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Last week I gave my thoughts about the plastics from the basic starter set, and over the weekend I made up the remaining 5 steam tanks and 2 Tripods.

I then moved on to the metal models in the set.

First up we have the “Dough” boys, you get 30 of these in the starter set giving you 2 squads of 15. As you can see their are 6 poses the 1st one on the left is the sergeant you get 2 of these, then the other 28 are made up from the last 5 poses. Meaning that no stand needs to have the same pose on it. Over all their was next to no “flash” and a small mold line on the helmet, they have nice crisp details. I will give these a 10/10.

IMG_2083Next we have the Rough Riders (“dough” boys mounted on Harley’s), you get 6 of these in the starter set giving you 1 squad of 3 stands. Again you get 6 poses, the 3rd model on the top row is armed with a machine gun and the 2nd model on the bottom row is the sergeant. These models how ever had quite a bit of “flash” on them. You also have to glue the handle bars on, which is not an easy task but can be done with the aid of a pair of tweezers. I will give these 8/10.

IMG_2084Lastly we have the Heavy machine gun teams, you get 3 of each model in the starter set giving you 1 squad of 3 stands. Of the 3 models only the machine gun had any “flash”, the spotter had a small nib on the bottom. The loader is designed to “slot” into the base of the machine gunner, and the ammo belt needs to be bent to match up with the gun. Over all I would give these 9/10

IMG_2085Over all the metal models are great, I really enjoyed putting these together (as opposed to the FoW infantry models which have always needed lots of prep work!)

As you can see below I just need to finish the bases off. And then I can move on to painting them, I have some ideas but I need my airbrush to do them.



IMG_2091Below is the MK2 steam tank, which can be built from the same kit as the MK3.



Next the Martian reinforcements……………………


Yesterday I put together two of the plastic kits from the AQOTMF package that I have received. Its worth noting that I am only going to work on the basic starter boxed set models first (and not the extras that I have got from the KS).

The models are as follows:

Martian Force: 3 tripods.

US force: 6 steam tanks (MK 2 or 3), 2 US infantry squads (30 models,6 bases ), Rough Rider squad (6 models,3 bases), Machine Gun squad (9 models,3 bases).

So having put together a steam tank, I then moved on to a Martian tripod………….

IMG_2077 IMG_2079











The tripod comes as 2 sprue’s. The 1st one on the left  is the leg sprue (which is the same for the scout tripod) as you can see it has two “static” legs and one that is pose-able. The pose-able leg is unfortunately rather limited in what it can do, because of the “static” upper section of the leg. The “hip” joint which joins to the upper torso has piece of plastic which slots in to the torso (left hand side of the picture 2nd component down from the top). Which means the torso has no left or right movement, not a major problem but it means all tripods are looking forward!.  Over all the leg sprue is devoid of major details and is mainly made up of panel lines and the odd piece of raised detail, but that is how I imagined a tripod.

Next up is the Head and weapons sprue. It has 3 weapons on their. Heat ray and claw, green gas dispenser, and black dust launcher. Of these the Heat ray looks like an old fashioned TV remote control! The Green gas dispenser is a cage with 4 globes in it, and the black dust launcher looks like throw back to warhammer 40k.

The head is fantastic, inside their is plenty of space to place a 3 volt battery and a switch to power an LED light for the Martian eye.


I keep toying with the idea of adding an LED light to the model It is going to cost me about £16.00 to buy 10 sets of lights, switches, battery’s and holders. I did plan on lighting up the “Red Martian” special character model, but seeing the plastic kit I am tempted! Again the details are light, and their was a small gap around the “eye” section and the underside of the “hood”. But again these are like the steam tank minor problems that can be quickly fixed.

They retail at £28.50 ($40.00) for 3 tripods. Overall I will give these 8/10 only down to the fact of the “not Very” pose-able leg and the rather lame TV remote, sorry heat ray!

IMG_2082 IMG_2080











IMG_2081As you can see I have armed my first tripod with a Heat ray

I spent most of yesterday planning on what I was going to do with all these models, and what terrain I would be needing.

Both the the barn and farm house that I am working on are coming along fine.

