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Many many moons ago I started to read the 2000AD comic, and it would begin to shape my future in wargaming.

When I first started wargaming I only knew of Games Workshop and of their ranges (I also knew about dungeons and dragons but only as an RPG) but then over the years I have found many many other interesting ranges from different company’s. But in the beginning it was just little ole GW and their 40k range that drew me in.

It would be a few years later that Necromunda would be released on the unsuspecting public, and it would be the game that got my attention for the longest. Now its fair to say that Necromunda was (and still is) one of my favorite games ever. I have played in 3 or 4 campaigns and have played most of the official 10 gangs that were released.

Now I don’t know what it is that draws me back to Necromunda but every so often I feel the need to dust off the old models and have a game. This time it has come from painting the Judges and Street Gang from the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game that I got the other week. The only thing I can put it down to is seeing the gang rise (or fall) to great heights. Its a shame that the 2nd edition never got completed before GW pulled the plug, I know the rule book was re-released as Necromunda: Underhive, but the old Outlanders supplement never got finished. And for me Outlanders was a major part of the game (especially when you got outlawed!). I still have most of my Necromunda models stored away in cases, and I have all the Gang war, Fanatic and Necromunda magazines.

Maybe its time to give it another blast? or should I try INQ28?


So after 3 months silence from Alien Dungeon we get an update, with some good news and some bad news!

First up wave 3  will start shipping the 19th of October (but we have been told dates before and AD have missed them) and will hopefully be completed by the end of November. All the following will be sent

Munitions Tank, Tender Tank, Mark IV Flame Tank, Mark IV Command Tank, Tesla Tank, Martian Cylinder, Scientist Tripod, Harvester Tripod, Dominator Tripod, Trench Command Bunker, Trench Turreted Bunker, Trench Flame Turret and Martian Heat Ray Fencing.

Orders with the following. The Mark IV Flame Tank, Mark IV Command Tank and the bunkers will be some of the last orders to be dispatched.

However the Goliath, Thunderchild 2 and Overseer will not be ready (and are not likely to be ready till 2016). So what does it mean for us backers that picked these 3 models? Well AD are going to give us a gift certificate for the RETAIL value (not the KS value) of each model $75 for the Goliath and $195 each for the Thunderchild 2 or the Overseer. Now it all sounds good to me but being in the UK, means I will get stuck with the dreaded import tax.

But what of the future of AQOTMF in the UK.

Well after North Star dropped the range (and a number of on-line retailers also dropped the range), it was picked up by Wayland Games. However I think the damage has been done to AD’s reputation, over the way that the project has been handled. Many backers have vented their anger on Facebook, the KS page and the AD forums. Which has put off many new players due to the bad press from the KS project. In fact my local store ran a demo the other week, but with the aid of smart phones some were put off straight away. Due to the negative comments out their.

Don’t get me wrong, I have waited just over 2 years for this project to be completed (with the Goliath being the model that I wanted the most) but now the end is in sight. It just means that if I still want the Goliath and the Overseer, I will have to wait until sometime next year and swallow the import tax charges! I still like AQOTMF but I see the damage has already been done (much the same as the Rogue Trooper KS from Mongoose)

I have had a bit of a “gaming” drought the past few weeks, what with the problems with the dinning room and the fact that my two new gaming “buddies” are on holiday. This has lead to not much gaming or painting time going on, I have however received a number of items through the post one of which was some “third party” cards for Shadows of Brimstone.

Now I first found out about them via the SoB kickstarter page a few months ago, where someone posted about some custom cards they had made for the game. Now anyone who has picked up a copy of SoB will know that it is very card heavy, and in my opinion many of the decks could have been condensed into fewer decks. Take the threat deck, where their are  3 sets  (Low, Med, and High). All 3 could have been made into a single deck with a picture of the monster (or monsters) and a small piece of text showing the number of heroes and number of monsters.

So why did I pick up even more cards? Well one of the things I hate doing when gaming is book keeping, it bugs the living shit out of me. Many time I have noted down something and then in the heat of battle it gets forgotten, or I scribble something else too close to it and I miss it.

So the first two decks are Gold deck ($9.46) and XP deck ($10.32). Their are 128 cards in each deck, and they measure 1.75”×2.5” (44.45mm×63.5mm).Original I was going to pick up some poker chips to use for the gold but after looking at quite a few set they just looked “tacky”, so In the end I went these cards. Their are others available that are in larger sizes, but I went for the smaller size  as they are a visual aid rather than a main game component,



The next deck I picked up Is the “Mutation” deck ($11.84). Their are 144 cards in the deck consisting of 4 of each Mutation on the table printed in the book. Now I have to say I ordered these buy mistake, but I am glad I did. As with the gold and XP decks these are smaller cards, and I intend to use them as a visual aid to remind us of mutations our models may have gained.


