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I’ve been out of action for the past week and a bit, after having a small operation. Meaning I missed most of the rumors behind a new 40k starter set, however by the time I had recovered I missed the opportunity to pre-order from my usual online store. So I took a chance and ordered from a different online store.

The Outpost

Now I have never used these guys before for a Pre-order, however it turned up just before 8am on the day of release (much better than my usual online store)DSCN0977If you pre-ordered from The Outpost they offered all of the above for £110.00 (RRP £145.50). Now I don’t normally pick up things like dice but when I worked out the value of the bundle over buying the items individually it only worked out about £5 more.

Now first things first this is NOT a new edition of 40k (It is still the 7th edition), in fact the only thing different about the A5 rule book is the cover.It does however mark the first time that the Deathwatch have had a full codex.

Inside the box you will find 12 Deathwatch models and an upgrade sprue, 17 Eldar Harlequins models as well as the A5 rule book and mission booklet. It is however lacking dice and templates meaning you need to pick these up as well. To be fair for me its not a major problem (as i have enough of both) however for someone walking in store and picking it up as a gift may prove a problem for some!

Any way on to the models, I will skip most of the Eldar Harlequins as they have been around for sometime (I will visit them at a later date).

DSCN0981First up is Eldrad Ulthran the bad guy (or good guy) of the set. Its nice to see a plastic version of this model as the old model is around 20 years old! this time round he is in more of a fluid pose the the old metal model. He also has the option of having an out stretched hand (with his witch blade on his back) or holding his witch blade. Too be fair I do like the eldar, however the last time I played a game with them was way back when the 2nd edition codex was released! Maybe its time I had another look at them.

Also in the box are 12 Harlequins, 1 Death Jester, 1 Voidreaver, and 2 Skyweavers.


DSCN0980Next we move on to the Deathwatch marines. First up on the left is the Deathwatch upgrade sprue consisiting of 12 Deathwatch shoulder pads (10 for normal marines and 2 for terminators) 2 heads, 1 torso, 1 power weapon, and 3 icons. Of everything on the sprue the only let down is the rather boring power sword. Next on the right is watch captain Artemis who is gracing the 40k universe for the the second time. Yes I said for the second time, Artemis was the original deathwatch space marine featured in the inquisitor game! He has however had a slight upgrade from his inquisitor days in the form of a combi-flamer and a statis bomb. I have to say I was a little bit shocked to see Artemis, however his rules are only in the Death Masque set and not in the codex.

DSCN0982Finally we have the Deathwatch kill team sprue, with this sprue you can make a 5 man kill team (there are only 5 DW shoulder pads on the sprue) armed to the teeth. their are also 17 chapter specific shoulder pads, meaning with this sprue and the upgrade sprue you can convert up some other marines. All the first founding chapters have shoulder pads on the sprue, as well as a number of successor chapters. Both the torsos and backpacks have had a “redesign”. You also get a new storm shield (that fits both normal marines and terminators), a frag cannon, and a juicy new heavy bolter with under slung heavy flamer! However the strangest thing on the sprue is the Necron sword.

Also in the box are a Venerable Dreadnought and 5 Vanguard Veterans however, as with the Harlequin models I have not taken any pictures as the models have been around for sometime now. In total for the £95 rrp you get £113 rrp worth of eldar models (not including Eldrad) so value wise buy the time you add in the marines, it is worth the money for two starter armies.

However if you own Deathwatch overkill, you have a nice 1265 point army by combining the two. 730 from death masque and 535 from overkill (overkill points based on the White Dwarf weekly)

Now where are all my left over Space Marine bitz………………………………………


Over the past few weeks I have been busy with my gaming group, working on our INQ-28 campaign that we plan on running in September.

For that I have set up a new blog rather than fill this one up.

Tales From The Underhive

Any way to help with the INQ-28 games (and of coarse 40k) I decided to pick up GW’s Munitorum Armored Containers, that were released a few weeks ago.


Inside the box you get 3 containers, 9 barrels, and 12 crates, all for £30.00.

You get 3 of the same sprue, with each one containing 1 container, 3 barrels, and 4 crates. One thing that does stand out, is that the models are not covered in the Gothic overtones of the 40k universe . Meaning they could easily be used with any other Sci-Fi (or at a push modern) game. However the one let down of the set are the crates, unlike their predecessor (from the late nighties). These are open bottomed, where as the old ones could have the lids left off to revile the contents (in the form of a piece that showed various ammo clips).

Also in the box is a rules sheet, just to add that little extra into your games. And In all fairness it is something better suited to small engagements (a squad or two) rather than a full blown game.

All in all a nice little set, and provides your troops with some much needed cover!

