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Over the past few weeks I have been busy with my gaming group, working on our INQ-28 campaign that we plan on running in September.

For that I have set up a new blog rather than fill this one up.

Tales From The Underhive

Any way to help with the INQ-28 games (and of coarse 40k) I decided to pick up GW’s Munitorum Armored Containers, that were released a few weeks ago.


Inside the box you get 3 containers, 9 barrels, and 12 crates, all for £30.00.

You get 3 of the same sprue, with each one containing 1 container, 3 barrels, and 4 crates. One thing that does stand out, is that the models are not covered in the Gothic overtones of the 40k universe . Meaning they could easily be used with any other Sci-Fi (or at a push modern) game. However the one let down of the set are the crates, unlike their predecessor (from the late nighties). These are open bottomed, where as the old ones could have the lids left off to revile the contents (in the form of a piece that showed various ammo clips).

Also in the box is a rules sheet, just to add that little extra into your games. And In all fairness it is something better suited to small engagements (a squad or two) rather than a full blown game.

All in all a nice little set, and provides your troops with some much needed cover!


The past few weeks (or months) have lead to a loss of my gaming  and painting”mojo”. To be fair I have started painting a fair few models, but for some reason when it comes to finishing them off I fall flat on my face. Gaming wise I have only been playing “board” games rather than proper “wargames”.

However in some vain hope of getting some inspiration, I took a trip to my “not so” local gaming club. Now when I say not so local it is not the twenty minute round trip that it used to be. Now I have been a few times since it moved a few years ago, however its now an hour round trip. And so a few of us, started gaming round at mine once sometimes twice a week. However since the beginning of the year we have been meeting up less regular (which may have lead to me losing my mojo).

However back to the gaming club. It was good to see a new influx of new players, as well as meeting the new organizer. Their were however a few new games being played, as well as a few that I tried to get started but for one reason or another they never took off. One of which was INQ-28.

Now I tried to get some momentum going last year for INQ-28, but it was not received all that well. And was cast to one side. Then again at the beginning of this year I tried again but again it fell by the wayside. However after seeing it played at the club I may well give it one more push, especially after seeing it re-scaled down to a 2 foot x 2 foot board! After all you only need a maximum of 5 models per side, and by using a smaller gaming area gives for a nice close firefight. With out the need for loads of terrain, it also allows you to make several “sets” of terrain like a section of a city or jungle. Or perhaps something totally different like the in side of a factory, or the bowels of a star-ship!

Best I go looking for those Inquisitors that I started converting a while ago…………………