IMG_2074 IMG_2075










Both are made from balsa wood, that I have had lying around for ages. I have ordered some thin 1mm balsa to add details to the model (doors, windows, etc). Both have tuned out better than I had hoped as when I started all I had was some models that I had purchased from a fellow backer!

As you can see I have put together a Tripod and a mark 3 steam tank just to see how they went together.

First of the steam tank sprue can make a MK 2 or a MK 3 steam tank.

IMG_2068as you can see from the sprue it is full with bits, it measures 190mm x 150mm. As you can see from the picture the tracks have suffered from a deeper “cut” along the armour panels (the one on the right is how it should be). To be honest its very minor problem and is easily rectified  with a hobby knife or a panel line maker and a steady hand.

The model itself goes together really well and in the “dry” run that I did all the pieces held together, with the exception of the turret back plate. You get 5 turrets (of which 4 are used for a MK 3), 2 machine guns, and rather oddly 3 exhaust pipes (not sure why).

IMG_2069 IMG_2073








As you can see the panel line problem has been sorted and the guns have been “dry” fitted.

IMG_2070 IMG_2072








The detail from both the front and back is just as good. I plan to add some “coal” to the hopper and maybe some stowage.

Over all the kit was a great build, with very few mold lines. My only problem was the join on the side turrets, Which needed to be filled with some model filler. Others have moaned about the panel line problem but that is an easy fix.

The price for these is at the moment £18.00 ($25.00) for 3 tanks, they are great kits well worth the money and with a little bit of work could be turned into recovery tanks, fuel tenders, ammo tanks, the list goes on.

Overall I would give them 9/10 only due to the side turret problem and the panel line fix.

Tomorrow the Martians invade………………..

So 2o days after it was sent my All Quite On The Martian Front wave 1 shipment has arrived. It has been a rather bumpy ride to get this far, with a fair few messages being sent along the way.

But we got their in the end.

Overall the package that weighed 7kg, was very well packed nothing had suffered any damage in transit from the states to the UK. Overall everything on the shipping list was their except 3 add-on bonus items, which shall contact AD about later. Their is still plenty of stuff to come in wave 2 but I shall worry about that later.

Now where do I start…………………………

So My AQOTHMF shipment has still not turned up.

Now last week was a bad week for me (I was  suffering  with my arm, and in a lot of pain) , and so I came across quite angry to the guy who was was dealing with the KS messages.

Which is not me.

I have resigned myself to the fact I will not be getting my shipment before the UK retail release, and hopefully I will have something to take away with me in a few weeks (even if it is only the rulebook).

I have however made a start on my first building, a barn. I am not one for cardboard terrain and so am going to scratch build most of the scenery. I also have been weighing up the pros of converting a few of my realm of battle boards to have rivers in them……………

And so another day (and week) passes by, and still I have not received my AQOTMF shipment. It has now got to the “beyond” a joke point.

It has been 38 days since the KS began to ship and still their are backers that have not received anything (me included). And now people on Facebook who received their sipping notification after mine have received their shipments.

AD said that Renedra had received all the out standing shipments on Monday, and we would have them by Friday (today) and yet I have nothing.

Nothing will be delivered over the weekend as most shipments seem to be coming via UPS who only deliver on Saturdays for an extra cost.

Now I am getting bored of this.

Just remember “keep calm and Martian on” that’s what I keep getting told on Facebook and the forums.

“F*** **f is my answer………………

So another day has passed, and still no sign of my AQOTMF package(s). This is now starting to drag on a bit now, especially as some backers have had their stuff for a month now!

It was going to take 2 weeks to get everything out the door from AD. That never happened!

Nothing was going to be sold at retail until backers had their stuff . That never happened!

The last update told us that Renedra had received the last of the shipments. But still nothing!

I have bought some Human Pray, Loboton Slicers, and some drones from a fellow backer. Just so I can get an idea of the scale of the models!

I really want to make some scenery, but having never worked in HO (18mm) scale before did not want to jump in blind. Now I have these few models I can start to work on some scenery.

Lets see what tomorrow brings shall we?……………….