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I have been working on Frodo,Sam,Merry and Pippin for the past few days and they are now at the stage that all that needs to be done are the bases. So with that I have moved on to Aragorn and Gandalf the grey and as with the Hobbits their are 8 versions of Aragorn and 5 of Gandalf. Hope fully Games Workshop are not going to do this with the Hobbit range and give us 8 different versions of the dwarves.

As a break from Hobbits I have painted up the scenery from the Mines Of Moria boxed set and some ruins that I have had knocking around for ages…………



Well the temperature has dropped quite a bit over the past few days and it looks like we are going to get a heavy dumping of snow tonight and tomorrow. Any way at the beginning of the week I started working on Frodo,Sam,Merry and Pippin, now I have had these models since the were first released back in 2001. One of the things i did not like about GW’s releases were the different versions of the same model. In total I have

6 versions of Frodo, 6 versions of Sam, 5 versions of Merry ,  and 5 versions of Pippin. Add to that I also have two more versions of each hobbit.

With any luck I shall have some photos in my next post,

If I can get my new camera to work…………….

Just before Xmas I purchased a box of Fine cast  Ring wraiths from a seller on eBay. Now I already had some of them in metal, but they have seen better days. One has lost his sword another has half a sword, After seeing the box on eBay I decided to use the “buy it Now” option and they cost me £24.99 rather than the £49.00 that GW charge. When they turned up I checked them over and re-boxed them. Fast forward to yesterday and I decided to start doing some of the models. I picked the Ring wraiths as they are a quick and simple paint, after all a quick clean up and a coat of black I would have them done in no time…………………

Yeah right, these had to be the worst Fine Cast models I have ever had out of the 9 models

6 needed new swords as they had all broken at the hilt.

All 9 needed Green Stuffing in places.

1 needed a new hood sculpted.

I can only assume that these were one of the early runs of the models, now I can see why so many people were complaining about them, if I had paid the full price for them then I would have returned them, but as they were half price I cannot complain.At least I know that my 9 will be unique.

So we are 9 days into 2013, and tommorow marks the 1st  birthday of my blog. Has it really been a year, I have managed to post something each month for the last year which for me is quite an achievement.

Now looking to the next 12 months, My plans are………..

(1) To work through the large amount of Lord Of The Rings models I have picked up over the past few months

(2) To Work through the hobbit models I have been buying.

(3) Get in some games of LOTR and The Hobbit.

(4) Paint up the Weathertop Model that I bought before Xmas.


so Happy New Year Every one  and my you dice roll 6`s