Its 332 days (at the time of writing) until November 2016. Which marks my 25th year of wargaming, and I have been debating what I want to do to mark it. At the moment I am thinking of organizing a game of Warhammer 40000 Apocalypse with my Blood Angels, Imperial Guard, and Adeptus Mechanicus. As well as a new force, and this is where the problem lies. Do I?

(A) Add an Imperial Guard Tank Company ?


(B) Reboot my Space Wolves ?

I can do one or the other but not both! Models are not an issue as I have 10 Le Man Russ tanks as well as Basilisks, and few super heavy tanks unmade stored in a box. The same goes for the Space Wolves. At the moment the Space Wolves are winning, as I have a conversion in mind for Ragnar Blackmane.

But then their are all those tanks just calling my name……………………

Recently I have seen a number of posts on various forums about using ultra sonic cleaners to strip paint from models. Now I have loads of models that need re-doing many from when my ex-wife kicked me out. The main culprit being my Imperial Guard who suffered the most damaged! So I decided to take the plunge and pick up a ultra sonic cleaner, Now I am not talking about one that you can put a few bits of jewellery in, what I needed would need to take a Baneblade! in the end I picked up one with a 6.5ltr tank, which set me back £95.00.

Below are the results.

DSCN0652As you can see I have only done half of it (the tank has the length but not the width) but as you can see after 1 hour and 30 mins this was the end result (a few bits needed brushing with an old tooth brush). Now to say it saved me time by not having to stand their scrubbing fairy power spray off. Now I started off using dettol, but moved on to using water and a small amount of Simple Green Crystal.

Now on to the rest of my Tanks……………………………………………………..

Over the weekend I realized that next year will mark 25 years of wargaming! Now its only a vague date but November 2016 will mark the first issue of White Dwarf (143) that I bought. 448px-WD143

I had been gaming for sometime before this, but this was the first issue that I bought and so will serve as a “milestone”

Now I suppose I need to do something big, but what?

So I finally got hold of a copy of Assassinorum: Execution Force, after a cock up with the online retailer that I bought it from! I ordered it back on the 28th of April but due to a “glitch” with their online store, the order was not released on the correct date. It was only when I emailed them about it that things were sorted out.

Anyway the game is a neat little game to fill in an hour or so with out the need to set up a table with loads of terrain. It took me half hour to read the book (inculding the background) and about an hour to put the models together (the Sorcerer and Assassins need to be glued). I have the four Assassins ready to be painted and will hopefully get to them today in between my knight errant and a squad of Skitarii.

But all this talk of Assassins takes me back to the 2nd edition. When my and my friend James used to play 40k at my house outside on the patio. In those days the two of us would hit car boot sales to see what we could find for 40k, and we built up quite a collection of Space Marines and Orks as well as quite a few Imperial Guard and Eldar. Then one day we picked up a box that contained metal models as well as some plastic models one of the models was an Assassin! Now we had never used an assassin before and our first few games were nothing special, however that all changed with the release of the dark millennium supplement.

Now for those that do not know second edition, dark millennium added psychic powers, more vehicles, more wargear. One of the wargear cards was called Polymorphine, which allowed an Assassin to alter his form to look like a model in the opposing army! the humble assassin had gone from hiding in a bush to hiding in your force! coupled with the right wargear the assassin could complete the missions near enough on his own.

However one day the Ork gods Mork and Gork turned their backs on me………………

James turned up bright and early and we begun setting up all the terrain we had on the patio then we set up the models I went for the Orks and Imperial Guard and James went with the Marines and Eldar. I had a Inquisitor that had turned against the Imperium and had thrown his lot in with the Orks. While James took the Assassin who was tasked with taking out the Inquisitor. We dealt out strategy cards and that was where things went wrong James had got Virus outbreak, before the first turn of the game I had lost 40% of my army! Now I like to think that James was just being nice, and at least letting get a turn in but come the second turn he reviled his Assassin Armed with a Virus grenade! Suffice to say the game was over. From that day on wards both the Virus Outbreak and Grenade cards were removed from our games.

So its the day before Salute 2015, and a some months ago I made the decision not to go!

After last year where I spent £54.00 on getting their (2 train tickets and 2 tickets to get in) and £25.00 on bits, so this year I decided to give it a miss!

Instead I have used the money on-line to buy a few bits

Codex Eldar Craftworlds + Datacards. (I have not had an Eldar army since 2nd edition!)

Promethium Relay Pipes. (saves me from making some from scratch!)

Onagar Dunecrawler. (some fire power for the Skitarii!)

The past week or so I have been plagued by the same cold virus that I had back in February, I have been given more antibiotics from the doctor but only time will tell. This has however lead to a slow down on my my Knights and Skitarii.

I have however,

Started weathering the Knight Paladin and working on the base.

Started building my second Knight, which has involved lots of cutting.

Assembled and under coated 10 Skitarii.

Now lets paint some Skitarii……………………..