are long gone but i do have some of the newer style night goblins and orc boyz all i need is a few skaven and a few other odds and sods and i can play some games………….