Next is the Injures, Madness, and Mutation deck ($25.18). Their are 121 cards in the deck (5 of which are wanted posters) Each of the decks is colour coded on the front of the card.The Mutations deck has 72 cards (2 of each Mutation result), The Injury deck has 22 cards (2 of each Injury result), The Madness deck has 22 cards (2 of each Madness result).


The final deck is the Town Items deck ($19.78). Their are 108 cards in the deck, which are split into 6 decks based on the various locations that you can visit. Docs Office (8 cards), Blacksmiths (22 cards), General Store (35 cards), Saloon (14 cards), Church (14 cards), Frontier Outpost (12 cards). Their are also 3 other cards, Specimen Jar (2 cards) double sided, one side empty, and the other filled, and one Ranchers Refinement card.

DSCN0755 DSCN0754

Both the Injures, Madness, and Mutation deck and the Town Items deck are the same size as the cards in the game 2.5”×3.5” (63.5mm×89mm) and are the same thickness. The Quality of the printing is excellent and if put side by side you would be hard pressed to tell which ones are “official” cards and which were “third” party ones. Delivery was nice and quick with it being about 10 days after I ordered them, I was also pleasantly surprised that they were shipped from Germany to the UK (rather than from the US) meaning I had no Import tax to add!

Any one interested in picking up the cards here are the links

XP deck.

Injures, Madness, and Mutation deck.

Gold deck.

Town Items deck.

Mutations deck.

I have just got back from collecting my “prize” in the form of the Judge Dredd miniatures game from my local games store. So lets take a look at what it contains


Now first up the box features a nice picture of Judge Dredd cracking to perps heads together! apart from that the back of the box is plain. It is worth noting that the game is set in the “comic” JD universe rather than the “Dredd” film universe.DSCN0741Inside you will find the hard back rule book (RRP £30) and the “read me first” leaflet. I have only flicked through the HB book but it contains more stuff than it predecessor. in fact I may be wrong but I think it contains most of the “block war” supplement (I will have to check my old book and the PDF file for block war)

DSCN0742Next we have the models. In total their are 9 models for each side giving you 18 metal models. The sets are the same ones that can be purchased separately (with the exception of the 2 in the blister pack which are exclusive to the starter set). Both sets have a RRP of £30.


The Judges get 2 riot judges, 1 psi judge, 2 street judges, 1 special weapon judge and 2 cadets. My set includes 2 male cadets rather than 1 male and 1 female as shown on the box, this may however just be a “mis-pack”. The quality of the sculpts is a little bit “hit and miss” as the range has been sculpted by several sculptors and a least 3 of them are 10 years old.


The street gang consists of 1 punk with heavy weapon, 6 punks/ juves  and 1 psi juve. All of them fit the 80’s era of Judge Dredd. And as with the judges all of the models are 10 years old having been sculpted for the old “gangs of mega city one” game.


The 2 exclusive models are a gang leader and a judge with lawrod rifle. The Gang leader fits well with the rest of the punks and juves but is slightly more “chunky”. Where as the judge looks slightly out of place with the rest of the judges (with the exception of the cadets).

Overall the set contains a decent amount of stuff for your money 2 gangs at £30 each, a rule book £30 and 2 exclusive models at say £5 each. All for the price of £75 (or in my case £5).

My only complaints are, it seems that some one at Warlord Games just grabbed some boxes and a book and chucked them in a box, as both forces are far from balanced. A basic street judge is a 150 credits where as a basic punk is 20 credits!

The other thing is dice, as a starter set it contains no dice which may prove a problem to some people as the may not have any D10’s floating around!

But overall a good little starter set!

So the dust has finally settled, the dinning room is finished at long last after the cock up with the new carpet! However things have been moving along.

Andy and Jane have been away on holiday, meaning no games of Shadows of Brimstone have been play. I did however order some “third party” cards from which turned up the other day, and are very good quality.

My wave 2 Afterlife shipment has turned up and as with the first wave is of very good quality, with no mis-casts and very little resin “flash” on the models. Overall I am very pleased with the Afterlife KS project, Joel at Anvil Industry’s has been very open about problems they have faced during design/production phases of the project. If they do another KS I will jump on board.

The other week my local games independent game store was selling raffle tickets to raise some money for a few local charities, tickets were £5.00 each and the prizes ranged from starter paint sets to game starter sets, as well as a few limited edition models. As it was for charity I took the plunge and purchased 5 tickets! Now normally I am not very lucky, and in all fairness I never win anything. However the lucky winning tickets were drawn the other day and much to my surprise I won, but what did I win?

