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Well having just finished watching the Web Of Fear, all i can say is i enjoyed it. Now i read the Target book some years ago, and have listened to the audio cd many many times but seeing it for the 1st time was great.

An interesting fact about the Web Of Fear,The Tube sets were reportedly so accurate that the BBC was accused of illegally filming on London Underground property.

Now watching it has me itching to make some underground tunnels which i could add to the sewers that i mentioned the other day. Now i spent yesterday playing around with bits of paper and card trying out various ideas, and have come up with a plan.

each section will be 150mm X150mm, this will allow for a 3mm wall fixed to a 47mm X 18mm block, then a 50mm gap, and another 47mm X 18mm Block, and finally a 3mm wall. I want to keep the setup fairly small so i am looking at 16 tiles which will give me a 600mm X 600mm area. As it stands at the moment i am going to make the following.

4 x corners.

3 x T- junctions.

1 x X-junction.

8 x straight sections.

there are also a few other bits that i have in mind such as dead ends, pools, damaged sections, and larger rooms. once i get these out of the way i can start to have a look at some underground station bits………..


Its been 3 weeks since my last post as i have been working in london, and in those 3 weeks two things have happened.

Firstly I have found out what has happened to my Force On Force models, I allowed one of my gaming group to borrow both the USMC and Iraqi forces along with the 2 boxes of terrain i had made/bought. Now the problem lies in the fact that said person has vanished, no one has seen him in months and emails and phone calls go unanswered.

Next up the news of not one but two missing Doctor who episodes in the form of Enemy Of The World and The Web Of Fear. Both of which are 2nd Doctor episodes, Enemy Of The World  now has all  parts 1-6, and  The Web Of Fear has parts 1,2 and 4,5,6 part 3 is still missing but is going to get an animated replacement. But there are rumours that part 3 has been found but only time will tell. Either way thats 2 down and 20 (complete episodes)to go.

Now with all this talk of The Web Of Fear, i am tempted to make my self an underground station and sewer. Now i could cheat sort of and buy them from Ainsty Castings, Now i have always had a soft spot for some of the models for years. Ever since i first saw the Sewers Systems sets. But i am tempted to have a go at making my own, so its time to start bouncing some ideas around.

Oh Dear……………

Posted: October 4, 2013 in Force On Force

Tonight I was going to be playing  Force on Force with a couple of the guys, but at the moment things have gone wrong.

My USMC force has gone missing. I have searched all over the place and i cannot find them anywhere, i can find my Iraqi Republican Guard force (well most of it anyway).

Also the box of  scratch built terrain that we have has gone as well. Now i know the last time i played FoF was just after last christmas.

I’ve sent the guys messages to see if anyone knows the whereabouts any of it, but who knows………….

I came across some 28mm SWAT troopers yesterday afternoon, which i have had for years and years (From when they were 1st released in fact). They come from the Street Violence range from Wargames Foundry and unlike many ranges out there, some models are taller than others.

After our gaming group got together the other night a few of the guys have suggested models to use as “new” aliens in doctor who, Some of which are now OOP. But 2 of the guys suggested Mantic Games Dreadball range, so i headed over to their website to have a look.  Now i never took any notice of the Dreadball game when it was released, as it was not my thing. But now having had a look at the range there are a few teams that i think could be used in DWMG.

The first up are: Ukomo Avengers, Teraton Team (I have ordered these guys from eBay)










With the Ukomo Avengers team their seems to be 4 models with wrist mounted ball launchers? and 4 without with a little bit of green stuff and some brass rod the ball launchers? can be converted into a  wrist mounted gun of some type. And the others some form of close combat weapons. Plus when my Dead Zone stuff turn up their is one in the Rebs faction


Next up are: Locust City Chiefs Z’zor Team.

Locust-City-Chiefs-Z’zor-Team# VP Ludwig








With the Z’zor they will be left as they are, as i see them as a subterranean race who prefer close combat over ranged combat

Then there are the Chromium Chargers Robot team and the Ver-Myn models from Warpath aswell……….