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The End Of The road……………

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Lord Of The Rings

Well I have 6 days until I move, and I have begun the long and boring task of packing things up. All of my Lord Of  The Rings models have been stripped of paint and boxed up.

My living room looks like a bomb has hit it with boxes stacked as high as they will go.

The person who wanted  to buying my collection of  models has vanished of the face of the planet, so I am now back to square one and need to find someone else.

Work has hopefully gone quite now for a few weeks, and will allow me to move and decorate with no problems. And then hopefully i will be able to paint up my lord of the rings models and get some games in.

Then their is the fact that the LOTR starter set The Mines Of Moria has gone from the shelves of my local GW and on their website……………


November is nearly half way through, and it is getting closer to my move date which is the 23rd. I’ve been away on and off over the past few weeks, but I have managed to pick up a few bargains from eBay including 2 small Hobbits armies, loads of Uruk Hai, armoured Elves, Dwarves  the list goes on. And with a month until The Hobbit hits the cinemas all of the Mines Of Moria boxed sets have gone from GW are we going to get a new boxed set in time for Xmas…………..

On another note Maelstrom Games have gone down the pan, now i have been using them for years and have never had a problem with them. But in the past few months people have been complaining very loudly on the various forums. Now i bought several things from their super stock clearance sale and as with normal they turned up within a week. But an order I had placed for the new codex chaos space marines had been processing for over a month, several phone calls and emails none of which were answered made me claim my money back through pay pal.

But it seems quite a few people were not so lucky………

At the moment people are blaming Maelstrom games and Wayland Games who bought the debt owed by Maelstrom. Now I have used Wayland games before and well the service was not the best in the world, I ordered 5 models from them all were “in” stock. 2 days later I had a email saying 4 of the 5 models were “out” of stock, but still showed “in” stock on the website. It then took 12 days for them to post 1 model from their warehouse which was less than 2 miles from where I live.

Oh well looks like i will be going back to paying full price for my models……………………………..

Now Battle Games In Middle Earth was a great magazine, it was good for getting younger or new gamers into the hobby much better than white dwarf.
Each issue was broken into 4-5 parts
1. Background for the model/models that were included with the issue.
2. Rules for playing the game, and army lists that grew into the current army lists
3. A battle to play and a battle report.
4. A painting guide for the model/models included with the issue.
5. A scenery making guide.

The first 20 or so issues were pretty basic but after that they upped the pace, and included such things as making the the ruins at weathertop or modular Mordor terrain boards. Over the 91 standard issues you can learn quite a lot from them.
Now lets see what shall I make………….

Wow it’s been a hectic month, and time has flown by. I have sorted out 90% of my models and have found someone that is interested in buying the lot, I have been quite ruthless and intend in getting rid of most of my models. Even some of the 40k armies that I was going to keep.
On a side note I picked up the old Lord Of The Rings part work magazine Battle Games In Middle Earth (BGIME) from eBay for the grand total of £14.07 and £26.00 postage. The weird thing is the person selling them advertised them on gumtree. When I asked about them they said they would get back to me, and they never did. Then they appeared on eBay, I waited till the end and then bid……………….. And won.

I have also been picking up some other models to fill in the gaps in my collection.
I now have 18 days until I move and I’m working away for 8 of them……………..