Well much to my surprise It was a copy of the Judge Dredd starter set from Warlord games/ Mongoose publishing. Now my thoughts on Mongoose are documented else where on the blog, however I must confess that I have not been following JD miniature game since I gave up on Mongoose a few years ago. But now that Warlord seem to have taken the regains with it and Mongoose have taken a step back, then maybe its time to take a seconded look at it…………………….

As I said a few posts ago I took the plunge and ordered the Gen-Con preview sets for the Swamp Slugs Of Jargono, and the Hell Vermin. It took about 14 days from ordering until I received them, I did however get hit with £5.11 VAT (and £8.00 royal mail handling fee). This is nothing new as I was ordering from outside the EU and VAT gets added if the item is valued over £15.00.

In total both sets were $20.00 (£13.08) each, plus $14.20 (£9.28) which comes to $54.20 (£35.44) add on the UK VAT and it makes the two sets work out at £31.27 for the pair.I have left off the shipping and royal mail handling fee as their is no such thing as free shipping!

So what did I get for my money, well first off they were shipped in a bubble wrap envelope and not the Gen-Con preview box, they were however very well packed and everything arrived in perfect shape.

So lets take a look at the models.


The first thing that you will notice is the two sprues come joined together (but are sold separately), their is also a lot of “dead” space on the sprues. The textures on the Swamp Slugs relay do stand out while the Hell Vermin is quit bland with textures. As you can see from the saloon girl and the gunslinger (both SoB models) that they are quite large. Both models have 40mm bases and are made up of just two pieces (compared to the 3+ piece models in the starter sets). Of the two I prefer the Swamp Slugs.

Next we have the cards.



First up you get a A5 sheet that gives you some background on the new enemy (top left) on the other side is a painting guide using the SoB paint sets (which are The Army Painter paints renamed for SoB). Then we have the Stat Card (top right) it is the same as the ones found in the starter set with the Green “standard” profile on one side, and the Red “brutal” on the other. You also get 6 cards to add to the “Threat” deck (bottom row), now the Swamp Slugs get 3 “otherworld” threat cards (which are all the same) and 3 “mine” threat cards meaning they can be found in both the Swamps Of Jargono or the Mines. The Hell vermin however can only be found in the Mines.

As Is said earlier the Slugs are by far my favorite, and will probably get introduced into our games as a prelude to heading out in to the Swamps ( I will just drop the 3 “mine” cards into the deck at some stage). The Hell Vermin are a good generic monster for the mines but it is a shame that is where they are limited to.

hopefully in the next few weeks FFP will reopen the Wave 1.5 shipping option for the Kickstarter, and I have decided that I will take the plunge and pay the $125.00 for packing and shipping.

As it stands at the moment their are 2 expansions Caverns of Cynder and the Frontier Town, 11 new enemy packs, 1 terrain pack, 6 Card decks, 3 heroes (plus the outlaw model) and anything else that is ready so maybe a few more enemy packs and some more card decks!

Its been a hectic few weeks here with the dinning room being re-plastered and re-decorated, and its still not finished! Somewhere along the way a huge cock up has meant the carpet fitter had the wrong carpet (It was the wrong colour). As my wife choose to have the carpet treated with some special concoction to protect it, means it takes around 2 weeks for it to arrive.

So with all the chaos going on I have not had much time to work on many models, I did how ever manage to put together the models from Shadows Of Brimstone: Swamps Of Death set. The two sets of monsters that I ordered from FFP (swamp slugs and hell vermin) have also turned up. With the rather modest fee of £5.11 VAT added (and £8.00 royal mail handling fee) more about them in the next post.

Kickstarter wise lets take a look

All Quite On The Martian Front: still no news on wave 3 (or 4 if it happens).

Shadows Of Brimstone: Nothing new just waiting for the reopening of the 1.5 shipping.

Aliens vs Predator: Looks like we are going to get wave 2 and another wave 3. But some people are still waiting for wave 1. The missing arm from my second set have arrived, and prodos sent all the arms for the Marines rather than just the one that was missing.

Afterlife: My wave 2 package was sent yesterday and so should turn up in the next few days.

Conan: Pledge manger was final released the other week. It also looks like we will get two waves the first will contain the core game and the add-ons on the second will contain the expansions and campaign/art book. Many people are complaining about the high shipping costs mine came to $45.10 (£29.54) and many are complaining about split shipping!

Blood Rage: looks set to be here by the end of the month.

Deadzone  Infestation: Mantic have shown off 4 3D renders of two new models.

Zombicide Black Plague: CMON have shown picture of the plastic models from the base game.